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Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 73 26th October 2014

The story is set in Pune 2013. A girl is seen remembering how she was physically harassed by her fiance and to-be husband. Another boy Shyam is seen remembering how his father and other people insults for taking money on loans and not returning it.

Shyam speaks on doing what is needful and there is no other way. Rithvik starts the show and asks who wants suicide to be the end of a love story and thinks that happy ending are always good. Today’s story is about SK and Meera and both were thinking to commit suicide because things were not going good at their end. Let’s see their story.

Meera goes to commit suicide at the cliff and she is stopped by Shyam (SK) and he thinks there is no chance for her to do such thing. He is drunk and speaks of coming there for suicide and calls it co-incidence at the time 12:00 noon and also have chosen the same place. He is high and asks her the reason of suicide, she doesn’t gave details and he takes her away and then inform why was he comitting suicide, and speaks that after his parent’s accident, he took over their business and now he is so immersed in debts that even he gets born another time he would not be able to return back the loans. Meera at her end speaks of wanting to study and not want marriage and she speaks of being physically abused by her fiance and that marriage proposal was arranged by her brother. She calls that fiance who abused her as Haivaan. He calls why the society doesn’t treat the girls equally and what is the solution. She begins to cry more and runs towards the cliff. She reaches there and he asks what her last wish ? He tries to scare her and then speaks of her wish to reveal true face of her fiance and wants to slap him. She wishes to fulfill the dreams which she has set for herself. He speaks of helping her and she asks why ? He speaks on not able to pay back his loans but can help her in punishing the guilty – fiance. He wants her to slap the fiance once. She decides to go with SK and the first wish is Slap. She reaches her fiance’s place with SK. SK confronts and pushes meera’s fiance and he asks her to fulfill her wish. Meera then remembers the abuse and slaps her ex-fiance hard and even SK slaps him who asks him to not abuse any other girl as well.

Meera before leaving gives back her ring to call off the engagement. Thus her last wish is accomplished as well. He asks her what next ? She speaks of wanting to die and they get introduced each other and she introduces herself as Meera. He asks about her other wishes and she thinks that wishes are endless. He speaks of being happy and die which is opposite of others and calls Khud Khushi (self happiness). She wonders how a boy like him thinks of committing suicide and he wants her to speak about wishes. She speaks of her next wishes to be danced whole night, drive bike, sit at the beach alone with her dreams, Diwali with firecrackers. He learns that she never crack firecrackers and he thinks that her list is big. He thinks that they will start from her first wish which is dance and asks whether she will dance in such clothes. He wants her to cancel dying and wants to celebrate her independence and in some different clothes. He wants to take her to shopping and then he learns that she wore only full sleeve western clothes. He insists that she will add sleeveless western clothes now. He wants her to sit on his bike but she can be herself, no need to hold him and live to the fullest without any worry but has to wear the helmet so as to not die now.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Meera and SK wanted to end their lives and they meet at a suicide point. But their meetup has brought a big twist in their life and Meera found a reason to live and her wish list was getting fulfilled and SK also got reasons to live as well.

Meera and SK goes to fulfill her full night dance wish and he compliments on her dress and look and calls her beautiful. She asks him about his full name and he replies Shyam Kumar (SK). He laments on giving a bad remark to his father’s name [Party all night song plays in background]. She asks him whether he will dance with her and thinks that maybe his wish will be completed as well if there is any. He insists her to go and dance fully by herself and she then goes. Meera goes to dance alone and looks in full spirits and she insists him to come and join her [Oh Gujariya song plays from movie Queen]. He then joins her though being somewhat nervous. When he holds her, she stops her dance and both share eyelocks and feel nervous. In this way, her wish to dance all night is completed. After the dance, they reach swimming pool and she speaks of teaching him swimming since he might need it when he is about to die. She pushes him first in the swimming pool and then jumps herself in the water. She teaches him swimming [Jisse Zindagi Dhoond Rahi Hai… Kisi Shahyar ki Ghazal song plays]. She helps him patiently and he looks at her. She speaks of going into different world when she swims in the lake of her village and asks that people who are from city like him will not know about it.

Both spends more time together and she steals some dresses and shows happiness in doing it for the first time. After a meal, they go on to fulfill her 3rd wish – riding a bike. She becomes nervous after seeing the bike but he insists her to sit and start the bike. She speaks of her worry and is afraid. She then goes to try once more and he helps her in driving the bike. He motivates her for another time and she is able to drive and he balances her by being a pillon rider. She now drives well and is happy and then comes her 4th wish on sitting at the beach alone which is also completed [Love Mi Thoda song plays]. She thanks him for fulfilling her wishes and the 5th wish is lightning fire crackers. She feels happy on seeing the Diwali firecrackers glowing and then goes to enjoy a Phulgadi (Khuda Ya Ve.. song plays) with SK. Both share eyelocks and carries smile on their face. SK aka Shyam is happy with her and in this way her firecrackers wish is completed. She then becomes quiet and he asks about the reason. She opens up and wants to disclose all the things to his brother and he wants to accompany with her. Meera’s ex-fiance comes and confronts her brother and informs how she has insulted him in public. Meera also comes there and her brother asks where was she since 2 days ? He informs what she did with her fiance and thinks that she has brought shame to him in their society. SK tries to intervene there and asks her brother to know more how she went through in the last 2 days and support her instead of shouting at her. SK informs that she is a human and her wishes were not fulfilled by him since childhood and went to commit suicide. But she didn’t do since she loves and respects her brother and thus came back.

SK informs that Meera’s ex-fiance who belongs to their society have physically abused her. Meera also informs that’s true and wants to open up now. She speaks of not wanting to marry her ex-fiance and wants to study. She speaks of getting strength in the last 2 days because of SK. On hearing it, her ex-fiance threatens to malign her image in the society and goes from there. Meera’s brother tries to confront his sister and is very angry. At the moment, SK stops her brother who asks him why he is doing such thing ? In a fitting reply, SK informs of loving Meera and she is the only reason for him to live and suggests that his life mission is to fulfill her wish. He speaks of taking care of Meera and her brother cannot keep her as puppet. Meera’s brother is not suppportive and wants her to do as she prefers and continues to be angry. SK speaks of supporting her life long and says I love you message and will fulfill all her wishes. He wants to start new lease of life and will double his hard work and will make sure that his debts will not come to her. Meera goes with him with some tears on her face since she was going away from her brother. He speaks of deciding himself before talking with her and suggests of loving her even if she loves him or not. She replies on loving him and cites that he has fulfilled her wishes in 2 days and then goes on to confess her love for him – I love you SK message.  She speaks of not willing to die and their life has just started now and wishes to see a long life. She showers a hug to him and both go holding their hands after becoming lovestruck and realizing love. [Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song plays].

Rithvik speaks that life is beautiful and the most beautiful thing in life is love and thus love and do not give up your life. Rithvik signs off by keep falling in love.

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