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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi:
Soniya’s sisters dance happily at terrace. Ladies wait for the moon sight. Raghav hides behind door, looks at Soniya and thinks when his moon is in front of him, there is no need of real moon. He then imagines dancing with her on Mere haath me tera haath ho….. song. He then regains his senses when he hears lady talking about moon sight. Pavan gets happy seeing Soniya stumbling and falling thinking of holding her and breaking her fast from his hands, but Raghav reaches on time and holds her, irking Pavan.

Hamari Sister Didi:
Dimple says to Karan in corridor that he did the right thing. He asks Dimple to leave him alone for a while. Amrita thinks she won’t let such thing happen. Karan points finger at Amrita, she points hers to keep him quiet.

Khushiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi:
Sahil is scared alone and so is Aashi. He recites mantra. He says why am I scared I am an actor, I can polish my skills here. A hero is never scared. I have to observe myself here. Aashi can’t find Vishesh. She hears a kid crying and so does Vishesh. Vishesh says where is this coming from. Someone shoves Aashi and binds her foot with rope..

Piya Basanti Re:
Kabeer tells Piya that he loves her and cannot live without her. She says we both can be a good friend. He says he does not want to be her friend and wants to marry her, says he knows even she loves him. He says it is not true. He says she is lying. She says there is a lot of difference between them. He says there is no difference and says it is not his fault that he is born in a rich family and holds her tightly. She asks him to leave her as it is hurting. He asks what about she hurting him. She starts crying in pain. He leaves her and opens car door to get in. She gets in. Bin tere…. song plays in the background. She sees him opening door again and closes her eyes in fear. He gets into car and leaves. Anchal’s mom informs Shah family that Anchal does not want to marry Kabeer as he loves someone else.

Singhasan Battisi:
Raja Rudrapratap and Maharani Rageshwari have declared that they will take Lal Samadhi (they will drown themself in water) while Maharani Chitralekha is seen agreeing to donate their child to Maharani Rageshwari and Raja Vikramaditya and Chitralekha are seen praying and raja Rudrapratap and Maharani Rageshwari are seen in water.

Tum Saath Ho Jab Apne:
Najma ounis gets upset to know that that drunkard (Imran) will coach his son. Waqar and Fiza talk in favour of Imran. He isn’t that bad. He doesn’t come to school in inebriated state. He teaches well and has even started loving us now. He has also gifted tennis cap to Najma. All the eyes turn on Najma. Mariam returns the cap to Imran.

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai:
Poorvi comes to know she gave exam for Arjun and scolds Arjun. Neelima is worried for land problem which belongs to Bachcha Singh. Bachcha Singh finalizes the deal. Poorvi tells Shankar that she won’t study here as someone told her time table and she got absent. He says how can this happen, I will talk to staff, they will have to correct the mistake. She says no, I won’t study here. Gauri stops her and says she loves Arjun and Poorvi can’t blame him. Poorvi speaks against Arjun. Arjun comes and they argue. Poorvi and Arjun take part in dance competition.


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