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Love By Chance - Saloni and Tanveer's love story, Episode 18, 27th September 2014

The Episode starts with two boys exercising and one of them speaks of touring North India on bike and both argue and starts to fight. Soon, Tanveer comes there on his bike and stops their fight and wants to join their biking club. He informs them on not knowing to drive but has the spirit and suggests that their club has been started so as to woo girls.


One of the boys speaks of trying to woo girls who are good at heart with their bikes and Tanveer speaks of wooing a girl who looks like a model and he will make sure that Koyal sits on his bike. He is confident but other boys are not confident. He informs them on how to woo beautiful girls with a 200 cc bike and he goes back while pushing his bike. Kavi (the host) speaks that on one hand Tanveer was making plans to woo and impress Koyal – college’s hottest girl who even doesn’t know him and on other hand was Saloni who was trying to send her boyfriend away. Jaspreet was the third boy who was trying to woo Saloni but she was scared of love.

Jaspreet is seen with Saloni and is trying to come close to her. He wants to kiss her but she stops him and he speaks of what’s wrong in kissing and becomes annoyed and leaves by saying he is breaking up with her. Saloni keeps shouting so as to stop him but in vain. Kavi speaks of an advice that if the boyfriend is leaving you then there is no meaning to desperately run after him. Tanveer’s biking club friend Sukhi comes and parks his bike and starts to look at a hot girl in the college campus. Saloni was also there trying to stop her boyfriend Jaspreet. Both Tanveer and Sukhi starts to look at the college girl and soon they find that Saloni took their bike and after some distance she met with an accident and she fell from the bike and also the bike kneeling on the ground. Saloni speaks of being fine and Sukhi informs that the bike got damaged and there are many parts broken. Tanveer is afraid of his brother because of the damage and she learns that it will cost 20K INR for repair. She wonders from where to get the money and then offers her friendship. He declines her friendship and wants money. Sukhi puts some words in Tanveer’s mind and he then speaks to Saloni of an offer that she should be his Ghulam (amounting to slave) and then things will be fine. She counters by saying whether he knows her father and herself remembers her father words who was asking about her boyfriend. She asks him what she has to do during her stint of Ghulam ?

Kavi speaks that Tanveer and Sukhi used to play the Ghulam thing between themselves and they repeat the same thing with Saloni. Saloni didn’t have option and thus she chose to agree to Tanveer. She works in Tanvi’s college work, cleaning bikes, bringing coffees for him. Tanveer meets Koyal – hot college girl and he starts to flirt with her. Saloni asks why they are so impressed with Koyal ? He then asks her to help him in wooing Koyal and she agrees to do so. Saloni wants Tanveer to flirt with her so as to do training for impressing Koyal. She speaks that he is not relaxed and is very stiff and when he holds her hand she thinks that he is holding very hard. She informs of not getting nervous and doesn’t like the pattern of love and though you love someone the same love is not returned. He thinks that she is heart broken. He then goes on to speak Operation Koyal so as to win her and wants to execute the operation step by step. She informs him of Step 1 like making Koyal jealous with some trendy bags gifted by Tanveer to her. Step 2: Koyal should think that he is getting attention from other girls and for this to happen, Saloni needs cooperation and good manners from him. Koyal sees them and becomes jealous. Step 3: To show Koyal that he is passionate and dramatic boy which she likes. He does some action and drama scene with his friend Sukhi and Koyal looks at him. The final step is Saloni showing her dejection and suggests that she will hate him like that of being heart broken by Tanveer. Koyal goes to Saloni and asks why she is crying ? Saloni informs  that she had a boyfriend but now he doesn’t have interest in her. Saloni suggests that Tanveer has the animal instict which will arouse your animal instinct as well and Koyal asks really ? Saloni comes to Tanveer and speaks that by tomorrow Koyal will come and sit on his bike. Tanveer becomes happy and then informs her that Ghulam term has ended no and she is free.

