Ranvir to marry Ritika to make Ishani jealous in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi


ranvir and ishani in matsh

Ranvir is upset that Ishani decided to marry Chirag and tried hard to keep her off home and off Chirag, but he fails. He comes home and hears her mum talking to someone about finding a good girl for her. Ranvir tells her to find the best proposal for him and he is ready to marry in 10 days, thinking to show Ishani. Chirag will be turning very sweet to Ishani and not even mind her being at RV’s home at night, when she goes to drop RV seeing him in drunk state. Ishani will be happy with Chirag’s upright behavior. Ishani keeps the Karwachauth fast for Chirag happily.

Ranvir fumes and decides to get married the soonest shocking his mum. Diamond merchant Mr Zaveri’s daughter Ritika will be entering the show, and would have an instant liking for RV. Zaveri is RV’s busiess partner and Ritika bumps into RV by that link. RV’s mum starts liking her an finalizes her for him. RV agrees to marry Ritika just to make Ishani jealous. Thus, a love triangle will start in the show between Ranvir, Ishani and Ritika. Will Ranvir really marry Ritika and forget Ishani? Keep reading.

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