Gopi’s plan backfires as Kokila becomes Pari’s supportive string in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


saath nibhana saathiya

Gopi has seen enough of Pari’s nonsense and thinks to call a secret personality, which is not shown in the serial till now. It turns out to be Pari’s dad and Gopi takes Urmila’s help to explain him what Pari is doing in their home and hurting Jigar’s feelings. Pari’s dad evaluates the situation and acts like he is very unwell and his only wish is to see Pari married. Gopi is worried for him, thinking he is a genuine man. But Pari’s dad is one step ahead of her in playing such games and is supporting Pari right from the beginning as his motive is also to take Jigar’s property. Pari and her dad team up in fooling Gopi and Urmila. Pari acts sweet to the family and has won everyone’s heart by saving Gopi from fire in Dandiya function, but Gopi knows the truth that it was all planned by Pari.


Gopi’s plan does not work as Pari has her laugh on her, for calling her dad and thinking to use him against her. Kokila has pity on Pari’s dad and his bad health, and seeing his state she agrees to accept Pari as Jigar’s legally wedded wife and make her a permanent bahu of the Modi family. Jigar and Gopi are stunned as they don’t want to accept Pari. Urmila too is fed up of Pari’s evil plans and wants Tolu and Molu to be fine. Pari is relieved having Kokila as her backup and her dad fooling everyone around, will Gopi be able to expose Pari? Keep reading.


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