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Balika Vadhu:

Palash comes to his room and looks at the painting Venus. He acts possessive and tells her it seems strange that I met you on this Dusshera day. It is a coincidence. Today we met each other. You are just mine. I have to win you just like Ram won Sita and made Raavan lose. I realized that I am your Ram, you are my Sita and Shiv is the Raavan. I have to fight with him. I am upset why I didn’t see you before. We can still be together. We are born to be one. He throws his phone in anger when it starts ringing. Palash invites Shiv and Anandi to his guest house for dinner. He plans to kill Shiv and kisses the painting.


Ghulam sees Zain who says he wants to meet Aaliya. Ghulam says no need to meet as he once again betrayed Aaliya today. Qazi saheb comes and congratulates Ghulam for completing Nikaah. Rehan and Aaliya come in front of Zain and he sadly looks at them with tears rolling down his cheeks. Surayya says Zain that Rehan will not divorce Aaliya and he has lost her forever.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:

Chirag comes to the room, he and Shanaila gets cozy with one another. Ishaani knocks the door, they both heads towards the door thinking that it is the drink man. He asks the waiter to give them the drinks and is shocked to see Ishaani there. Shanaila asks Ishaani what she is doing here. Chirag sends Shanaila inside, and comes to Ishaani; but she isn’t ready to listen. It is raining, RV watches Ishaani cry. Chirag comes to her, but she shouts at him to leave him alone.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Pari goes to Prem and says I want to know your opinion about what happened today. He says I’m confused I don’t know what’s right. Simar has vikrant who filled her hairline. He must have some feelings for her. I’ll be waiting for your decision. Prem’s lawyer come to Simar. He says I’ve to handover this legal notice to you. Prem wants to divorce you.

Shastri Sisters:

Hari starts verbal firing on Shastri ji. He says he can’t Rohan his son in law. Sareen asks how can you talk like this being in Mata’s Darbaar. Hari says Rohan is not related to them and Alka is not related to us. They are shocked. Shastri ji looks at Alka. Shastri ji scolds Alka for ruining her life. She holds his feet and he leaves. Peeya tells Alka that he went somewhere,. Anushka gets lost in the jungle and falls into the river.


Bhaiya ji says Chakor lives with us as my daughter, she is free to go anywhere, I m, also a Bandhua. He asks Prabhakar to call Chakor. Ishwar comes to know Chakor went alone and he did not get her. Ishwar tells Abha that they did something. Abha says where is our Chakor. Chakor is in a big bag caught by Pasha and his goon.


Meethi runs towards her room while Rani enjoys dancing. Malvika smiles at the piece of info that she has got. Rani continues to dance around in her typical style. Meethi is shocked to see her thus as she opens the door. Meethi stops the music. She questions Rani what she is up to. Malvika steps forward. Rani was telling me how well she dances. Rani asks Malvika if she liked her dance. I dance like an item, right? Meethi looks at her in shock.


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