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Balika Vadhu:
Anoop comes with Subhadra. Anandi asks him to work in the NGO with her. Anoop says no and thanks her. Anandi says I need your help as I don’t know anything about buying the raw materials. If you works with me then we may get profit. Shiv asks him to rethink. Daddu tells him that you can do something constructive. Subhadra thinks what is Anandi upto. Anoop says I felt good that you people still think that I can do something. I will give it a try. Everyone get happy. Anandi thanks him. Anoop says we will go today. Subhadra gets tensed and thinks Anoop will go from her hands because of Anandi. Jhoomer comes to Ramesh sir. Ramesh sir tells her that we are special friends from today. Don’t tell about our friendship to anyone. Jhoomer lowers her eyes and gets scared.

Zain wakes up in the morning and reminisces their intimacy yesterday night. She wakes up Aaliya and asks why did she come closer to him when Holy man had warned them not to for 7 days. She says nothing will happen to them and hugs him. He says he has become daring after returning back. She says when kitkit is with her, then there is no need to worry. Zain goes to washroom, reminisces holy man’s words and then remembers Aaliya’s dupatta burning. Holy man says Zain that he warned him not to get intimate with Aaliya for 1 week, but he did not listen to him, now he will face evil spirits soon.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:
Falguni says to Chiraag that he won’t change but she is waiting about changing his days. She thinks RV will do something for Ishaani. Ishaani says to Ritika that she wants to tell him something. Ritika says she knows RV loves her. Ishaani says she doesn’t. Ritika says this is her stupidity, and because of this only RV is hers.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Simar is running. Karan says listen to me please stop. Simar says stay away from me. He says I just want to talk to you, stop behaving weird I won’t kill you. He says I have brought you here because I couldn’t talk to you about all this in hotel. Vikrant loves you so much. I can see his love in his eyes. I just want to see him happy, she says I don’t want to talk about him. He says I don’t want to interfere in your life. He has given you a really respected place in his life. He can wait all his life for you. Mata ji is really worried for Simar. Mata ji says God please take care of Simar. Someone comes with a knife to stab Simar again. She is standing alone. He stabs her and she falls down.

Shastri Sisters:
Alka thanks Astha and says I did not know why you planned this, but it benefitted me, I was mistaken that Rohan does not love me and not care for me, but not I m sure of this. She smiles. Astha gets angry. Neil plans a surprise for Devyaani and sings the song I love you………and Devyaani smiles hearing him. She signs him what. Neil walks to her and says I love you. He shows her the ring and she is shocked as he proposes her.

Abha says there will be many things, firecrackers, sweets and much more. Aditya says she will burn the firecrackers. Chakor says she will get her frock from terrace. Abha says no, not that one. Chakor asks then what. Abha gives her a new dress. Chakor smiles seeing it. Ishwar and everyone smile. Abha asks Chakor did she not like the dress. Chakor says I m thinking of my village people, they can’t dream of this. Ishwar says they will see this, you will give this to them. She asks how. He says they have Chakor and what does Chakor have. She thinks.

Damini looks at her in disbelief. She thinks of the tattoo in Iccha’s hand when she was small. I have got my fate in my hands. I will better your future now as well. kash, Vishnu and Mukta have reached the location along with the policemen. On the other hand, Damini tells Meethi to be ready for the sacrifice in case they fail to bring back Manav. You will have to sacrifice Rani to save Manav. Meethi looks at her in shock.


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