Pyaar Ka The End 3rd October 2014 Episode 8, Rohini and Aryan’s story on Bindass – Written Update


Pyaar Ka The End on Bindass 1st Episode

The story is set in Mumbai 2008 and people are seen receiving MMS leak video on their phones and in that video Rohini and Aryan are seen to be having an intimate moments. Aryan is recording that video on his mobile and she informs on her worry that somebody can see their video. He informs her that its their private moment and nobody will see it and wants to preserve those moments forever. The people are seen sharing that MMS leak video. The theme message of the Episode is – Pyaar Koi Khel Nahin.


Rohini comes home and meets Aryan and is seen in a teary face. In a teary voice, she asks Aryan what-if her parents see their MMS leak video and carries much worry and nervousness on her face. The voiceover introduces Rohini, a young girl from a small town and she thinks and does things by her heart and her parents keep lot of self-esteem because of their daughter and feel proud. They trust her daughter a lot and Rohini trusts her boyfriend Aryan much more than her parents trusts herself. For Rohini, her life starts and ends with him. But in the current situation, Aryan cannot help her even if he wants to. Aryan is seen supporting her while she is seen crying and he speaks of finding a solution. The voiceover introduces Aryan as Rohini’s love and speaks that Aryan’s strength is Rohini and his weakness is that he wants to be the centre of attraction. As much Rohini trusts her, he also trusts himself but sometimes his overconfidence about himself lands him in problems like the current situation.

She speaks of getting a message from her friend Sameera in her class and suggests in teary voice that they shouldn’t have recorded the MMS video in first place. He responds that they have shot the video privately and nobody has the right to see them. She then replies that he told that everything was same but then how come the video was leaked. He speaks while showing nervousness that maybe their systems have been hacked. She continues to be in teary voice and informs him that because of their not so careful approach, both their lives have been destroyed and wherever she will go people will look with bad intentions and will judge wrongly about her. She begins to cry and Aryan gets a call from a colleague Karan and he informs him on not able to come since there is an emergency at home. Aryan speaks to Rohini that as he has earlier told he is having a meeting with investors and he has to attend it and very important. He speaks that she is upset and even he is also affected as well but needs to go for the meeting and informs her on coming back in 1 hr. He suggests that after his meeting he will clear all the things but she doesn’t want to remain alone and asks him to stay there with her and hugs him and cries. Aryan tries to support and consolidate her.

The voiceover speaks that when problems increases in a relationship then the need is that relationships should be strengthened further. Rohini and Aryan have knowingly/unknowingly chosen a path and at that time they didn’t knew the destination but now as they know it only their togetherness will help them. But the question is, how much their togetherness will help them and it will be known by time.

The clock is 12:20 pm in afternoon and Aryan gets a call from his colleague Karan. Karan informs to Aryan that if he doesn’t attend the meeting then he has to face a professional crisis in his career. Aryan replies on not able to come and his phone goes to speaker mode because of a bug without his approval and karan again informs on the necessity of meeting. Karan wants Aryan to go ahead with the meeting since it is very important for the company and also for himself. Aryan replies on not running away from challenges and Karan suggests that he should be able to manage his personal and professional things. Aryan then goes to Rohini and speaks of going for a meeting and promises to clear all the things and will come back in 1 hr. She agrees to him and he then leaves from there while telling her to take care of herself. Rohini remembers the MMS leak video and becomes more anxious and gets worried and cries again and remembers Aryan’s words in the video and then his current words that people might have hacked the video from their system. She takes her phone and looks at her photos with Aryan. She also looks at video of Aryan which he made with his friends for her when she was in another city Bangalore and far from her. In the video, he is seen with friends and speaks of having that birthday party for her. He shows her a chocolate cake which is her favorite and then he alongwith his colleagues/friends sing Happy Birthday song greeting for her. He informs her that all his colleagues now know her because they got the opportunity to eat chocolate cakes now. She also remembers her father’s words before her departure to Mumbai and he informs that she should not do such a thing which will make them feel shame.

