Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 9th October 2014 54th Episode Channel V – Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 49th Episode 25th September 2014

Recap: Arya dedicates his winning dance performance to Kimaya in SOTY dance competition round. Cheeku challenges Arya after coming second in dance round. Dodo learns about Arya’s bad intentions towards Kimaya and his next plans.


Highlight of the Episode: Cheeku comes as a savior and protects Kimaya from Arya. Arya’s bet to spend one night with Kimaya within 1 week is foiled and Kimaya learns about Arya’s true face and his distasteful intentions. Kabbadi Round will decide the Student of the Year 2014 Winner.

Cheeku meets Kimaya and informs her that his performance was not one which he could dedicate to her. He informs that Arya is not a good boy and is not for her. He feels of his helplessness and reminds how Arya spoke that he will forcibly get her. Kimaya doesn’t listen to him and thinks that Cheeku is lying and soon she gets a call from Arya. Arya invites her at his home tomorrow and is fine for today as well. Kimaya informs him of coming the same day at 8 PM at his home. Dodo meets Cheeku in the night and tries to inform him with much conviction about some matter. After some efforts, Dodo is able to inform Cheeku about what he saw earlier in the canteen about Arya. Dodo overheard how Arya spoke with confidence on what are the bad things he will do next with Kimaya. Cheeku understands more about Arya’s intentions and informs that Kimaya spoke with Arya just when she was speaking with him earlier and is scheduled to go to meet Arya in the night. He begins to call Kimaya so as to inform her again about Arya’s bad plans. Kimaya doesn’t accept Cheeku’s calls and switches off her phone and is seen going in the car with Arya. Cheeku thinks that Arya has snatched her phone and wants to call Arya instead and feels lost. Cheeku asks Dodo’s help who in turn speaks about having a plan. Dodo asks Cheeku to open his facebook account and initiates the fantasy crush app and send a message to Arya and once he accepts it then his downfall starts. Cheeku acts upon it and at Arya’s end he asks Kimaya whether she is ok. She replies on putting off some message. Dodo and Cheeku are seen on bike driving to reach Kimaya. Kimaya remembers about Cheeku’s words that Arya is deceiving him right in face and Arya has informed about getting her by hook or crook.

Kimaya’s is uncomfortable and then Arya starts some music and she informs of being in full on mood though she is nervous. She then asks why are they going via a lonely route ? He informs that it is the shortest route to his home. She begins more conversation and speaks about SOTY 2014 Kabbadi round tomorrow. She asks him whether he had played Kabbadi. He informs on not playing and suggests that even Cheeku might have not played earlier as well. He looks at her and thinks that she is bit lost. He wants to speak in some other topic other than SOTY competition and she nods her head. Kimaya asks whether he wanted to say something ? Arya stops the car and starts to speak that he wanted to say something to her since few days which is that he really likes her and much more than a friend. Kimaya replies whether he knows what is he speaking and feels shocked ? Dodo is driving the bike and Cheeku asks him whether he knows where they are going since they have to go to Kimaya’s home ? Dodo informs that they are going on the safari road which is lonely and is sure that they will find Arya easily there. Kimaya speaks of thinking him only as a friend. Arya speaks of wanting a chance from her and forcibly begins to hold her hand and she informs that he is hurting her. He speaks of loving her and wants to keep her fine.

Arya informs that the route is lonely and nobody is seen far and wide and hence wants her to listen to him which would be better for her. Kimaya finds the door to be locked and he informs of locking it. Kimaya shouts and then he opens the door and she goes out. She asks him where he has brought her ? He replies on very far from city and suggests that he has invested lot of time on her so will not listen to her. He speaks of his bet which needed to complete in 1 week and the bet was to spend one night with her. He begins to touch her forehead and she tries to escape from his clutches and just then finds Cheeku to her rescue. Cheeku gives her support and goes to confront Arya. Arya speaks of seeing off first Dodo and Cheeku and then will look for Kimaya. Cheeku speaks of his believe that Arya was bad but didn’t thought he will go to this level. Arya responds that the game is to put your enemy in a circle so that he doesn’t know about you. Cheeku removes his cool specs and speaks of teaching a tough lesson to Arya. Arya laughs on Cheeku and says that he is worried now. He then suggests of sharing Kimaya equally and on that note Cheeku starts to thrash Arya. Kimaya wants Dodo to help his brother since Arya can lead more charge. Dodo is afraid a bit but when she insists more goes to help Cheeku. Cheeku fights with Arya with much intensity and gets upper hand on him. Arya feels he is losing the fight and then informs Cheeku of seeing him at the Kabbadi match at SOTY 2014 next day.

Arya also speaks of losing his bet because of Cheeku and goes from there. Cheeku gives his jacket to Kimaya and wants to drop her on his bike and asks Dodo to sit with them as well. Dodo informs that 3 people cannot sit on a bike and is not allowed and suggests to find an Auto instead. Dodo got few slaps from Arya and he didn’t show any mettle in the fight and Cheeku fought on his own. Dodo leaves from there. Kimaya tries to break the ice with Cheeku and he speaks of not wanting to listen to her after that incident. He asks how come she disconnected his call and moreover switched off her phone the next moment. She cites the example of network problem and he informs on being rude to her earlier but why is she giving the punishment to her parents since they might have called her since it was too late. He asks why didn’t she thought about her parents ? She speaks that after so much developments, he continues to care for her. Sooner then, Cheeku drops Kimaya to her home on his bike. She returns his jacket after arrival and informs that he was right all the time about Arya and she should have trusted him then. Cheeku says goodbye and leaves from there. Dodo comes to Devika’s home since she called him urgently. She finds a bruise at his mouth and he asks her about the reason to call him. She informs on receiving 17 missed calls from Sid when she was in gym but now he is not attending her calls and thus she is worried.

Dodo suggests for this small matter he was being called in the middle of the night and feels pain in his jaw. He also thinks about Cheeku’s matter and now Sid and thinks that Sid might have been at Airport since he was going to Bangalore. Dodo learns that Devika didn’t knew about SId’s travel and then informs her that Sid got an urgent assignment there and thus left in hurry. He cites that Sid has informed their mother while going to the airport and Devika asks why then he haven’t called her while en-route ? She then learns that Sid’s 17 missed calls was just to inform her about his trip and laments that she couldn’t say all the best to him. Devika then speaks of not being upset but instead should be happy to see Sid getting new offers and he is actually progressing which is good. She suggests what’s the problem if she couldn’t speak with him on some occasions or not able to accept his calls for some reasons. Dodo asks whether she is ok ? Devika replies on getting fine. Next day, kabbadi round of SOTY 2014 competition has started and the organizer boy informs that mental and physical agility will be tested in Kabbadi. He informs Arya’s score is 20 [winner of Table Tennis and Bollywood Dance round] while Cheeku’s (Aditya Khosla) score is 40 [Quiz contest and Treasure hunt]. Thus, Cheeku is leading and according to rules, the leading contestants Arya and Cheeku will form their Kabbadi groups and the final SOTY 2014 winner will be known after this round. He welcomes Team Aditya and Team Arya on the field. Kimaya is happy to see Cheeku and begins to cheer with Dodo and others. Arya confronts Cheeku and informs that he will become the Student of the Year and thinks that Cheeku’s run was only until that round.

Next Episode: Cheeku and Arya starts Kabbadi first themselves. Arya gets hold of Cheeku while he is seen inching closer to his group line. Cheeku tries hard to touch his line and win and gets motivated by Kimaya.

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