Chirag denies to marry Ishani, easing RanVeer to marry her in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi


ishani in meri aashiqui tum se hi

RV (RanVeer) has been always been the pillar of support for Ishani. Chirag is adamant that he will marry Ishani, just for the sake of her property, as she is fighting the legal case to get her property back. RV knows Chirag’s intentions and wants to protect Ishani from the loveless marriage. Both the leads RV and Ishani are busy in their marriage functions, and RV will try to expose Chirag infront of Ishani once again by showing his Casanova image to her. Chirag does not value Ishani, and Falguni knows this. Ishani believes him a lot and Falguni asks RV not to waste time, as Ishani won’t understand his concern and love. RV leaves the decision on Lord and gives away Ishani to Chirag, as she never understood his love.

But as fate has it always, Ishani and Chirag’s marriage day comes and she sits in the mandap. Chirag comes to know Ishani lost the property case and now he won’t get any penny marrying her, and calls off the marriage. Chirag denies to marry her and leaves from the mandap. Ishani is shocked. Ishani is left alone in the mandap with tears, without the groom. Chirag shows his true side and RV comes to Ishani’s rescue once again. Will RV marry Ishani this time? RV apologizes to Ritika for not marrying her, and goes ahead to marry Ishani. Ishani is reluctant, but Falguni convinces her to marry RV. Falguni is happy for Ishani’s future to be in safe hands. Will Ishani understand Ranveer’s love finally? Keep reading.

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  1. okay please make ranveer get married to ritika because she is the best for him and ishani is great with chirag please listen to me because every on in america want ritika and rv not ishani and rv and ishani doesn’t even suit rv she only suits chirag please get rv and ritika married or the whole indoamerica will stop watching this show and this show won’t be popular…… so please change the twist


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