Monday Reminders for Zee TV


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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya:
Vikram watches Bhawna sit on the dinner table. Bauji offers food to Vikram, and appreciates his broughtup of Raj. Anjali appreciates Avni, while Suket and Bauji gives all the credit to Bhawna. Vikram asks Bhawna where her family lives. They are all quiet. Bhawna begs to Vikram not to bring her past to anyone. Arpita leaves her mangal suter to Akshit. He asks will she divorce him.

Ganesh puts in his trunk from the back. Darpan passes him some food. Darpan is smiling. Lala looks at her plate its empty. Darpan says isn’t there more food? Lala asks servants to serve her more. She says give me more and more. Everyone leaves. Darpan is still there.She is serving Ganesh. Prabha says to Darpan why you went to birthday when he insulted Ganesh so much. .

Doli Armaanon Ki:
In a restaurant, Urmi and Saroj have a talk about their future, where Saroj puts forth an idea that Urmi should think about putting Shaurya in a hostel for some time. Urmi starts talking about how she would be unable to live without Shaurya by her side. She says that they would have to figure out another way, oblivious that Samrat sits right behind them, listening to their conversation with much ease and amusement. Samrat thinks that Urmi’s life hangs by Shaurya’s happiness, and now he would have to use that to his advantage.

Jamai Raja:
Roshni gets Simran’s call who invites her for dinner. She excitedly asks Sid to come from office soon. Later, she informs Simran that she cannot come. DD smirks that her plan is successful.

Jodha Akbar:
In DEK, Ruks declares that Hussain was her baby and she would employ a Dai ma for him . Jodha offers to become his Dai ma. Ruks declines Jodha’s offer stating that the baby belonged to her now and she would decide for him and she would never let Jodha become his Dai ma or have any claims on her baby. Jodha and everyone are shocked at Ruks’s ruthlessness.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Abhi and Pragya hear lantern man telling someone on phone that he is frightening a couple and enjoying it. Man turns back and gets tensed seeing them. Dadi hugs Bulbul and asks her to convince Sarla, says everything will be alright.

Pavitra Rishta:
Naren smiles reading the letters. Ankita sees and comes to him. Naren asks, about the person written in the letter. Ankita refuses to answer. Naren says, he is obviously Ranvijay. Ankita thanks him and says I won’t forget your past mistakes. She asks him to accept his crime infront of police and closes the door. Naren looks helpless. Ankita gets a phone call. She gets tensed and says she is coming. Prashant asks what happened? Ankita says, Naren sir is in Jail. Everyone get shocked.

Qubool Hai:
Rahat tensedly asks Haya if she would marry him. She is shocked, and rendered speechless, as Rahat waits impatiently, and tensed himself. Meanwhile, Tanveer tells Aahil to sign them, as the divorce papers are ready and would be here in the next two or three days. Sanam and Aahil are shocked, while Tanveer smiles.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke:
Mausi stood there, and winks at Gayatri. She had changed the card when it fell down. Gunjan promises Bittu that she will definitely come to his wedding. Gunjan was skeptic. Bittu leaves the Sangeet watching Rachna and KT dance. KT follows him on the road, and asks what he wants. Bittu asks Rachna?


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