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Balika Vadhu:
Ira tells Anandi that she has to go out to bring puja things. Anandi asks her to go and says she is fine. Anandi recalls the recent happenings with Palash and gets doubtful about him. She thinks her heart was stopping her from doubting Palash’s intentions. She gets a call from Palash. She looks angrily. Palash tells Anandi that they are destined to meet each other. Shiv comes and beats him. Anandi is shocked.

Rehan says these are the same goons who kidnapped Bilal and had kept him hostage in a disputed property for which he is fighting the case. He asks Zain if he wants to know whom they were calling and who hired them to kidnap Bilal and says it is Surayya Abdulla. Surayya gets tensed and Zain shockingly looks at her. Rehan says Aaliya that he stood behind her when Zain left her and she believed Zain than him. He gives her first divorce.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: (MATSH)
RV looks at Ishani, and says now he know why she came back to office. She came to leak the secret informations of office to Chirag. He holds her on wall, and shouts how she can do this. Ishani is speechless. RV hears Amba talking to a lady, that she will bring her son a good proposal. RV says it must be the best, he wants to marry in 10 days.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Prem and Surbhi comes to Mataji in Mandir. Prem says to Mata ji that give us blessing, me and Surbhi are going to Hongkong, we have got a very important contract, if we get successful then grandfather’s name will be famous there too. Mata ji doesn’t look at them, doesn’t put hand on Prem’s head and says hope you get successful. Prem and Surbhi land in Hongkong, they are happy seeing beautiful sights, they check in luxury hotel for stay, one lady comes and says Mr. Prem Bharadwaj, we welcome you to Hongkong, Surbhi and Prem looks at lady and are shocked to see that its none other than Simar. Simar smiles.

Shastri Sisters:
Rajat and Anushka’s hand touch and she takes her hand away. Minty looks on. Anushka goes. Minty thinks Rajat is being very friendly with them, is something cooking behind my back. Alka is shocked reading the divorce notice and cries. Minty and Anushka see it too.

Chakor looks at the moon. She thinks about Vivaan. Vivaan looks at the moon and thinks about Chakor. Vivaan says he will never forgive Chakor, as she has cheated him. Pasha tells Manohar that he got the girl and tell him what to do. Manohar says he will inform Bhaiya ji and let him know. Manohar calls Bhaiya ji and tells him everything. Tejaswini looks on.

Chameli rues how long will they run. They have made a deal regarding my daughter. They wont let me or Rani live. It is better that a mother like me dies. Meethi gets sad. No one can understand it better than me what it feels to not have a mother. Meethi apologizes to Chameli for she wont be able to lie. Chameli asks her what if she really dies. Meethi stops in her tracks in shock.


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