Rohan assures Alka of their togetherness in Shastri Sisters


shastri sisters

The Karwachauth function is bringing twists in every show, but here it made many misunderstanding and cleared many problems for some. The Shastri Sisters celebrated the function and glad that Lord heard their prayers at last. Anushka tells Rajat that she will never marry, as she wants to take care of her dad always. Rajat thinks he will change her thinking one day and become a Ghar Jamai if need persists. Rajat is in love with Anushka and hides his feelings. Devyaani has broken her fast being in Rajat’s arms and with Neil making her drink water. She gets upset, but Rajat cheers up her by making her eat chocolates to keep her BP fine.

Neil feels Devyaani kept the fast for him and is happy. Alka cries and does the puja, losing hope that Rohan will come. Rajat calls up Rohan and convinces him to come for Alka’s sake. Rohan comes there and breaks Alka’s fast making her happy and reviving her hope. Alka gets happy and Astha is shocked seeing Rohan there. Shastri ji talks to Rohan and asks him not to give any false hope to Alka, as she will be devastated seeing the papers again. Rohan is puzzled and asks which papers. Shastri ji says the divorce papers which you signed and sent her. Rohan is shell shocked and tells him that he did not know anything about this matter. He heads home to ask Hari for an answer. He assures Alka and Shastri ji that he will never give divorce to Alka. Will Anushka realize Rajat to be after Rohan’s mind change? Keep reading.


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