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Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash, Star Plus

Precap: Captain Vikas Rathod speaks rudely with Ananya before her flight. Anaya and Akash takes the flight from Delhi to Mumbai via Bhopal and she disobeys Rathod’s order since there was pilot strike and flies the plane to Mumbai from Bhopal because the plane has a passenger lady who was carrying a donor heart for her husband which needed to be transported within 3 hrs.Thus, Ananya defies the order of pilot strike and with help from Akash serves a needy person and saved a life.


A young girl is seen comitting suicide and falls to death and she is seen carrying the batch of Airlines. Ananya is at her home in Delhi at the day is 27th September at 5:30 PM and she is with her younger sister. Ananya informs her sister of flying to Bangalore the next day. Ananya’s sister speaks of sharing a secret if her elder sister agrees to put some nail polish. She then informs Ananya of going to London and has got a scholarship interview. Ananya hugs her sister and is very happy.

Mahima is seen at the airport at the same day 27th Sept 2014 at 7:30 PM and she is seen speaking on phone that there is something amiss there but she is willing to take a risk and can handle things. Soon, Karan comes from behind and meets her. She gives an excuse of speaking to her uncle and also informs him of going to Bangalore. He asks her that she was going to Chennai and how come going to Bangalore now ? She informs him of schedule change and he then leaves. Mahima again calls on phone and speaks of her decision to fly to Bangalore. At the Defense Intelligence Bureau on 28th Sept 2014 at 9:00 am, Mahima commits suicide. Captain Rathod is flying the plane from chennai to Delhi and makes an announcement at the start and informs about the route and also informs of temperature in Delhi. There is another male co-pilot Karan with him and Ananya is seen as a passenger in the plane. Rathod informs his co-pilot to be careful in putting the seat belts and Natasha makes the annoucement. Rathod calls Natasha to his cockpit and asks why Ananya is there in the plane ? Natasha informs him that Ananya is flying as the additional crew pilot and Karan suggests that Ananya is management’s favorite after flying the donor heart while strike was going on. Rathod speaks that Ananya and Akash will pay their price and Natasha tries to support Akasha and suggests that he was influenced. Rathod speaks that Akash has the grace and have apologized to him but not the same case with Ananya.

The story goes back to flashback and Ananya is shown at the meeting with Rathod and the management staff and she informs Rathod there of not agreeing to give an apology and even she is ready to face any repercussions. The story comes back to present and Rathod wants Ananya to not sit in the business class and Natasha supports Ananya and suggests its the protocol. Rathod informs her that after the donor heart flying incident he was made the insensitive fellow because of life and death situation was at stake. Ananya is seen mingling with the airhostess in the plane at their place where normally food is stored. Some passengers are arguing on a petty matter and one of the man tries to begin a fight and Natasha comes there and tries to calm the man. The other man speaks of already apologized and she gives him the business class seat. Ananya finds a lady passenger who seems to be not comfortable and is close to the restroom. Ananya sits in her business class seat and the man who was upgraded from his economy to business class sits in the same row of Ananya. Natasha serves tea to Ananya and Ananya then informs her of a lady patient who was seen ill and also that lady was seen at the restroom for long time. Ananya thinks that the lady might have emergency and Natashsa suggests her to be quiet.

Akash meets a man and asks him whether there is something important. The man informs him that mahima is dead. Akash asks how come ? The man replies that first report suggests suicide but it is made to looks like a suicide and even the press release is delayed. Akash feels shocked.  In the plane, Natasha gives some nail polish to other air hostess and they gossip about Ananya’s having the same color of nail polish and very simple. One of the air hostess brings the topic that Akash was supposed to fly the plane but he backed out at the last moment and Natasha speaks of not knowing. The hostess makes fun and suggests that Akash might have dumped Ananya and Natasha both of them. Akash meets one officer and he informs Akash that Mahima has died because of suicide. Akash thinks that it should not be the case since she was fine during the last flight. The officer reminds that during her travel to Goa something have happened to her. He informs that Mahima jumped from her hotel’s terrace and died. The officer wants to keep things under wrap and Akash thinks that they should inform her family and also others. When the officer attends the call, Akash notes down some number from the book there and leaves. In the plane, Ananya informs Natasha that a lady is not responding and it has been more than 30 mins. Natasha opens the toilet door and speaks that the lady is in labour and informs on knowing it because she did the crew training and also because of her sister-in law. Another hostess Sonia infroms Rathod that a passenger is in labour on-board and he informs her that no passenger is pregnant since he himself has checked the passenger list.