At that time, she promises to her father of not doing any such thing. After thinking those things, she cries and soon wipes off her tears and soon gets a call from her elder sister Di. Rohini speaks to her sister who informs that her parents have seen the MMS and after hearing it she becomes shocked and drops the phone and feels much worried. She then calls Aryan who is seen at the office and speaking with people with whom he had a meeting. Aryan is not picking up her calls since he was with those people and Rohini’s anxious and worry increases much more. She remembers about her sister’s words that their family have seen the MMS and asks how she could do such a thing ? Rohini sends a message to Aryan that she is done and cannot deal with the situation and says I am sorry and a bye message for him. He becomes shocked on seeing that message from Rohini and runs to reach their home. Rohini’s remembers her father and sister’s words and then goes to the edge of the terrace. He calls her and she informs that her parents came to know about the MMS leak. He suggests that they will figure out all the things and tries to calm her down. She speaks of getting a nice view from his bedroom and it turned out that she is standing on his bedroom’s balcony edge.

The voiceover speaks that Rohini has accepted defeat and couldn’t face the situation. She was in a situation which cannot be changed but not to the extent that life looks small in comparison to that situation. He suggests that if she didn’t thought earlier so atleast think now since life is a program and where there is no button of Undo.

Aryan asks her what she is trying to do. She replies that her life is over and all things are over. He speaks that there is a best option for her and she has to wait 10 mins in his room and he will be there in that amount of time. He informs that everything will be fine and makes a promise. She informs that parents have trusted her and she has betrayed them. He replies on speaking with her parents and very sure that they will forgive her. She continues to speak that the path she has chosen is right and he asks what she is speaking ? He speaks on loving her and then does a video call and wants her to accept it. She accepts him and then he is able to see her and wants her to look at him. He wants her to not do any such untoward thing and she asks him why such things have happened to them and carries a teary face. While driving the car, he cites that the reason was being unlucky for those developments and wants her to give 10 mins and informs that he is driving the car and shows her the same. He speaks that she always think from heart but knows that she is strong and then speaks with whom he will watch movies and eat omelletes. He also reminds her of the experience when she cook an omellete but it was burnt and it goes back to their trip to Goa. She reminisces about that trip and remembers the moment when an omellete was burnt because of her. At that moment, Aryan showed initially some unsatisfaction just to bully her and then both have a good laugh. She calms down a bit and listens to him and he speaks of also participating in the cooking classes with her. Just then, his car tyre gets punctured and he informs of coming at their home in very less time.

He gets a cab and informs her on reaching quickly. She asks him whether he really loves her ? He informs on loving her truly and asks what she is speaking about ? She then speaks that they can marry and all their problems will be gone. After hearing it, he changes his tone and speaks that he can understand its been a tough day for her. She replies that since they love each other so what’s wrong in getting married. Aryan speaks of loving her and she thinks that its not enough. She suggests that after such things if he speaks of not giving her commitment and also showing hesitancy to marry her and raises the question who will marry her then ?  Aryan speaks of committing to her and at her end the phone’s battery drained out which ends their video call conversation. She speaks that will not work and begin to give away her life and inches closer to the edge. Soon, Aryan comes in the flat and asks her to come back from that edge and informs her of his fear of heights. He informs that if she jumps from there and gives away her life then she will hurt lot of people and wants her to think about it and what will happen to her family and also how would he cope with things ? She replies of not able to show her face to parents and herself and suggests of not able to live with MMS leak event. He speaks of getting affected equally by the MMS leak and she informs that its different and he asks whether she is referring to a girl and boy difference. He then informs that one difference according to him is that he is looking to solve those things and she is trying to run away from things. He speaks of not leaving her until the problem is resolved and makes a promise.

