Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 26th September 2014 49th Episode Channel V – Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 49th Episode 25th September 2014

Precap: SOTY competition enrollment is underway and Cheeku enrolls himself at the last moment since he wants to prove he is an All rounder. Dodo tries to convince Cheeku to take back his application. Kimaya motivates Cheeku for his enrollment while at that time he was pondering to take back his participation. Gattu finds Arya giving lots of money to an unknown man and also was in confrontation earlier.


Highlight of the Episode: Arya take upper hand in SOTY 2014 over Cheeku by winning a Table Tennis match via unfair means. Arya challenges to win SOTY and also Kimaya. Cheeku vows to defeat Arya and also win SOTY 2014.

Gattu is puzzled about that identified man and Dodo thinks that she is just trying to come close to Arya like other girls. Devika calls Sid and he is seen at his new job. Sid ends the call with Devika and then goes to speak with his boss who asks Sid to take photos for a US magazine Blitz and he has to take photos of his college. The boss suggests that if Sid does well then it will be his first international professional assignment and gets praise. Sid calls Devika informing the same and she suggests that he got a big assignment on his first day of work. Devika motivates Sid  by saying that he is the one who has uploaded her hot pics on his social networking account and later proposed to her with a marriage band in the heart of the college and tried to impress her. Sid remembers the flashback scenes and she then informs that Sid again tried to propose to her when he was bashed by her. He then becomes confident and ends the call.

Cheeku puts the scooter oil in his bike and again Dodo comes there and takes Cheeku’s wallet and finds it to be empty. It turns out that Cheeku has saved his money in other place and not the wallet and feels relieved to not let go his money and away from Cheeku.  Cheeku attends his class and looks at Kimaya and she also looks at him and Arya looks at both of them. The principal comes in the class and wishes them the best for table tennis match which starts the SOTY 2014. Arya makes an announcement that if he wins the SOTY 2014 (which he will win) and then speaks of dedicating his win to the first girl he met who is the most beautiful referring to Kimaya. Arya then prepares for his table tennis match and leaves. Cheeku becomes annoyed and leaves for his match. Sid takes pics of Cheeku playing the table tennis match and Kimaya is supporting him. Cheeku wins the match and feels confident and gets applauded by Sid who takes a selfie. Kimaya is happy on Cheeku’s win but he doesn’t entertain or speak to her and leaves. Sid sees what Kimaya felt with Cheeku and he takes few pics of Kimaya though she looks lost and dejected. Arya also wins his table tennis match. Arya and Cheeku meets later and he congratulates Cheeku and also makes a taunt that maybe they will not meet and speaks that still their match is pending. Cheeku shows confidence and Arya speaks of getting excitement to defeat a confident player.

Sooner then, Arya and Cheeku engage in a table tennis match and Arya leads 5 to 3. Gattu and Dodo is also there and Gattu finds the unidentified man who met Arya before wearing the same bracelet there. Cheeku and Arya match comes to pt when the score line is 10 – 10. Gattu speaks that the referee is the unidentified man earlier to whom Arya gave money yesterday. In the last set, the referee favors Arya though the ball was inside the line, and he declares Arya the winner. Cheeku becomes shocked knowing well the ball was inside the line and Gattu confronts the referee. Gattu supports Cheeku and calls the referee as fraud. Cheeku becomes dejected and leaves. Cheeku comes to his class and there Arya comes as well. Arya caresses cheeku a bit and Cheeku thinks its Kimaya. Arya makes a taunt and speaks of the match tradition to greet between winners and losers. Arya calls him better than Cheeku and asks him to not be a spoilsport. Arya then speaks that it is evident on Cheeku’s face that he loves Kimaya but then suggests that he also likes her and wants Cheeku to back-off. Arya boldly speaks that whatever may be the game it is his habit to win always. Arya doesn’t want cheeku to waste his energy in defending and suggests that its an insult to compete with him. Arya makes taunt at Cheeku’s confidence and physique and laughs and then declares that Cheeku will loose SOTY 2014 competition and mere coming in the table tennis finals will not give him any good.

Arya speaks of winning SOTY and also Kimaya and suggests that Kimaya has not spend few seconds with Cheeku after his arrival in the college. Arya and Cheeku walks from the class and  they meet Kimaya on the way. Kimaya greets Cheeku and suggests that he should be happy to reach in top 2 in the first tournament. Cheeku then goes to speak that its Kimaya’s habit to sympathize with losers and then goes from there. Arya then tries to fuel Kimaya against Cheeku and asks whether she is responsible for Cheeku’s defeat. Cheeku meets Dodo at the cafeteria and sits with him. Cheeku speaks that SOTY is his biggest stupidity. Dodo suggests that the actual loser is Arya and Cheeku is over reacting and falling in the trap of Arya’s mind games. Cheeku then informs him of listening to Cheeku’s and Arya conversation in the class and suggests that Gattu is true and Arya has won because of his setting with the referee.

Next Episode: Cheeku vows to teach a lesson to Arya, Dodo and Gattu asks whether they will be able to expose Arya  ? Whether Cheeku will win back Kimaya ? What will happen in SOTY 2014 ?

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Sneak Peek: YJTRRR, 26th September
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