TGI Friday’s Top 12 Spoilers


top 12 spoilers for friday


Dil Dosti Dance:
Swayam and Sharon are progressing in their relation. They have been in love since long and have enjoyed the dating phase. Swayam now wants to take the relation ahead of the girlfriend and boyfriend phase and proposes to Sharon. Swayam in his very romantic way, leaves letters to Sharon, guiding her to dress up and reach the venue. He writes her life’s journey will start tonight, in his heart impressed letters. He asks her to follow the route to his heart. Sharon is happily willing to meet him. He leaves many love notes and finally gets her to the dream place of their romantic union. Sharon is surprised and very glad seeing the setup. He shows her a light illuminated house structure and sits on his knees with the ring. Swayam then proposes her to spend her life with him for the lifetime and become his wife. He sweetly asks her to change her name from Miss Sharon Rai to Mrs. Sharon Shekhawat. What will be Sharon’s reply to this proposal? It will be eventually yes, so thumbs up to D3 to bring in more romance in the show!!

Maharana Pratap:
Pratap initially declines but soon agrees to help Ajabde aka Baiji lal after Ajabde aka Patta’s jija convinced him regarding the need to fight Afghans. Ajabde proceeds to her palace via forest in the night and weather have a dramatic change – thunderstorms and winds. Ajabde feels something amiss there and thinks someone is following her. She takes out a small knife and approaches the unknown person which turns out to be Pratap aka horse caretaker. They have a meetup and both share eyelocks and feel special connection between them. Sooner, rains start pouring which brings more romantic flavor in their togetherness. At this stage, Pratap and Ajabde aren’t aware about their real identities since Pratap thinks her as a subordinate (messenger) of Baiji lal and she thinks him as Pratap – horse caretaker. They progress to share good romantic moments which seems to be coming out on its own and Pratap even helps her in covering her Dupatta and shows concern. Ajabde and Pratap are inching closer – sort of rekindling romance, and all such moments would help them to reconcile their differences and be together again.

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KumKum Bhagya:
Suresh is back in the spotlight in the show. Abhi has been confused by the sudden Tanu’s shock of her marriage proposal for him. Tanu’s emotional blackmail failed on Abhi, as he gives importance to his marriage with Pragya, no matter what feelings they have, he does not like Pragya, but respects her and their marriage. He has refused to Tanu and she is trying to influence him again. Pragya sees Abhi tensed and he tells her about Tanu’s proposal. He then shoos off the matter saying it was a joke, as Bulbul pops up. Pragya tells Bulbul that she loves Abhi and she knows he is a good person by heart. Abhi’s rejection has made Tanu worry and she lands to take Aaliya’s help, who is cool towards the matter, as she has got a great idea to kick out Pragya from their house by making her fall in the biggest supporter’s eyes, that’s their Dadi. Aaliya gets a video of Suresh and Pragya and uses it against Pragya, as she shows it to Abhi and Dadi, and blames Pragya for having a bad character, and keeping an extra marital affair with Suresh. She says this is Pragya’s real face, she is married, but did not forget her lover till now. Abhi is shocked seeing it, where Suresh and Pragya are in wrong situation. Dadi faints seeing it and Abhi scolds Pragya to be responsible for Dadi’s ill state. He warns Pragya to be away from Dadi. Pragya gives explanation that it’s not like the way Aaliya is interpreting them. Abhi does not listen to her, and Aaliya’s plan works out this time, making Tanu happy. Will Aaliya and Tanu succeed in drifting Abhi and Pragya apart?