Saloni feels a bit relieved and then asks him to not repeat any mistake. He casually says thanks to him and she feels he is selfish that after he achieved his objective other thing doesn’t matter to him. She becomes angry and starts walking to her home. He convinces to drop Saloni at her home and at her home’s doorstep informs that he has met her previous boyfriend Jaspreet who was backbiting against her and suggesting that she is mean girl. She informs Tanveer that if he roams with few girls then he is a stud and she is being called Chichori (mean). He asks her why she is bursting out at him because he didn’t spoke it. She suggests that if some other person was there in his place then he would have confronted Jaspreet and broken his jaw. Tanveer speaks of breaking Jassi’s leg or other person who speaks bad about her and suggests that he knows her well and calls her a good girl. He speaks that she is more than 1000 cc bike and Jassi is mad to leave a good girl like her. Both exchange cute goodbye greetings. Saloni’s father sees his daughter being drop by Tanveer.

Kavi speaks that Tanveer and Saloni came closer though she wanted to fix him with Koyal earlier. Saloni’s father after seeing her with Tanveer was left wondering where is the concentration of his daughter.

Saloni’s father later in night speaks to her about college activities and she replies that everything is good. He then asks about her results which was supposed to come today. She doesn’t answer and he asks about who was the boy that has dropped her. In a hurry, she replies on being Ghulam for 1 week with Tanveer. After learning it, Saloni’s father goes to the college and confronts Tanveer. He holds Tanveer’s face and neck tightly and puts 20K INR cash at him and warns him to not be seen around his daughter. Saloni also acted to support her father. Tanveer starts to cry after her father left and he is supported by her.

Kavi speaks that after seeing Saloni’s father, Tanveer became very nervous and felt afraid as well. Saloni felt Tanveer’s reaction to be cute and she was liking him but at the same time she was feeling guilty as well.

Saloni goes to Tanveer’s home and speaks to his father and apologizes to them as they are hurt. Tanveer’s father is jovial with Saloni and he informs her that his son speaks a lot about her. She feels impressed after hearing his father’s words and soon the rain started. Tanveer’s father wants his son to drop her but she is afraid of her father who will be angry after seeing Tanveer at the gate. She then decides to call her father to Tanveer’s home and soon her father comes there. Saloni’s father greets Happy Dusshera to Tanveer’s father and also brings sweets there. Both elders speak nicely and Tanveer’s father wants her father to come next time with his wife and they can take dinner. Saloni is happy to see them and then asks Tanveer whether he has movies in his hard disk so that she can copy them and with that excuse both leave from there. Saloni’s father informs that he doesn’t stay with his wife since 12 years and they have divorced at that time. He speaks that Saloni was 7 years old then and because of her parents separation she feels to not marry because she thinks that all marriages will turn out to be like that of her parents. Saloni is with Tanveer at his room and he informs her on 2 GB of movies can be seen with family and earlier he told of having 30 GB movies. She then asks him to copy the 28 GB movies for her.

He then asks whether her father has done the same treatment with Jassi (Jaspreet) and she replies that Jassi couldn’t stand against her father at all and suggests to Tanveer that he is good. She speaks that because of her reputation in the college she will find hard to find other guy and also she doesn’t have interest as well. He asks her to forget those people and suggests that look at himself he doesn’t have any expectations from her and reminds about her qualities – riding bikes, very strict sometimes, and also sharing girls secrets with him. He thinks that only few girls are like her and she compliments him the same with respect to boys. She speaks that he is not bad and both smiles. Soon, Tanveer gets a call from Koyal and she introduces herself. He speaks on waking entire night and not sleeping.

