Pratap learns about Bijolia’s situation and Chittor’s negligence thanks to Ajabde’s trust on his intentions


Pratap in disguise of horse caretaker enters Bijolia thanks to Chakrapani’s antics of acting like a future reader (foretelling – Bhavishyavani) and Pandit (learned person).


Patta learns about Pratap’s aka (an ordinary horse caretaker of Chittor) presence in his state and soon Ajabde also learns about it. Ajabde encounters Pratap at Patta’s home when she was making entry there from the back side via climbing the wall. When She was about to fall, Pratap gets hold of her and makes sure she doesn’t get hurt. Here, Pratap and Ajabde share intense eyelocks with some sort of comfort and ease though she knows him as only a horse caretaker/potential secret agent. Pratap and Ajabde share some Nok-Jhok and light-hearted banter which depicted their unknown but special connection. Soon, Pratap learns that Ajabde was the same fighter girl who has bruised his hand with her sword when he get hold of it. Since, Ajabde’s identity of helping Patta was revealed, she begins to trust Pratap’s words more easily and her earlier conviction of him as secret agent is almost gone. Pratap also introduces himself as Pratap which makes her and Patta bit nervous on hearing it but Chakrapani makes sure that its just coincidence that his name matches with the Kunwar Pratap (Prince).

Pratap wins Ajabde’s confidence by stating about devotion to his state (Desh Bhakti) and not willing to hear any ill-will about the king Udai Singh. Ajabde aka Bijolia’s fighter girl appreciates Pratap’s thinking and he also show concerns for Bijolia. Though for her, he is still unknown but she believes that he came to Bijolia to know the truth about the situation. Ajabde then decides to show him the current situation and goes on to show Pratap the Afghan’s occupying some parts of Bijolia’s farm lands which were earlier inhabited and resided by farmers. Ajabde suggests on winning and loosing in battles against Afghans and if they lose then the price to pay are the victims – residents of Bijolia. She informs of entire farmer’s colony being burnt by Afghans during their battle. Ajabde then clearly states about Chittor’s and Udai Singh (who was formerly a good king for the people) utmost neglect to Bijolia’s problems and situation. She informs Pratap of continuously sending letters to Chittor since 6 months but never got reply. The letters conveyed the need of military and economic help to combat Afghans but all requests were fallen on deaf ears. Pratap thinks Ajabde’s words as a sort of revelation/eye-opener and becomes shocked. The Afghans are┬ánow led by Badshah Khan, who is the son of Shams Khan, a former Afghan army man who was defeated by Udai Singh and Kunwar Pratap many years ago. Now, Badshah Khan came to Bijolia with bad intentions and plans to loot/disrupt. Patta at his end shows much confidence in fighting Afghans and gets caught by them. Whether Pratap will rescue Patta from Afghans and how ?

At Dheer Bai’s end in Chittor, she continues to hatch plans to reign supreme in Mewar and at first dismisses Jagmal’s plan to kill Pratap in Bijolia and put the blame on Ajabde. Instead, she chooses the latter option of making Pratap handicapped or bed-ridden and directs her confidante Dhaman Singh to carry out an attack on Pratap in Bijolia with some special soldiers. Dheer Bai thinks that Pratap’s mindset and respect should be killed instead of him since if he is killed then Mewar’s people and history will remember Pratap with much love and respect.

How would Pratap save himself from two upcoming dangers – Afghan army and Dhaman Singh veiled attack on him with his special men ? Will Pratap be able to save Patta who is arrested by Afghans ? What will be going in Pratap’s mind after coming to know about Chittor’s negligence towards Bijolia regarding Afghan’s forced occupancy ? Whether Bijolia will still go ahead with Diwali Mela to raise funds for their battle against Afghans – to buy weapons & support army OR Pratap will help Bijolia by Mewar’s military intervention ? When Ajabde will come to know of the real identity of Pratap ? How Dheer Bai’s plans to make Pratap bed-ridden will be known to Pratap and Udai Singh ? Keep Reading.


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