Sonia thinks that the passenger might have not declared and suggests that it was good that pilot Ananya was there to help the lady otherwise she would have collapsed in the toilet. Rathod wonders whether Ananya is for good or liability and Karan suggests that as he told earlier wherever there is Ananya problems are bound to come. He speaks that so many things have happened and so let’s see this thing as well. Rathod asks Sonia to keep Ananya from that lady and even if needed tie her down at the seat. Rathod asks karan about the nearest destination time. He replies 55 minutes if they return back to Chennai and around 1.35 hrs to reach their destination Delhi. He wants Karan to contact the ATC for medical emergency and then makes an announcement that if there is a doctor or medical person on board then he/she should contact the crew and provide their help. Ananya asks the lady why she haven’t declared about the pregnancy ? She replies that it wasn’t supposed to happen since her doctors have given the due date which is after 2 months. Natasha then speaks that the baby will be premature then and shows worry. Sonia comes there and asks Ananya to move from there according to the orders of captain Rathod. The lady goes much deeper in the labour and her water broke and Rathod informs the ATC to arrange medical van with premature baby care facilities. Sonia comes there and informs Rathod that the lady’s water broke and he thinks that there is couple of hours more  for the delivery. Rathod informs that they will fly to Delhi which is on course destination and Karan replies that Chennai is quicker to reach. [55 mins for Chennai and 1.35 hrs for Delhi]. Rathod sticks to his point and boldly suggests that he is right and delivery will be only after couple of hours atleast. He speaks about his experience and suggests that he is a father of 2 Kids. He informs Sonia to keep Ananya away from that lady and informs her that they will reach Delhi soon.

One of the middle-aged lady passenger comes near to the lady who is in labour and asks Natasha and Ananya whether they are mothers. She then informs on giving birth to two healthy kids of Mr. Bhalla and suggests that she knows better than them. She speaks that the lady can give birth any time and Natasha sends the passengers from the business class back to economy class. She wants the lady to stand and makes a taunt at slim body of Ananya and others and calls them weak. The lady is in deep labor and Sonia informs Natasha about Rathod’s orders and how he is taking the responsibility. Rathod speaks to Karan of holding his wife’s hand during delivery. Ananya comes to the cockpit and he becomes angry to see her. She wants both to cooperate and wants to help the lady. Since he was not listening, he wants Rathod to assist the lady instead. He wants her to go from there which means she got a permission to help the lady. The middle-aged lady starts to take out the baby and wears gloves and with a Jai mata di prayers. She learns that the baby is upside down and couldn’t help the lady. Ananya thinks that only the doctor can help and wants Natasha to speak with Rathod. Rathod connects with the ATC Delhi and informs them about the medical emergency which is premature delivery breach baby and replies on board. The ATC informs of connecting them with a doctor and Rathod speaks with a doctor from ATC delhi. Natasha informs that the lady has 3-minute contractions, premature delivery and breach baby. He repeats the same details to the doctor. The lady doctor informs him that she needs to know the what is the position of the baby which is leg straight down or knees are bended and also the doctor feels the situation is tight. Ananya wants the middle-aged lady to go ahead in the delivery process. Natasha learns all the details from the doctor and goes from there.

Rathod wishes that instead of Ananya, Mahima Singh should have been the additional crew member. Karan asks why so ? Rathod replies that Mahima was a nurse before she started her work as an airhostess and suggests that is she was there then they don’t need to do these whispers and asking questions to the doctor. Akash at his end (on the same day -28th Sep) at 3:00 PM is at the Air hostess hotel and he enters Mahima’s room and makes sure that nobody sees him. He checks out the room to look for clues and soon hears somebody entering the room and then goes to hide in the restroom. It turns out that Akash’s senior officer Mr. Sen whom he has met earlier came there with a security personel and informs him that no person should come there. Akash comes out and thinks that if Mr. Sen speaks of security cordon then it means the investigation is confidential and wonders what are they trying to hide.  He finds some note in the room and takes it.  In the plane, the lady who is in labour informs of not leaving her husband because of whom she is in that state and pain. The lady who is assisting wants her to put some strength and Ananya speaks that the baby is not moving. The lady speaks of some movement and Natasha wants the lady to push and finally she pushes hard and gives birth to a baby. Ananya and everyone are glad to see the baby but then wonders why the baby is not crying. Natasha is in touch with the doctor and gets details on what should be their next step. Soon, the baby erupts in crying and all are happy and All is Well moment is recreated there.

Ananya is relieved and remembers how her proactive nature and also everyone’s help has led to the successful birth of a premature baby though the situation was precarious. She asks why people try to set the definition of Right vs. Wrong and raises the question whether this small baby is aware of how she has broken many rules and have joined many hearts and people together. She welcomes the baby to earth and calls the baby as the true fighter. Captain Rathod makes the announcement that when they started their journey from Chennai to Delhi there were 213 passengers+crew on board but now they will be 214 referring to the new born baby. He carries smile on his face and speaks that for his airlines INDE Air this would be a remarkable flight. He speaks that the passenger Ratna Gupta gave birth to a baby girl and congratulates her and all. Two male passengers who have fought earlier on petty matter also mends and congratulates each other. The plane lands in Delhi and the lady Ratna thanks Ananya for helping her which made sure that the baby is born without any problem. Rathod comes there and gives the lady a birth certificate of the baby girl. Natasha and Rathod congratulates the lady. Ananya is also happy and goes to meet Akash who is seen there. She informs him happily that they have delivered a baby on-board. He looks serious and replies thats great to her [because of Mahima’s death and investigation]. He excuses Ananya and wants to speak with Natasha and goes from there and meets Natasha. He informs Natasha that Mahima is dead and she becomes shocked to hear that news. Ananya is puzzled to see Akash’s reaction and serious look.

Next Episode:  Ananya is flying the plane and learns that Auto-pilot is disabled and becomes worried and also the plane is descending and also Akash is her co-pilot. She argues with him on why he is maintaining the same altitude during cruise.

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