She asks what does he do all night and he takes that opportunity to propose to her for a date next day in college ? She arranges a meeting with him at the cafeteria and ends the call. Tanveer is excited at that development  but Saloni becomes dejected and then leaves from there. Saloni’s father asks her again whether Tanveer is her boyfriend ? She replies on not even looking at Tanveer even in her dreams and speaks while not looking at her father. Tanveer’s father speaks that Saloni’s father is good and then reminds his son of own experience in wooing his wife by first wooing his father-in law. Tanveer informs that Saloni is not his girlfriend and actually she is the one who helped him in wooing another girl.  His father asks what is the thing missing in Saloni ? He replies that Saloni is good, beautiful, Smart and Perfect but she is different from Koyal. He goes on to speak that when koyal walks, air seems to blow and even his heart feels touched when he hears her on phone. He asks his father about a girl like Koyal during his college days. His father replies of course there was a girl like Koyal during his college time but she didn’t stand in comparison to his wife at all. He suggests that people look at Koyal and throughout the life are impressed only. Tanveer agrees with his father but suggests that he cannot think about Saloni because she is his friend.

Sukhi asks Tanveer why there is such drama and other friend suggests that Saloni likes him. Tanveer replies that Saloni is his friend and he likes Koyal and even she is returning his compliments and interests. Sukhi wonders that two girls like his friend Tanveer but still he is worried and calls him helpless fellow. Soon, Jaspreet (Jassi) [Saloni’s ex boyfriend) comes there and asks Tanveer whether he is still with Saloni or has left her. Tanveer replies on having ON/OFF situation with her. Jassi suggests that she can become sentimental at times and can give him chance and he can do according to his liking. On hearing it, Tanveer becomes upset with Jassi and tries to thrash him but is stopped by Sukhi. Tanveer is made to realize that he likes Saloni by Sukhi. Next day, Koyal waits for Tanveer at the cafeteria as they have arranged their first meeting. He begins to hesitate and thinks to offer friendship to her. Soon, Saloni comes there and informs him that his objective to date Koyal has met and she is waiting for him. He speaks to Saloni on saying something and then directly speaks of liking her. She carries smile on her face after hearing it and then asks him whether he is serious about it.

He replies that Koyal is the hot girl but when a boy looks at her then he can easily forgot Koyal. He just want her to say yes to his proposal and cites that he is ready to become his Ghulam (slave). She holds his hand and thinks that all such things are only for talking. She informs that now he is liking but then he will unlike her and suggests that life can be unsatisfied because of such process. She speaks of being scared of love and wants him to stay with Koyal. He wonders how she became moody and again confesses his liking for her. He wants her to out rightly reject him and she informs of being ready to become his friend and its upto him to decide and leaves. Later, in the night at her home, Saloni’s misses her mother and speaks to her father. He informs her that good boys are not found easily in life (and also few) and once you find a good boy you should get hold of him well. He informs that her mother has get hold of him well and suggests that Saloni will find a good boy in her life soon. He suggests her to get hold of the boy which her gut feeling suggests and thinks that not all love stories will flop like that of her parents. He speaks that its dependent on two people when there is a problem either combat it together or go in different directions and separate.

Kavi speaks that after Saloni’s father approval and motivation, she felt to come closer to Tanveer and accepts his proposal.

Next day, Tanveer is seen with Koyal and she is ordering lot of things – like has to get her to the parlour for facial, needs pastries, laundry pick. As Tanveer was leaving with Koyal, he is stopped by Sukhi and Saloni. Saloni speaks to him that her father told when she gets a good boy then she should not leave him. She confronts Koyal and gets hold of her top and warns her to go from there. Tanveer speaks in the same tone of Saloni and asks Koyal to leave from there. Saloni wants to ride Tanveer’s bike and takes control. He sits as the pillon rider and asks whether she does the same with other boys. She replies that if she doesn’t drive the bike then they will not know where they have to go on the date. Saloni drives the bike and takes Tanveer with her. The story ends on that happy lovestruck moment.

Kavi speaks that commitment has two sides and has negative aspects as well and if you are careful then commitment is understanding. Kavi signs off by saying if viewers have opinions they can share on Twitter using the hashtag #LoveByChance.


Some Info On Cast:
* Saloni is portrayed by actor Nida Chakraborty.
* Koyal is played by actor Vinny Arora

Episode Video: Love by Chance – Saloni and Tanveer’s love story
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