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Dare 2 Dance Life Ok

Dare 2 Dance Semi-final week or stage has the ice-skating ring where semi-finalists have to compete and only 4 out of 9 will go into the finals. Akshay (Host, mentor) makes an entry in a Range Rover car and reaches the ice skating station.


Akshay does skating on the ice on the Dare 2 Dance title song. He informs of the ice ring where person even cannot stand and daring champions have to dance there. 4 will go into finals and 5 will be eliminated. Akshay speaks that the experts and himself will only give green cards and if they don’t perform well then no green cards. Akshay will defer his decision until the end and will give the card in the end. By receiving a finale card, the contestants will go into the finals.

Performers and Experts Results:

* Alisha Singh comes first and she informs of doing Rumba dance style on ice-skating. Alisha doesn’t know ice-skating and have difficulties in rehearsals. Alisha performs on the Kabhi Jo Badal Barse song and with a partner and does skating with dance moves and carries expressions on her face. She does stretching and her partner lifts many times and makes circles and finishes her performance. Sanjay speaks of liking her split lifts and spirals and gives her a green card. Francois thinks that she could have done better on her own and doesn’t give her green card. Alisha cries on her result. Alisha’s total card tally is 5 Green cards. Akshay praises her and also believes that she has done lot of hard work and supports her.

* Rithvik Dhanjani comes next and Akshay wants Rithvik to be careful on ice-skating ring and wishes him the best. Rithvik starts his performance on the Jee le Zara…Main Hoon Ghumshum song from movie Talaash and starts dance suavely and goes on to do skating nicely with his partner. The dance looks like a ballroom dance but on ice-skate and they perform with good speed in skating. Rithvik needs 4 green cards to stay in the competition. Sanjay calls Rithvik professional ice-skater and is proud of him. Sanjay and Francois gives him green card each. Rithvik’s tally is 4 green cards and Akshay’s result is awaited. Akshay wants Rithvik to dance with Amar and show some bromance [AmRit]. Amar and Rithvik goes to perform on the Waado Karo Nahi Chodenge Mera Saath song enacting Shashi Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore and dances on ice-skating ring while presenting some funny & quirky moves.

* Emilie Caillon comes next and going to perform on Tum Hi Ho Bandhu song from movie Cocktail. Akshay wishes her good luck and she is performing on Mambo style which needs lot of footwork. Emilie starts her performance and shows some oomph with the lyrics tune and does some dance moves and then her partner lifts and makes some spins and turns. She does stretching of her legs and does reverse spin (sommersault). She skates backwardly with much confidence and ends in style. Francois gives her a green card and Sanjay speaks of not giving her green card since she lost balance on some occasions. Emilie’s card tally is 7 green cards.

* Prince comes next and Akshay thinks that he came as a good boy. Prince speaks of performing on Maria Maria song and will add locking/popping. Prince will perform on Paso double dance style. Akshay accompanies him inside the ice ring during his performance. Prince starts with much energy in paso double style and does some turns and uses his legs and makes few circles himself. Prince shows aggression as needed in the dance style to finish his performance. Other contestants give Prince a standing ovation. Francois and Sanjay appreciates his performance and gives him a green card each. Prince’s card tally is 6 green cards. Akshay gets hold of him and asks whether he has lied to him. Prince speaks of rehearsing and never performed on ice ring before and shows some locking and popping dance moves to Akshay and other contestants.

* Sayantani Ghosh comes next and she is performing on the Pyaar Ki Yeh Kahani Suno song. Sayantani starts her performance and starts with slow dance moves and grows in confidence and uses her legs and some moves are with finesse like coming out from his partner’s leg. She is taken in the lap to finish her final dance moves. Francois speaks that she was nervous and doesn’t give green card. Sanjay also doesn’t give her green card as well. Sayantani’s card tally is 5 green cards.

