Airlines – Har Udaan Ek Toofan 26th October 2014 Episode 9, Tulip Joshi and Yudhishtir, Star Plus – Written Update


Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash, Star Plus

Recap: Ananya and Akash share the same room in a resort hotel in Jaipur after their flight got re-directed from Delhi to Jaipur due to fog problem. Natasha learns about Akash’s sharing the room with Ananya and becomes insecure and dejected. Akash runs to Natasha to calm her down and provide support since she is one of his closest friend.


The episode starts with some passengers asking for a business class ticket and gets one finally. Ananya is also seen there at the airport. Soon, there is chaos and firing is going on by a man and Ananya is seen fallen down. The man wears a mask and warns Ananya to not show any smart move. The story goes back by 2 hrs and Ananya is seen getting up in her hotel room and remembers some nice moments with Akash [Kya Yeh Khumaar song plays].. She smiles on those thoughts and prepares to freshen up and soon Akash comes there without knocking and finds her getting ready. He apologizes to her for not knocking before entering the changing room. He starts to speak about Natasha and her behavior and calls her stupid. Ananya is ready and doesn’t listen to Akash and proceeds to go in her pilot’s dress with bag. Akash goes to stop her and informs that Natasha does crazy things and he has to look out for her.

She thinks that he doesn’t need to give or owe her an explanation and goes away. He speaks of his wish to say the truth (probably liking for Ananya) but couldn’t able to say to Ananya. He comes back to his hotel room and then takes shower and remember moments with Ananya. He then receives call from Natasha and she suggests that he left her another time. She speaks of missing him after waking up and then offers a coffee with him. He speaks of preparing for the flight and suggests her to not fly that day since she didn’t not have a good last night. He asks her to take flight as a passenger which he has already booked for her. Ananya comes to the airlines office and wants to change the flight to Delhi which is scheduled at 11:00 hrs. The roster scheduler man suggests that she is so much principled then why she is asking for re-scheduling ? He speaks on receiving a request from captain Akash and Natasha is also not working. He thinks to put Natasha in her 11:00 am flight and then she agrees to fly that flight. At Ananya’s home, Shefali (Ananya’s younger sister) is seen listening music. She informs her mother of listening to remix songs which is played in discos. Ananya’s mother wants her daughter to call Ananya once and Shefali calls her elder sister Ananya.  Ananya finds a boy’s Ishaan remote car and gives him back at the airport’s check desk. Ananya speaks that now her mother is everything for her when she speaks on phone with her mother. The story comes back to present with the armed masked man hearing that everything is over and he begins to start shooting randomly. Shefali couldn’t hear Ananya on phone and the armed masked man warns everyone to not show any smartness and fires in air and points the gun at Ananya..

Akash at his hotel receives a call and he learns about the hostage situation at the airport and becomes shocked and see the news about firing at Jaipur airport and the man has taken 10 to 12 people as hostage. Akash calls Inde Airlines manager Mr. Sen who informs on knowing about the hostage problem. Shefali calls Akash and introduces herself and informs on speaking to Ananya some 10 mins ago and then she heard the firing sound. Akash calms her down and provides support and thanks her for calling and trusting him. Akash learns from Mr. Sen that investigations are on and Sen also informs on being helpless. Akash possess gun and prepares to go to airport and learns that Vikram Kaul is there as police chief leading the operations. Akash meets Natasha outside the hotel and informs that a security personnel have taken people hostage and have fired there as well. Natasha wants Akash to not go there citing military and police will be there. Akash tries to speak that she is speaking in such a manner because nobody of her family is there and she then suggests that no one from his family or known person is there ? Ananya’s sister & mother at their end learns that Ananya is one of the hostage out of 12 people who are held hostage on the news telecast. The reporter in the news speaks of not knowing the personnel (Jawan) who has kept them hostage. Shefali and her mother gets support by Ananya’s grandfather. The armed masked man continues to threaten and thrash people there. Ananya informs him of getting circled there and he will be caught. The man then thrashes more and doesn’t listen to her. Meanwhile, Akash and military reaches the airport and take their positions. Because of camera, the military finds the masked man’s movement and informs him to surrender. The masked man (abductor) informs on shooting a boy if someone enters the airport. Akash comes and speaks with the police and shows his security clearance.

