Abhi and Pragya’s ‘’Dil Mil Gaye’’ moment during Karwachauth function in KumKum Bhagya


abhi and pragya in kumkum bhagya

The Karwachauth fast is kept for husband’s long life and well being. But for Pragya, she has achieved much more than that. Pragya keeps the fast for Abhi, and Tanu too acts along lying that she kept the fast. Pragya catches her lie seeing her having chocs and confronts her. Pragya says its only her right to keep fast for her husband Abhi. Abhi tells Pragya that Tanu is really fasting for him by heart and thinks Pragya is just acting. She feels weak, but is determined to complete her fast. Pragya stumbles during her fast and Abhi holds her, seeing how Pragya kept fast for his long life, despite not keeping good health. He realizes her importance in his life and worries for her for a moment. Pragya and Abhi become the centre of attention. They all make them dance by bringing them closer. A bit of awkwardness circles the couple, but the ladies dance around happily to pass the fasting time.

Tanu gets angry and looks at Abhi. She asks Abhi to keep distance from Pragya. Abhi and Pragya get along really well in the Karwachauth function and it turns out to be a romance initiating moment, as they have an eyelock and smiling faces irritating Tanu further. Abhi holds Pragya and loses himself in her eyes. Pragya and Abhi wait for the moon to come, and till then enjoy the function. He sees the moon in Pragya’s eyes and wonders did she hypnotize him. Later on, Pragya faints and falls on the ground. Abhi breaks her fast by all rituals infront of everyone. Dadi has made this effort to bring the couple closer. Pragya starts believing in her marriage and is willing to hear that Abhi loves her. Will Pragya expose Tanu’s fake fast and love? Keep reading.



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