* Sanam Johar comes next and informs on performing on West coast swing dance style which has many lifts and he will lift his partner. Sanam is performing on Jai Ho song from movie Jai Ho and starts his performance with lifting his partner on the Jai Ho.. number. He moves his hands and legs well and goes to skate on one leg while lifting his other leg. He lifts his partner and skates fast and have good separation between his legs. He carries his partner with ease on the Jai Ho tune and uses his hands very well and lifts her in finishing move. Akshay praises Sanam’s performance – lifts, dance and other special moves and calls his performance as commendable. Sanjay calls Sanam’s performance as outstanding and gives a green card and gets another green card from Francois. Sanam’s card tally is 10 green cards. Akshay speaks that Sanam can represent India in Ice-skating competition and can pursue it professionally. Akshay without any ado gives Sanam the finale card making his entry in Grand Finale. Akshay suggests that Sanam with 5 months training can gain an entry in Olympics. Sanam is ecstatic on reaching the finals. Akshay asks viewers to not repeat show’s stunts/dance under any circumstances.

* Kunwar Amar comes next and needs 4 green cards to make an entry in finals and Akshay wants him to do good for his mother. Amar performs on Tum Ho.. Paas Mere.. Saath Mere…song and starts with some smooth dance moves spreading his hands. He lifts his partner and caresses over the ice ring and falls down but gets up fast. He goes down on his knees for some time and ends with a sensual finishing move. Sanjay speaks of liking Amar’s performance and gives him a green card and Francois cites Amar’s slip/Fall and doesn’t give him a green card. Amar’s card tally is 7 green cards.

* Mayuri who was ill earlier comes next after becoming better. Mayuri speaks of doing skating 6-7 years ago. Mayuri starts with much energy and performs on the Nagade..Dhol Baje song. She performs alone without any partner for a while. She makes spins and circles with ease and also dances/skates with one leg. After a while, Mayuri’s partner comes on ice-ring and lifts her. She skates fast and on one leg backwards and her partner lifts and revolves her and she finishes by spinning many times. Sanjay calls her performance as the best one he has seen in his career. Francois and Sanjay gives her green cards. Mayuri’s card tally is 7 green cards.

* Scarlett Wilson comes next and is the final contestant. Scarlett speaks of doing Cha Cha dance style. Scarlett starts her performance on Ice..cream Khaongi.. kashmir jaongi.. song and skates well with lifting her leg. Scarlett’s partner lifts her fully while doing skating. She uses her hands and another lift and turns are done by her partner and lost balance and slips couple of times. In the third such move, she hits her body straight to the ice-floor and her face, upper arm and neck are injured. Her partner is sad and he hasn’t injured himself. Scarlett is being taken away on a stretcher for medical emergency. Akshay prays for Scarlett’s rapid recovery. Scarlett have 5 Green cards.

AKSHAY’s result:
Finalists: Top 5
* Sanam

* Mayuri.
Gets 2 green cards and also finale card. Mayuri’s tally is 9 green cards and reaches the final.

* Amar
Gets 1 green card for dance and another 1 green card for dare. Amar’s total tally is 9 green cards and receives a finale card to reach the final.

* Emilie
Gets 1 green card for dare and another one for dance. She gets a finale card and reaches the final.

* Prince
Reaches the final after winning face-off with Alisha.

How Prince won ?
Akshay adds another contestant to the finals so there will be 5 finalists and calls Alisha and gives her 2 green cards. Thus, Alisha’s tally is 7 green cards. Prince gets 1 green card and his tally is 7 green cards so there is a tie between him and Alisha. Prince and Alisha performs on the ice-ring but not with skating in a face-off round to decide the winner. Prince performs first and does his locking/popping dance style with ease. Alisha also performs without skates and uses her hands and legs well to show some good moves.
-> Akshay chooses Prince as the face-off winner and gives Prince finale card which makes his entry to finals. Akshay praises Alisha and showers support.

Rithvik, Sayantani, Scarlett and Alisha were eliminated in the semi-final stage of Dare 2 Dance.
* Rithvik gets green card for his dance and another green for his dare. Rithvik’s total card tally is 6 green cards.
* Sayantani doesn’t get any card from Akshay and doesn’t go to finals and her final card tally is 5 green cards.
* Scarlett is disqualified since unfortunately she didn’t complete her performance due to injury.

Akshay signs off by wishing everyone Happy Diwali on behalf of his family and with the quote Jiski life mein dare nahi, uski life ki khair nahi.

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Episode Video: Dare 2 Dance – Semi-final, 25th October 2014

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