Shlok and Astha tang the poverty life; Niranjan figures out Shlok’s worth in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir


ipkknd2 astha and shlok

Shlok has left the Agnihotri house and decided to make his own identity. He had been wandering on the roads with Astha and Anjali. Seeing Anjali insecure, Astha suggested to drop Anjali at the Vridh Ashram. They make Anjali stay with her parents in the Ashram, till they acquire a good job and place to live. Anjali stays worried for them and prays for their prosperity. Shlok and Astha get a room in the lodge in bad state. Astha converts it into a good hotel type room with her efficiency and cooks Shlok’s fav food by using a secret of the kitchen chef(as he fills his plate by much food by hiding from lodge owner). Shlok does not get any job as some people know his surname and some reject him because of no experience certificate. Shlok starts working as a taxi driver, despite being so qualified, as no work is small or big.

Shlok sees Niranjan passing by and thinks of his love and care towards him always. He is pain stricken thinking of Niranjan’s true evil side. Shlok has abandoned his relation with Niranjan and left his home as well as business. Niranjan was over confident that Shlok will be back in two days, after seeing poverty, but he gets into more trouble being unable to manage the office without Shlok. He gets tensed seeing so many pending work files, which Shlok handled with ease. Varad comes to his help and asks him to relax. Niranjan values Shlok to be his backbone and he can’t manage anything without him. He decides to get Shlok back. Astha and Shlok face the poor life, with no money in hand. Shlok takes bath in common bathroom and Astha steals a bucket of water as tap water goes. Shlok earns money on first day and buys a less expensive saree for Astha. Astha values it more than gold ornaments, which makes him happy. They start supporting each other through the tough days and their love becomes more stronger. Shlok finds himself very lucky to have a wife like Astha. The show has been gaining good TRPs post Niranjan’s truth exposed in Shlok’s eyes. Keep reading.


  1. Astha Shlok’s togetherness will get them 2 face their hardship. Astha is a role model baratiya nari. AShlok make sad momnt even loverly . Captures our attention wid dialogues & natural perfmn fun loving to watch them. NA is brilliant wid his expression trying 2 hide his feeling 4 his son, agitated & still in denial of his wrong doing. Overall # 1 show ipkkndebp only reason i watch starplus. Love astha shlok & entire cast & crew 4 hard wrk


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