Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 16th October 2014 57th Episode Channel V – Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 57th Episode 25th September 2014

Recap: Cheeku wins the marathon race of SOTY 2014 and defeats Arya. Arya tries to confront Cheeku with some harsh words but Cheeku gives a more tough reply and makes Arya quiet.

Highlight of today’s episode: Kimaya confesses her love to Cheeku and both are together again; Cheeku is on Cloud 9 because of his ego after winning SOTY 2014.


The principal informs that Aditya Khosla aka Cheeku has won the SOTY 2014 competition and invites Cheeku on stage and felicitates him with a trophy. Everyone claps while Arya is seen dejected at his loss and then claps a bit. Cheeku kisses the trophy and feels happy.

Later, Dodo organizes a small party for Cheeku on his success. Cheeku meets Devika and asks whether she is ok ? She replies on being fine with Sid and suggests that he is nervous because of his big assignment. Cheeku informs of asking her because he was worried about her. Soon, they learn that everyone has gone outside and Cheeku begins to search for them. Devika feels happy to send him away and then Cheeku meets Kimaya and she informs that everyone has gone to play bowling. She stops his talking and doesn’t let him speak by holding his mouth for a while and asks him to not interrupt her today. She apologizes to him and suggests that she never listen to him though he always told about Arya and his activities. She laments on not listening to his warning and also suspected him. She again apologizes to him and thus wanted a permission from him. She shows him the same earring which Cheeku presented to her earlier when he proposed to her with I love you message. She then confesses her love for him – I love you Cheeku message. She speaks of now knowing that he is more than a just a best friend and she doesn’t want to leave anytime. She asks whether he will accept her and be her boyfriend and doesn’t know about it. Cheeku informs her of becoming the luckiest boy in the world and happy to be her boyfriend.

Kimaya showers a kiss on Cheeku’s cheek on that note and he gives a reply by showering a tight hug to her. Devika, Dodo and others come and congratulates Cheeku and Kimaya. Dodo wants double party from Cheeku. Dodo informs of giving the earring to Kimaya by removing from Cheeku’s drawer. They begin to walk and Arya calls Aditya aka Cheeku from behind. Arya apologizes to Cheeku and speaks that he was bullying, cheating and insulted him and acted as a jerk. He speaks of so much fascinated to become the SOTY winner and just wanted to win so as to prove his Dad. He speaks that his Dad insults him every morning and calls him world’s biggest loser every day. He goes on to say that how much he does or achieve his father was not happy. Because of such reasons, he didn’t thought about right and wrong and he knew that if he goes close to Kimaya then it would affect Cheeku and he wanted the same. He wanted to win in all cases and then suggests on not suitable to become SOTY winner or any other winner. He apologizes to Kimaya and also to Dodo and begins to leave.

Cheeku stops Arya and suggests that he is very strong to publically admit his mistakes and show appreciation and informs him that his father will one day understand him. Cheeku wants to hug Arya and both hugs each other and carries smile. Cheeku wants Arya to join with them and he speaks of going to visits his father and leaves from there. Subramanyam doesn’t think Arya as helpless fellow and same feelings is echoed by Kimaya and she wishes that no bad things happen to Cheeku. Gattu pulls Cheeku’s leg and thinks he is blushing and a girl Sowmya wishes him as well. Cheeku speaks of not knowing himself that he will win. Devika pulls the leg of Kimaya and tells him that Cheeku’s female fan following will increase and asks whether she is jealous. She replies on not being jealous and Cheeku informs all of throwing a party to celebrate SOTY success and everyone is invited. Kimaya takes Cheeku and stops his conversation and asks how did he thought of the party ? Cheeku replies Party to Banti Hain.. [Party deserves to be called for]. He asks Dodo to invite everyone and even Arya and Kimaya and Gattu wonders why Arya should be called ? Kimaya speaks that Arya’s chapter is now closed and also he will not change. Cheeku wants Dodo to have a rocking party and they all leave.

Arya is seen with his elder brother who makes a taunt at him on losing SOTY and even Kimaya is not giving him any support. Arya speaks of not losing Kimaya and vows to get her back. Kimaya is seen at home and speaks with Kimaya on phone and thinks she is flattering him. Cheeku attends call from other girls – Yamini and others before speaking with Kimaya. Kimaya asks whether he is turning into celebrity and he hopes that she didn’t felt bad to see him with many girls around him in the college that day. She replies on not feeling any bad since she knows he is very cute and sweet and he will not look other girls than her. Cheeku becomes a bit annoyed when he heard the word sweet from her and suggests that sweet compliment is being given to a loser. She speaks of not calling him sweet and plans a trip with him next day and he agrees. Cheeku soon ends the call as his father comes to meet him. Cheeku’s father hugs him and speaks of his happiness and feels proud to see his son winning SOTY 2014. He has informed all his friends for a party and suggests that now he will show to others how his son has succeeded in sports. He calls his friend Sharma and informs about the party.

Next day, Cheeku and Dodo are seen together in the college and soon they meet Arya. Cheeku asks Arya whether he is coming to his party and he replies on coming for the party tonight. Arya leaves from there. Dodo asks Cheeku why is he inviting Arya and shows his displeasure. Cheeku at his end reveals his intentions of inviting Arya which is to build his image and show people that his heart is very big in inviting his main opponent of SOTY 2014. Devika and Gattu are seen at the cafeteria and she informs of not seeing Sid since three days. She speaks of knowing now how much special someone is and Gattu thinks of it as a good idea and asks what if she goes away from Dodo’s life, will he realize her importance ? Soon, Dodo and Cheeku comes there at the cafeteria. Cheeku informs all that he will pay for the snacks. Devika learns that Cheeku was supposed to go with Kimaya that day but he is only involved in meetings with other people. Kimaya at her end is waiting for Cheeku in her class and looks anxious. Arya comes in the class and greets her and speaks of understanding that he deserves to be ignored after knowing what he did.  He apologizes to her and informs that Cheeku is in the cafeteria with his new friends. Kimaya becomes nervous on hearing it.

Next Episode: Kimaya confronts Cheeku since he spoke a day earlier of participating in the college’s election and run for the president. Cheeku speaks of his wish to participate and he is not doing any wrong and suggests that she is showing jealousy in his matter and its not care. Dodo, Devika, and Gattu are shocked to see Cheeku’s behavior.

Note: Updated on 17th October,  No telecast of Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri today because of Diwali Dhoom Special on Dil Dosti Dance.

Sneak Peek: YJTRRR, 16th October 2014
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