Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 3rd October 2014 52nd Episode Channel V – Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 52nd Episode 2nd October 2014

Precap: Gattu and Dodo finds the peon Pandey giving the pen drive with GK Quiz to Arya and in turn Arya gives him the money. Sid’s boss is not impressed with his college photos and calls it not mindblowing. Cheeku wins the treasure hunt round for SOTY 2014 after using his mind more and being careful. Kimaya and others are happy on Cheeku’s win.

Highlight of the Episode: Pandey falsely accuses Cheeku of involve in GK Quiz leak. Cheeku shines but Arya outshines him in Dance fusion SOTY contest. Kimaya is inching closer to fall in Arya’s trap and doesn’t listen to Cheeku’s advice about Arya.


Cheeku is seen on stage and Prof. Iyer informs that Cheeku after winning the treasure hunt round got 200 points and his aggregate score is 700 and leads Arya by 50 pts and he gets applaud. Cheeku is announced as the winner of the contest. Cheeku is on cloud 9 and Kimaya comes up and hugs him and Devika, Sid and others greet him. Gattu and Dodo comes to the college and learns that Cheeku has won and they come and congratulate him on his win. Another contestant Subramaniam comes there and informs that there was cheating and he was locked up inside the bathroom. Dodo asks him to not create a scene and inform the principal instead and Subramaniam leaves from there. Pandey comes there and congratulates Cheeku and calls him Sir. Cheeku becomes surprised and then Panday speaks of his gift. Cheeku is puzzled and then pandey informs that he has leaked GK papers for Cheeku and he has informed on giving 1K bucks for that work. Cheeku speaks that Pandey is lying and then Pandey takes out a pen drive from Cheeku’s trouser pocket. Pandey suggests that he put the GK Quiz data in that pen drive and gave to Cheeku. Arya is seeing the scene from the door and Cheeku wants Dodo, Kimaya, Gattu to believe him and suggests Pandey is lying.

Pandey tries to convince that he himself is right and Dodo and Gattu speaks that all these things are hatched up by Arya but Kimaya suggests to them that they don’t have any proof against him. Sid is confused and soon Arya comes there and informs pandey to not let the matter go out of hand and spread. He suggests that both Pandey and Cheeku will get shame if that happens. Cheeku speaks of not doing any wrong so why he should be afraid. Arya adds more spices to his talk and suggests that he haven’t imagined Cheeku doing such shameful thing and asks why has he done ? Cheeku tries to engage in fight and Kimaya asks Cheeku how come he has tried to put his hands over Arya. Arya speaks in more soft voice and wants Cheeku to prepare for his dance competition tomorrow and wishes him the best and leaves with Kimaya. Kimaya is seen with Arya in the cafeteria and remembers how Cheeku was coming forward to a fight with Arya. He asks him what she is thinking and whether she wants to speak with Cheeku ? Kimaya replies that after today’s incident she might not speak… Arya gets a message on his mobile which says that Kimaya is hot and he replies on always getting the best. Arya then goes on to hold her hands and speaks of his wish to win the competition so he should be upset and asks why she is upset instead ? He gets another message which said the girl is fine and what’s next ? Arya replies that he will take her home and then… He again begins his conversation and asks for how long she will be depressed and suggests that they can go to his home and watch a movie. She replies on not having a mood to go. He again gets a message from his brother who wants to get introduced to Kimaya and is seen sitting close there in the cafeteria.

Soon, Arya’s brother comes at their table. Arya introduces his elder brother Abhay to Kimaya. Abhay speaks that Arya always speak about her and suggests on hearing that she is well sorted and matured girl in the class and wonders how his brother befriended her. Kimaya speaks of some important work and has to go from there. Before she left, Abhay asks her whether he is a Kabab Mein Haddi there. Abhay informs his brother Arya that Kimaya is not that kind of girl and Arya responds on knowing her. Cheeku is seen on the terrace hiding his face and Dodo comes there. Cheeku starts to laugh and then cry and then he gets hold of Dodo and thinks him as Arya. Dodo informs him that he is Ishant Khosla aka Dodo and then Cheeku calls Dodo as Kimaya and hugs him and wants Kimaya to not leave him. Cheeku again falls asleep on the terrace and then Dodo learns that Cheeku has drank vodka full bottle thats the reason he is speaking randomly and crazily. Dodo speaks that people should not love since such things like Cheeku’s situation can happen. Dodo takes Cheeku on his back from there.

Sid is at his home and his father is showing him some childhood photo albums and informs Sid that he couldn’t even wear his shorts properly. Sid speaks that photos are blur though expressions are fine. Sid’s father speaks of helping his son and shows some more picnic photos. Sid speaks that at the picnic spot shown in the pic a monkey ran away after snatching Dodo’s icecream and calls those photos to have memories embodied in it. Sid’s father then informs him that photos should capture memories and tell a story and wants Sid to do the same. He speaks that exposure and tech stuff are next things but every photo should have varied emotions and then his boss will be happy. The next contest in SOTY 2014 is Dance fusion competition in the auditorium and Dodo and Gattu becomes worried on how Cheeku will perform the dance. Kimaya is also there. Devika speaks that Arya will do different act and then Dodo speaks that Arya is a cheater and he doesn’t have any respect for him and wants him to not win the contest. The organizer boy informs the first contestant B. Subramaniam and he comes on stage. Subramaniam dons the role of Gabbar and people gives him a boo message on his gags and they don’t take his comedy scene.

Aditya Khosla aka Cheeku comes next and Dodo is worried and then Cheeku  comes on stage and performs with some dance on Saara Zamaana Haseeno Ka Deewana. All the people in the auditorium are happy to see Cheeku’s dance moves though he fell in the start but they don’t mind. Cheeku is wearing a golden color dress and does his dance with energy with many hands and legs movement. Everyone applauds Cheeku. Arya comes next on stage and performs on the Chamak Challo song while wearing Dhoom 3 hat and costume. He shows some cool dance moves and uses his hat as the prop and also uses heart as the prop and points toward Kimaya. He does some jumps and people applauds him. The organizer compliments Arya’s performance and calls it the best one until then. Arya takes the microphone and speaks of dedicating his performance to his friend and inspiration who is also there in the auditorium. He thanks Kimaya by calling her K. Cheeku speaks to himself that he will make sure that Arya doesn’t win. Gattu speaks to Dodo and asks him where he was gone after the dance round ? Dodo informs her on following Arya to know more about his plans and moves. Dodo is seen at the cafeteria and there Arya comes with his brother Abhay. Arya speaks to Abhay that his next plans will be more eventful and shows his exuberance.

Next Episode; Cheeku meets Kimaya and  speaks that his dance performance was not such that he could dedicate to her. Kimaya asks why is he targeting Arya all the time ? Cheeku speaks that Arya is not a good boy and he is just trying to use her. Kimaya doesn’t listen and wants Cheeku to shut-up. Cheeku reminds her that Arya has told him that he will get hold of her by any means. At the same time, Kimaya gets a call from Arya and she informs him of coming the same day and not the next day as planned earlier.

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