Aarzoo keen to meet her HumSafar Sahir; Romance to initiate in HumSafars


aarzoo and sahir in humsafars

Aarzoo gets upset and also thinks about Sahir’s taunts on her. She heads to Dargah for some peace and meets a Dargah Baba there. He tells Aarzoo that she will be soon meeting her life partner and the man will be supporting her all her life. He says he will be having more pain in his heart and only she can relieve him of that. He gives description of that man and Sahir walks in the same Dargah, as his car breaks down. Sahir and Aarzoo are at either sides of the wall and pray. Aarzoo prays to meet her HumSafar soon. She turns and Sahir passes by her. Aarzoo turns up at Sahir’s home for some work and irks his family, by constantly being on phone. Anam gets irritated by her mistakes and complains to Alvirah about Aarzoo.

The couple also has a cute scene in the swimming pool, as we have written before. Aarzoo comes to thank Sahir for his favor. A cockroach scares Aarzoo so much that she jumps into the swimming poll being scared of it, bringing the love twist. She hugs Sahir and they come closer. Aarzoo came to thank him, and she screams seeing the cockroach and Sahir was enjoying the pool waters. He pacifies her holding her close. It brings a happy lovely twist in the show. Sahir did not save her before as she sinks in the pool. Aarzoo is afraid of water, but he does not hold her before knowing she can’t sink in the small pool. He feels she does not need any help from him, but later on seeing her struggle, he holds her and covers her with the dupatta. Will Aarzoo understand that Sahir is her soul mate? Keep reading.


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