Rohini speaks of getting a feeling that though he is with her but doesn’t look to be with her and thus she cannot handle the situation and begins to cry more and inches more to jump. He comes to the edge as well and hugs her and provides support and soon both of them comes back. When he hurriedly came to his flat and went running towards his bedroom terrace, he broke some glass item and thus the glass pieces in all sizes are scattered there and he informs on cleaning the floor soon. He takes her and both sit on the sofa and asks her whether she is ok. She replies on being fine and then apologizes to him and speaks on being afraid and was not knowing what to do. She promises to not repeat such thing again and asks him to forgive her. He goes away from her for couple of minute and keeps his phone on the table and she is seen to become calm. At the same time, the phone rings and the call is coming from his colleage Sarthak. She ponders on whether to accept the call and then accepts it and informs Aryan that Sarthak was trying to call him since some time. Aryan confronts Sarthak on phone and asks him why is he calling him ? Soon, the phone because of its bug goes in the speaker phone and Sarthak is heard speaking that another colleague of theirs have shared the MMS clip after watching it so how is he responsible for the leak? Rohini listens it and learns something amiss which Aryan is trying to hide from her.

Rohini asks Aryan what did Sarthak said ? He couldn’t reply and shows his nervousness instead. She again asks what Sarthak has said to him and then shouts at him and wants to know about it ? Aryan informs her that Sarthak and his friends have came once for a dinner upon his invitation and they have asked him what is the craziest thing he has done with his girlfriend ? Sarthak’s friend make fun of Aryan and his relationship and Aryan was seen with drinks. Aryan then informs them that after watching his video they call him with respect and goes on to show them the MMS video of him sharing intimate moments with Rohini and calls the video as the adventure in a brazen manner. The voiceover speaks that this is the first and only wrongturn of this story and just to prove his male chauvinism to his friends he showed them his private MMS video. Rohini is going through mental torture because of his habit of showing off to friends. The voiceover then goes on to say that sharing someone’s private moment without their permission is illegal as well and suggests that it could lead to the couple’s pyaar ka the end. In the flashback scene, Aryan is seen napping after the drink and Sarthak’s friend takes the opportunity to take  his phone and shares the MMS video with others.

The story comes back to present and after listening to Aryan’s confession about the MMS leak, Rohini slaps him and asks how could he do this to her and cries ? He replies on not doing anything and he doesn’t know when Sarthak’s friend took the mobile from his pocket and shared the video with others. She doesn’t want to listen to him and informs him that still he is blaming the other person and actually it is his fault. She reiterates on how she told him to not make the video because she was not sure. She agreed for the video because she trusted him and calls herself as mad in doing so and begins to cry more. She asks him whether he wanted to show his girlfriend’s video to his friends in order to show off and he couldn’t reply. She speaks that he lied to her and he replies that he wanted to say her about it but he didn’t got strength since he felt ashamed. She then speaks of not trusting him again and begins to walk backwards away from him. He tries to convince her to listen to him but she is not listening and continues to walk backwards and she then steps on a broken glass piece and falls down on it and the glass pierces into her head and she falls dead. Aryan couldn’t do anything and cries after her passing away and remembers some good moments he shared with her. The voiceover suggests that in love few things should be personal and they doesn’t need to be shown to others and Aryan wanted to impress his friends and because of that reason his love became a peeping event and created lot of hue. He didn’t thought at that time when he showed his private MMS video to his friends and to come out from that wrong turn was impossible.

The voiceover speaks of taking backwards the story to see how it would have gone in the right manner. When Aryan’s colleagues/friend pokes fun at his girlfriend Rohini, he should have informed them on knowing her well and also he is proud of her. And suggesting to Sarthak and his friend that if they came to make fun of him and his girlfriend then they are welcome to leave. The voiceover suggests that in love the biggest mistake is to hide a big mistake and it is seen that Aryan disclosing to her just after the MMS leak on how the leak happened because of his mistake and admits it. If such thing would have happened, then uneventful event leading to Rohini’s death could have been averted. The lesson from the story is that if you are hero then you don’t need to prove it. If you are a true champion then inform others by yourself because one wrong turn taken in much passion can lead to your life and Pyaar ka the End.

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