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Last week, Piyush Tewari from SaveLife Foundation was a guest on Satyamev Jayate Season 3 Episode 2 on Road Safety. He spoke about his personal experience in losing a cousin in an accident and also shared few experiences of people dying on the road due to lack of immediate help. He suggests that by-standers were not coming forward to help those injured because of legal hassles and even doctors faced such problems. Piyush then decided to set-up SaveLife foundation. In SMJ’s episode last week, Piyush spoke about Good Samaritan Law and how its applicability in India will save numerous lives around 70,000 lives a year. Thus, currently, Piyush and his organization SaveLife is pushing for introduction of Good Samaritan Law in Parliament and have filed a petition on We will first post some of the Twitter chat excerpts and then provide details of Good Samaritan law and the petition.

Today, Satyamev Jayate’s social site on Twitter had organized a Twitter chat with Piyush and Tweeples have asked him questions on Road Safety and related relevant questions.

Q: From Vaibhav Marde: Piyush sir what are the duties of a driver in case of an accident? #MumkinHai @Satyamevjayte
A: Piyush: Call Police + immediately help injured: [how to help others in case of emergency] Saving life most important #MumkinHai.

Q. From Saikat Biswas: #MumkinHai Dear Mr. Piyush, how can pedestrians cross a busy road when there are no traffic signals or zebra crossings?
A: Piyush: Here are some tips for pedestrians -> Pedestrian safety #MumkinHai

Q. From Kir Vikcy: 1. What are the police hassles once reach at near by hospital?.2. Any hospl can take the case or just government?#mumkinhai
A: Piyush: All hospitals must treat immediately: Supreme Court order #MumkinHai

Q. From Priya Bajaj:
Q1: sir.why cant we join hands and give guidance and counselling to drivers about road safely and stop takin alcohol..#mumkinhai
A. Piyush: Yes #MumkinHai. Proper driver training a must. It’s part of the new #roadsafety law by @nitin_gadkari

* Note: Nitin Gadkari: Honorable Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways and Shipping. Additional charge Rural Development, Panchayati Raj and Drinking Water & Sanitation

Q2: what step is bein taken to shut down liquor shops on all highways across India and stop illegal sale of the same #mumkinhai
A. Piyush: Supreme Court hearing the case and expected to issue directions on this shortly #MumkinHai

Q3: sir..what helpline number do we immediately dial whn seein overloaded truck on highway..#mumkinhai #satyamevjayate
A. Piyush: Whatsapp pic w/ details to 09540824494 or 08826830807 or visit [Report a Truck at SaveLife foundation via filling form] #MumkinHai

Q. From Rupali Aries: In case of not knowing first aid, is it advisable to try and handle a victim in any way?? #mumkinhai
A. Piyush: Call ambulance. If no amb available, no option but to help. Some tips: #MumkinHai

Q. From Sunchika Pandey: No accused fears the lenient legal recourse available for victims in accidents. Any remedy? #MumkinHai #RoadsOKPlease
A. Piyush: New #RoadSafety bill by @nitin_gadkari has stringent penalties 4 offenders + better enforcement.

Q. From Lipi Mehta: In the absence of a Good Samaritan Law, what can be done if someone who helps an accident victim is harassed? #MumkinHai
A. Piyush: Immediately report to @savelifeindia We will take the ones harassing you to task #MumkinHai

Q. From Piyush : #MumkinHai sir,how to remove fear from people about not running away after accident?
A. Piyush: Always remember: A spectator today can be a victim tomorrow. Must pledge to help injured persons. #MumkinHai

Q. From TellyReviews: Could you elaborate and shed more light on Good Samaritan Law which would be a reality in India as well ? #MumkinHai
A. Piyush: More info: [Study on Impediments (hindrance) to Bystander care in India document (pdf) by SaveLife foundation]

Pl support petition 2 @drharshvardhan: #MumkinHai

* Introduce a Good Samaritan Law in the Parliament petition addressed to Harsh Vardhan: Honorable Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare – Government of India at website.

* The petition was set-up needing 7500 signatures and it has already received 5,812 supporters (signatures). Sign the petition by going on this link -> at


Introduce a Good Samaritan Law in the Parliament Petition
Some Points from the petition at site.

This Law will protect and encourage Good Samaritans to help injured person on the road and will include:

1. Protection from legal hassles for Good Samaritans who help injured victims

2. Protection from legal hassles for Medical Professionals who immediately attend to the victim

3. Hassle-free procedures for investigation and evidence in police and Court

4. Strict disciplinary and departmental action against public officials who coerce or intimidate a Good Samaritan

5. Guidelines to all hospitals to treat trauma victims and not to detain those who bring the victims

6. A system for recognizing and celebrating those who save lives

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