Abhi defends Pragya’s family and defines action colors to the corporator in KumKum Bhagya


abhi and pragya in kumkum bhagya

After Raman Kumar Bhalla, of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, the next in the action football league is Rockstar Abhi of KumKum Bhagya, as they have started hitting the goons like football and leading the game of the TRP race of being good grossers. Abhi turns up at the KumKum Bhagya Marriage Hall to help Pragya and her family. The corporator comes there and insults Bulbul and Pragya, after being let down by Bulbul. He starts passing ghastly comments on the sisters and their character, which makes Sarla cry. Abhi hears this and crunches his hand in anger, ready to beat the corporator. Abhi can’t hear anything against Pragya and uses his anger in right direction.

Abhi starts beating him red and blue and takes good revenge from his bones for all the bad taunts on Pragya, Bulbul and Sarla. The police present there stops Abhi. Pragya witnesses Abhi’s heroism and gets tears in her eyes seeing him defend her family and be so supportive. Pragya feels proud of Abhi. The ladies get worried as Abhi lands in jail because of this action-anger. Pragya follows him to free him off the jail and is worried for him. Abhi has a good time in jail where he has a time pass with the jail inmates. Abhi creates a live concert for them, who become his fans and friends. He plays music using the steel plate and sings for them. Abhi’s cool attitude is shown as he enjoys his time in the jail. Looks like Abhi is finding peace in jail. Keep reading.


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