Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 2 26th September 2014 Episode 5 starring Karishma Sharma, Yuvraj Thakur, Vikas Grover – Written Update


Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya, Suheena's Love Story, 26th September 2014

Meiyang Chang (the Host) starts the show and speaks that love is unpredictable and we even don’t know we are in love or is it infatuation or some other thing. He speaks that as we grow older then we start to understand about notions, misconceptions, goals and self-discovery in life. He welcomes all and speaks about today’s story is of Suheena from Rohtak and her self-discovery and journey of love.


The story is set in Rohtak and Suheena is helping her friend Ranvijay’s mother in the kitchen and then gives the food to him. Ranvijay is close to her since they know since many years. While eating, he suggests her to not study further and help her mother in kitchen and suggests that study alone doesn’t help much and practical experience is needed and cites his own example of how he is managing his father’s business after 10th standard. He speaks maturely that she will take care of him and his mother after her marriage. She speaks of leaving music only for him and demotivates her and cites that she didn’t have much scope in music. He opens up more and wants to marry her quickly and asks her to convince her father soon and pulls her leg by saying that he will marry some other girl.

Later, Suheena is with her father and she speaks the same thing taught by Ranvijay and suggests that experience matters most and informs him that she will only marry Ranvijay. Suheena’s father speaks of his worry for his daughter and how she has been told things by Ranvijay ? Her mother Neeru speaks that her daughter is been in a relationship with Ranvijay since 9 years and her husband speaks that Suheena has never ventured out and met other boy thus she kept relationship with Ranvijay intact. Suheena’s father meets her later and suggests that he wants to guide her and she wants him to trust her and he supports her. He wants Suheena to visit her Aunt in Mumbai for Navratri celebrations for 9 days and she informs on asking Ranvijay and will then let her father know of her decision. She goes to Ranvijay who was doing exercise and push-ups and speak about her travel. He thinks that the travel plan is absurd and she tries to convince him that its a matter of 9 days and also her parents have agreed to their marriage already as well. She informs on going with her mother and he takes a promise that she will call him everyday – good morning and good night and showers a kiss on her forehead.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that Suheena’s dad was her mentor and he wanted to see his daughter venture out to some city and live her passion. He send her to Mumbai so that she can become indpendent and take her own decisions.

Suheena reaches Mumbai with her mother and stays in her Aunt house. A young boy Amar who is a neighbor invites them to Navratri celebration.  Suheena’ s aunt convinces her to visit the function since all society people will be there. Suheena attends the function and then calls Ranvijay and he asks her to not mingle with people there and suggests that place is not good. Soon, the call signal drops and their communication ends. She was called to play Dandiya game by her aunt but she cites her reluctance. Amar comes and takes her away for playing Dandiya. Suheena plays Dandiya with Amar and others but seems lost. [Dhan Dhan Baje Dol Baje Baje.. Re Song plays] She looses interest and stops her dance. Amar comes to her and speaks that with Dandiya you will loose calories and makes a remark of not going to Gym if Dandiya was round the year. He asks her name then. She thinks that he is flirting and informs on being committed and in a relationship since 9 years. Moreover, she suggests on not being fast like girls in Mumbai and speaks that single, affair, committed, back to single, complicated. He asks her who told that mumbai girls are complicated and suggests that her perception will change in 9 days and she replies that seems to not be the case. and leaves.

Next morning, Suheena finds Amar helping in pushing the car so as to get it ignited and start. Suheena’s father calls her and wants her to enjoy and learn something new during her stay in Mumbai. Amar does the Puja (prayers) during the Dandiya night and wants to speak something and dedicates his performance music to the one who is new and hopes that she will have a smile on her face. He sings the Jo Mera Tu Hamdard .. Suhaana Har Dard Hain..Tere Muskurate.. song and looks at Suheena. Suheena tries to avoid contact with him and tries to feel not impressed at all. Amar gets applaud from the people and he comes to speak with Suheena’s mother and aunt. Her Aunt praises Amar and Suheena’s mother informs that her daughter is also interested in music and used to play harmonium. She wants Amar to take her daughter for some music session since she doesn’t go out often and he agrees. Amar and Suheena are seen playing Dandiya on another night, and she asks him to not flirt with her and instead focus on their dandiya. He asks her when he should come to pick her up for the music session and she replies 11 AM. He also informs her that one day after 20 years she will tell her kids that she took music lesson from the great Amar Joshi. Next day, he takes her to his small music studio. He introduces the studio and wants her to sing few lines for him. She goes in the recording room and puts the head phone and other accessories and sings Teri galliyan song. He is impressed and tries to motivate during her singing.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that we always look for happiness outside but happiness lies inside in some small talks. Suheena has realized on the happiness which she was getting with music and also learnt that while staying with Ranvijay she has forgotten her passion and music.

