Pragya to bail out Abhi; Tanu and Aaliya rush to play up in KumKum Bhagya


kumkum bhagya

Pragya has been wondering why did Abhi risk his image, his career, and himself for her family’s sake, despite having no feelings for her and also, having a bad equation since their marriage. Abhi’s heart could not see Pragya’s family from getting insulted, and he has gone a bit ahead to beat the corporator and land in jail. Well, he enjoys in jail with the inmates while Pragya is worried for him. She wants to bail out Abhi at the earliest and contacts Aaliya for the same. Aaliya tells Tanu not to become an active player in this game, as what Abhi did was not good. Aaliya hates Pragya, Bulbul and Sarla. Aaliya decides to let Abhi get rotten in jail and not bail him out, to punish him for supporting her arch rival Pragya. She gets angry and limits Tanu from meeting Abhi.

Pragya does not get response from Aaliya and contacts Abhi’s lawyer to get him bailed out. She makes all the efforts and wants Abhi back home soon. Tanu gets to know this and feels she is losing in the race by Pragya. She tells Aaliya that it is not wise to let Pragya show her good side to Abhi, as he will fall in her love and will dump Tanu forever. Aaliya understands her point thinking Abhi can go against her, if she does not help him now. Abhi gets bailed out thanks to Pragya, and the two cunning ladies Tanu and Aaliya turn up in jail to dramatize their act right. Aaliya shows her fake concern to make Abhi get under effect of sister bond again. Well, Pragya’s goodness won’t be under shadowed by them. Keep reading.



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