Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 2nd October 2014 51st Episode Channel V – Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 51st Episode 2nd October 2014

Precap: Gattu finds an unidentified man meeting Arya. Sid’s new boss informs him that he has to cover his college event function for US magazine Blitz and if he does it well then it will be very good for his career. Gattu finds the table tennis referee to be the same unidentified man who was seen with Arya who was seen giving money to him. During Cheeku and Arya’s match, the referee participates in unethical behavior and wrongly informs the ball was inside the line. In this way, Cheeku loses the first round game with Arya for SOTY 2014. Gattu understands the unfair play by the referee and informs Dodo and Cheeku.


Highlight of the Episode: Kimaya clears the air with Cheeku that she wholeheartedly supports him for SOTY 2014 competition’s success. Cheeku wins the SOTY 2014 competition by using his mind and careful approach in treasure hunt round.

Cheeku is seen in the college and speaks that the trophy will be his and doesn’t want to worry about his loss in the first round match. He speaks of aggregating his strength for winning. There is an announcement informs that the next round of SOTY is going to happen now and all students and contestants are informed to reach the auditorium. Gattu speaks to Dodo on seeing Arya going to Subramaniam Iyer sir room to steal GK quiz papers. She goes with Dodo to that room and there is a peon who is seen to copy data from the PC in a pen drive but Dodo and Gattu doesn’t see him. The peon wants them to leave from there and doesn’t take their argument of coming to take books from Prof. Iyer. Gattu becomes suspicious about that peon and Dodo also goes from there. There is another announcement informing that GK Quiz round will start in some time and sponsors are being introduced. Gattu thinks that there is something wrong and suggests how Peon was looking very nervous after seeing them there. She cites that instead of them he was behaving odd there. Dodo replies that if Arya was there instead of the peon then it would have been an interesting case.  Gattu is convinced that there is something amiss and wants to find out more.

Gattu and Dodo follows the peon Pandey and finds him walking while taking much care. Soon, Arya meets him and asks whether the work is done. Pandey takes out the pen drive and gives it to Arya. Gattu and Dodo gets reminded of the moment when they first saw Pandey in the room and he was seen putting a pen drive in his pocket. Arya gets the pen drive and he gives money to Pandey. Sid is seen at his new office where he works as an Assistant photographer and shows the photos to his boss. His boss speaks that the photos are technically sound and clear but not mindblowing. He then goes on to say that any photographers who works with him can take such technically clear photos and suggests that there is nothing new. He then speaks to see Sid’s creativity and understanding and wants him to think on his own. Sid is confused and tries to asks his boss on what he needs from him. The boss gets a call and ends their conversation.

Dodo and Gattu goes to meet Prof. Iyer and both tries to inform him about the GK Quiz leak. Prof. Iyer asks them that they are school students and why they are seen in college ? He informs that the SOTY 2014 is a college event and not for school students and doesn’t listen to them and sends them out from there via Pandey. Gattu thinks that if Cheeku is informed then the concerned authorities will look into the matter since he is a contestant. They call Cheeku but he doesn’t accept their call and then they tries to contact Kimaya.  The SOTY competition is going on in the Auditorium and one of the organizer boy speaks that Arya Agnihotri is leading the competition and then informs that the winner of 2nd round will get 200 points. Kimaya is seen there and applauds the organizer. She gets a call from Dodo and Gattu but couldn’t hear because of the noise created by people’s claps there. The Organizer boy welcomes Cheeku aka Aditya Khosla on stage and Kimaya ends Gattu’s call after seeing Cheeku. Along with Cheeku, Arya, Sana, and Subramaniam are other contestants for the GK Quiz round. The GK Quiz starts and Arya is seen answering almost all the questions with ease while Cheeku could only answer one or two questions. Arya leads by 10 with respect to Cheeku and the organizer boy speaks that Arya is leading after first round of Quiz contest and Aditya and Subramaniam are tied on 2nd spot. He informs the game is still on and there is a short break. During the break, Cheeku is seen nervous and with a GK book in his hand. Kimaya comes there and provides moral support and speaks with confidence that he is good in GK and will definitely win the Quiz round. She suggests that he deserves it as well. Cheeku asks her that she wanted Arya to win, right and she was supporting him ? She becomes shocked and asks whether he has become mad to think in that way. She holds Cheeku’s hand and calls him as her best friend and wants to see him only winning the game and competition.