Next day, Suheena prepares to go to Amar’s studio and gets a call from Ranvijay and she informs on going at Amar’s studio – her aunt neigbour and there the network connection was not working. Suheena’s mother and aunt speak there that Ranvijay has entered into her life and has stopped her passion. Suheena infroms Ranvijay that Amar is a decent guy, and he replies how come she knows about it ? She informs of recording a single and he becomes annoyed and suggests that she is not going to work in Orchestras. She suggests of giving a promise to record the single and people are waiting there but he remains annoyed and ends the call. Suheena doesn’t go to the studio and feels dejected and sad at the home. After learning that Suheena’s didn’t come to recording, Amar comes to meet her. She wants him to leave from there and suggests that because of the recording matter her 9 years of relationship is at stake. He then asks her whether she is happy to not pursue her passion and suggests that since 9 years she was living for other person and when she will live for herself. He informs that she is dejected and sad and then wipes her tears and then informs of re-scheduling the recording for next day since he knew that she loves recording. He asks her to come next day if she loves herself and her passion and leaves. Suheena still carries tears on her face.

Amar waits for Suheena at the recording studio and he informs his friend that she will come with belief. Suheena comes there and smiles while looking at him. She starts the recording [Mann Mast Magan.. Bas Tera Naam Dohraye.. song plays] and he looks at her. After the recording session, they do Dandiya dance together happily. Later, he informs her on going back to home and she continues to sit near the dandiya floor and starts speaking on how she felt which is relieved and open after many years. He then asks why she is in such a relationship ? She replies that love’s other name is sacrifice and love is not selfish. He suggests that sacrifice might be a limitaton (Bandish) and she becomes quiet. Suheena meets Amar another time at the studio while he plays guitar and smiles. He speaks that after listening to her he feels that her relationship doesn’t have trust (with Ranvijay) and in the long run it would be difficult to manage. Sooner, Ranvijay calls her and asks where she is present ? She replies on being at home and he is seen at the studio. He asks her on phone if she is at home then who is the one at the studio ? She turns back to see him and comes to meet him. He speaks of knowing how she has played the Dandiya game and makes a taunt at her. She becomes nervous and asks Ranvijay that he haven’t informed her about coming to Mumbai ? As Ranvijay was speaking loudly, Amar tries to persuade him in speaking calmly. Ranvijay forcibly takes Suheena with him to Rohtak while Amar just looks at them.

Suheena reaches Rohtak and is seen at her home and remembers the good moments she shared with Amar and is in a dejected mood and in teary face. She feels lost at her home and her father comes to speak to her. She informs her father of not understanding what she is doing and why ? He suggests that atleast she is raising the question and thinks that she should do what her heart says and also promises to be on her side always and wants her to decide herself. Amar at his end in Mumbai remembers Suheena and their music and guitar sessions. She contemplates on how Amar has supported her passion and gave motivation [Koi Nasihat Na Chahu Ya plays]. Later, Suheena meets Ranvijay, and he speaks of being upset before and wants her to listen to him always. He speaks that next week they will get engaged and soon marry. She responds by citing that she needs time and he holds her hand and becomes annoyed. He speaks that they are in a relationship since 9 years and Is that not enough ? She informs him of learning much more in 9 days which she haven’t learnt in 9 years and speaks of learning about herself. She suggests with him she never realized about herself and just used to follow him and never spoke. She informs him that they are different and thus can’t be together. He asks how come she can leave their love after those 9 days visit. She replies that its not about 9 days but about her studies and music and self realization and these things are not possible with him. She doesn’t want to loose herself and says goodbye to him. Ranvijay becomes more upset and tries to get hold of her hand. She shrugs his hand and leaves.

Amar is at his recording studio and speaks of the need of a singer and then finds Suheena there. She speaks that he is right to say that you need to love yourself and if you don’t love yourself then how could you be able to love other person ? She comes close to him and suggests that her happiness was left in the recording studio and wants to take it back. She showers a warm hug to him and speaks of loving her music and also confesses her love for him. The story ends on that lovestruck moment.

Meiyang speaks that the journey of self-discovery is amazing and the eureka moment marks the start of a new life. He suggests that once the self-discovery journey starts then it is also the commencement of your happiness. From the time, Suheena started to listen to her inner voice her life changed and she was getting the happiness which she yearned for with Amar. She got love which showed dreams and also encouraged her to realize those dreams. She got Amar and she will not leave him even for Ranvijay. Meiyang asks the viewers to share their opinion, What would they do if they were in Suheena’s place – staying with Ranvijay or doing the same what she did eventually ? using the hashtag #PTKK on Zing TV Twitter and Facebook pages.

Info On Cast:
* Suheena is portrayed by actress Karishma Sharma
* Ranvijay is portrayed by actor Vikas Grover
* Amar is portrayed by actor Yuvraj Thakur

Episode Video: PTKK, 26th September 2014
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