Monday Fun Shockers on Life Ok


life ok

Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh: (ADHY)
Samarth hugs her mum for understanding him. She says fine, you guys will need time to spend alone. She leaves. Samarth says he does not know what problem she has with Tarun suddenly, he is the only one who is supporting me like a rock. She says I know you want to know many things, tell me anything I did not do for you and kids, every person has some weakness, it happens, grow up now. He says I did a mistake, I m in problem and you want to discuss this, how can you be selfish? She says am I selfish, was she true or me? Shobha tells Mummy ji that Tarun has hidden Samarth’s affairs from her. Garima hears this.

Gustakh Dil:
Nikhil says it was all drama done by Sagar, how can you believe this, he made them say this lie by giving them money. She says Sagar can’t do this. He says can’t you bear if I blame this on great Sagar, afterall he is your Guru, right. She cries and asks him to leave. He is shocked. She says I swear on Lord I did not do anything wrong and won’t give any explanation now, if you don’t trust me, then no use to keep this relation, so I m asking you to leave. He leaves. She cries. Nikhil gets a call and is shocked. He comes to Lajjo and asks her to get ready as they have to go to Sonbarsa. She says why, is my family fine, I will call them.

Laut Aao Trisha:
Jeweller checks Amrita’s jewelry and says he can give her 2 crores max. Amrita thinks she needs 20 crores and how will she arrange them and get back her Trisha. Sonali asks Gaurav not to help Amrita. Bank manager says Trisha he cannot arrange huge cash.

Tumhari Pakhi:
Girish tells Pakhi you should give this relationship a chance. Jiji tells Veer there should be love between husband and wife and to take good care of Pakhi and to shower her with lots of love. On the other side, Pakhi says I can’t give Anshuman place to anyone in my heart. Veer looking at Pakhi’s pic saying I’m ready to give Pakhi all the world’s happiness but for this she will have to accept my love.


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