Cheeku becomes happy and both are seen holding hands and he informs on working very hard to excel in the SOTY. Just then, Arya comes there and interrupts their conversation and wants Kimaya to go with him for a coffee. He speaks of feeling hungry since he couldn’t eat earlier because of competition. She replies at first no, and then Arya informs her that she might be disturbing the champ Cheeku. Kimaya informs Cheeku that she doesn’t want to disturb him in his preparation and wants him to prepare well. She then leaves with Arya from there after a smile. Arya feels on gaining the upper hand with Kimaya as he walks with her. Sooner then, Arya finds Cheeku entering the restroom and then continues his conversation with a boy. He then goes to the restroom door and locks it from outside and is unaware that Cheeku has already left the restroom before he came there. In the Auditorium, the organizer boy informs that the SOTY 2014 2nd phase is underway and out of 4 contestants, 1 will go on to next stage and will create history for the college. Prof. Iyer comes on stage and speaks that the competition format has been made more interesting after seeing the Quiz success. He speaks that in the Quiz round, treasure hunt is added and thus now it is Quiz cum Treasure Hunt round. Every contestant has to answer 4 Questions and when they answer the first question they will get 1/4 of a Map and after answering next questions they need to complete the map. The map will then be decoded and hidden treasure hunt has to be found and the one who does it will be the winner of the competition. He speaks that in the map there are traps in many places and the contestants need to avoid falling in them. He suggests that they need to use their mind more and not just their eyes and also beware of illusions.  He then calls the four contestants who are in finals – Sana Sehgal, Arya Agnihotri, B. Subramaniam [he is not seen to come on stage and there is final call and he doesn’t come and is eliminated], and Aditya Khosla.

Arya becomes shocked to see Cheeku there and looks at him. Earlier, Arya has locked the restroom door thinking Cheeku is inside but actually Subramaniam is being locked there. The organizer boy Arjun informs them about their positions and all three contestants are seen on screens in the auditorium. The contestants has to follow the map when it is revealed and the competition’s cameraman will follow the contestants. After map is revealed, contestants can see it on screen but the one who answers correctly will go into the next round and the one who gives a wrong answer will not go in that round. Devika and Kimaya are looking anxious when the treasure hunt round is explained by Prof. Iyer. The question which was answered incorrectly by a contestant will be passed on to another contestant. The contestants are being given mike and ear phones and they can listen to questions and give their reply. The buzzers are also provided to decide who has given the answer first. The question will be asked first to the one who is leading the SOTY competition (Arya) and thus the first Q’s is for Arya. Prof. Iyer asks the first question to Arya about southernmost point in Indian Peninsula Kanyakumari and he replies to the north of Equator which is the right answer. Arya gets applaud on answering correctly and he gets a 1/4th of the map which he tries to follow with a cameraman. Arya goes to one room by following the direction of the map and after reaching there he gets himself drenched in water which overpours on him from the top. Prof. Iyer informs Arya that he has reminded about the traps in the map and also told him to use his mind over his eyes. Cheeku gets his question  – Ravi Shastri used to play for which county ? Cheeku couldn’t answer and Arya presses the buzzer and replies Leichester which is the wrong answer and then the question passes on to Sana and she answers correctly Glamorgan. Sana gets 1/4 piece of map and she follows the direction and reaches a room and only looks at the map and is not careful.

A small net falls on her thus making her fall in the trap and Prof. Iyer reminds her that she was not careful and she didn’t listen. The 3rd question is what is Ozone hole and Cheeku feels happy to hear that question since he has much interests in environmental studies. Cheeku presses the buzzer and replies that ozone thickness depletion in stratosphere. He gets 1/4 piece of map and he follows the direction and Kimaya and Devika are very happy to see him. Cheeku reaches outside and walks in the grass and falls down after getting in a trap there. Prof. Iyer learns that Cheeku has fallen in the trap as well. He then informs that the last part of the map will be revealed now and for this final question, other contestants can follow the one who answered correctly. The final question which is the first space agency that reached MARS orbiter. Cheeku presses the buzzer and he replies Roscosmos (Russian Space agency) which turns out to be teh right answer and all the contestants have the final map and they follow the directions to the treasure hunt. Cheeku is seen looking at the map and remembers Iyer’s words that they need to use their mind more than their eyes. Cheeku ponders and then finds an envelope on the table with the message – congratulations to the winner of SOTY. He becomes excited and happy and Sid is also seen happy to see his younger brother’s win.

Next Episode: Cheeku is being cheered and supported by Kimaya, Devika, and his brothers SId and Dodo. The peon Pandey comes to Cheeku there and asks whether he has forgotten his promise since he has achieved his goals. Cheeku becomes surprised to hear those things from Pandey and couldn’t understand. Pandey speaks directly that he has leaked the papers for Cheeku (which is a lie). Cheeku and Kimaya becomes shocked on hearing it and she asks what Pandey is saying about him ?

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Sneak Peek: YJTRRR, 2nd October 2014
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