The police man Kaul wants to save the hostages and doesn’t care about the abductor. Akash speaks that every life is important and also the boy’s life should be saved. The abductor points the gun at the boy (Ishaan) and instigates the army to shoot him. He then finds Ananya and asks her to remain like women otherwise he will shoot her and doesn’t matter if she is a pilot. Ananya learns that a passenger – young man got Asthma attack and she then requests the abductor to give her way to take the medicines for the man. The abductor doesn’t give her the bag and Akash finds Ananya to be standing up there. The police chief learns that the abductor’s identity to be Manohar Singh Sisodia – an army personnel deployed there. Manohar fires at an army jawaan when he sensed some attack and becomes more angry and wants to shoot more people and Akash wants the police chief to check abductor Manohar’s phone records. The police chief Kaul finds out that Manohar received a call at 8:02 hrs. Soon, Akash learns that Manohar’s wife had cancer and she just died at the hospital. Another army Jawaan informs about Manohar’s troubling times in recent times and Akash thinks that Manohar is mentally imbalanced and he became a mad man and loose. The abductor Manohar finds a phone ringing and asks the woman to take it and then takes out the phone and breaks it by his foot. He wants Ananya to take everyone’s phone and forces her to do that thing. Ananya begins to take phone and does some dialing with one phone and kept on audio so that Akash and the airport team can hear the conversations there. Manohar asks whether she knows the life of a normal Jawaan and speaks that his monthly income is less than her beauty parlor’s one time cost. Ananya tries to calm him down by referring him to as Bhaiya (brother). He doesn’t want any advice and manners from her and he soon learns about the sound coming from a mobile and approaches to get that phone which is connected to Akash and Airport.

He breaks the phone and wants to fire at Ananya for her clever behavior and wants to teach a lesson. Akash sees it on the camera and runs to protect Ananya and Manohar wants the hostages to make a line. Akash calls Manohar Singh Sisodia and speaks that his wife got a heart attack and she is safe now and wants to meet him. Akash identifies himself as a personnel from the hospital. Manohar speaks that Akash is lying with his deceit and fires at Akash. Then couple of passengers – a young couple run from there and Ananya runs to save them from Manohar’s fire. Manohar shoots and Ananya just in time pulls down the young couple so to evade the bullet. But still the young man gets shot close to the stomach and his wife begs for mercy but Manohar is not listening. Ananya writes down the code 1200 on the wall with the young man’s blood. The police chief informs his team of not using any walkies and there is no CCTV cam in the building. Akash comes with a gun and wants to help the police chief. But the police chief wants Akash to leave since he has already handled the situation recklessly and wants him to leave.

Akash though unhappy at the development calls his superior and wants police commander Kaul to speak with his superior. Kaul calls Akash’s behavior reckless and thinks it as an unauthorized operation but since its an order then takes Akash with them. Manohar wants the hostages to move fast in the isolated building with Kaul, Akash and their team gets clues with blood remarks on the floor. Akash thinks that it might that Ananya be injured and then finds the code 1200 written on the wall in blood. Akash thinks that it is written by Ananya and its meaning that she is alive and is trying to negotiate and wants help. Kaul doesn’t want to listen to Akash since he was speaking on how to deal with hostage crisis situation. He asks Akash on his real identity since he has all the military experience and have friends at all right places and asks about his secret. Akash replies that those things can be discussed later and let’s take the situation under control. Ananya tries to help the injured young man but Manohar doesn’t let her help. Ananya wants him to show mercy and she suggests that police can follow him by following blood. Manohar removes his face mask and ask who will come to see him ?

Next Episode: Manohar and Akash face each other. Manohar gets hold of Ananya and points gun at her while Akash is pointing his gun at him. Manohar speaks that all of them are liars and wants to kill her. Akash puts down his gun as a negotiation mechanism but Manohar is contemplating on shooting.

Episode Video: Airlines, 26th October 2014

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