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan:
Cabir’s truth has been out to Nandini and Manik. While Manik is happy that Cabir has finally broke up with Raghav… Cabir is not happy seeing Manik and Raghav in a fight, but thanks Nandini for stopping them. Manik cares for Cabir being a member of Fab 5. The jealous king Harshad wants to break the unity of Fab 5 and also show down the group before the Musicana 2014 event. He wants to use Cabir and Raghav’s togetherness as a couple. He messages Raghav to meet Cabir saying he is hurt. Raghav rushes to meet Cabir and asks is he ok. Cabir who is emotionally let down by Raghav hugs him and kisses him flowed by heavy rush of emotions. Harshad evilly watches this and also records their kissing moments, so use it as the mega clip against the Fab 5. Will Nandini and Manik save Cabir’s reputation and also maintain Fab 5’s dignity?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Well, story is heading in right direction these days, as Raman is been talking normal to Ishita, in his taunting Raavan Kumar’s style….. Their fights have been increased, which shows Raman’’s anger and ‘keeping aloof’ funda got over his head. Mrs. Iyer and Mrs. Bhalla have been fed up by Raman and Ishita’s fights, and came up with a solid solution to send them to jail, to make them sort their issues and come out as friends. It’s like a cruel remedy to get a kind result. Raman and Ishita are in the cell with the thief sitting in between them. The thief’s expressions are the best in this funny scene, as he is fed by the husband and wife’s fight. She says she makes small mistakes and does not create any big issue like Raman. Raman says will she take his life for his petty mistakes. She says why will I take your life, when you can’t even buy a small bracelet. Raman says what, that broken, damaged and someone already worn out bracelet. He says it was not broken, he has thrown it and damaged it. He says yes, it was made by Madrasi Gold and taunts her. They argue a lot making the thief’s ears bleed. The thief asks the ladies to get him out and make him get any other punishment. He shouts please save me from their fight. Raman and Ishita argue via him, asking him to convey their messages. He keeps shuffling his head to them, being amazed by their unique taunts. Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer see the couple still fighting and are angry, as the jail could not change them, but changed the thief. Finally, some good result from Raman and Ishita’s fight. Well, Raman and Ishita’s won’t change and continue their sweet Nok jhok and that’s what the viewers love them for!!

Shastri Sisters:
Rajat loves Anushka, but she has sacrificed her love knowing from Alka that Devyaani also loves Rajat. The engagement day comes and Rajat agrees to get engaged soon, but he gets a super shock. He feels he is getting engaged to Anushka, and Anushka walks away. Devyaani comes in front and forwards her hand, shocking Rajat. Rajat is heart broken, while Devyaani is very glad. Anushka has tears in her eyes. Rajat is asked to make Devyaani wear the ring and he tries to find Anushka. Rajat helplessly gets engaged to Devyaani. Nikki’s plans to make the sisters fight for Rajat. Rajat exchanges the ring for Anushka’s sake and to keep the girl’s respect. Devyaani and Rajat greet the elders. Rajat does not know that Neil loves Devyaani and Anushka and Neil’s hearts have also broken by this engagement.

Sahir has started growing feelings for Aarzoo. They have coffee together and initiate a talk. He could not bear her in his sight at first, but with time passing by in between them, Sahir is feeling peaceful seeing her and gives her many chances to prove herself innocent. He thinks a lot about Aarzoo and he does not understand what to think and whats right and wrong. He is confused about Aarzoo and she is affecting his mind a lot. Aarzoo and Sahir’s coffee mugs get exchanged once again, but this time they are together. Sahir needs to clear his confusion and understand his feelings. Sahir has a bad past, and uits unknown to Aarzoo. Anam is still planning to keep Aarzoo away from Sahir. Aarzoo is trying her best to prove herself innocent. Sahir changes his rude behavior and turns soft spoken towards her. Is this the beginning of love?

Chakor has gone to the sports day with Aditya, Ishwar and Abha. Luckily, Vivaan has understood that Chakor did not cheat him that day, and started talking to her. Chakor wants to cheer for Aditya and Vivaan, and runs in the PT race after them. She crosses the race track in shortest time, without any formal practice. The sports teacher Arjun is amazed seeing her speed, and everyone watching her applaud for her. This makes Ishwar take a decision to enroll Chakor in the PT classes as well as school. This makes the start of Chakor’s flight. Will Vivaan’s entry in Chakor’s life create troubles for her? Kasturi has got the key to control Lakhan, by knowing his mistress secret and tells Bhuvan that they can now head to Lucknow. Will Lakhan cover up their act infront of Bhaiya?

Tumhari Pakhi:
Someone has been following Veer and troubling him, being a mystery figure for the viewers. The person is making Veer realize that he is forgetting things, and it may lead to any bad situation too. Veer first forgets to close the door when he comes late at night. He then works on the electricity and switches the mains, but the mystery person again switches it on, so that Veer gets the electricity shock and dies. Pakhi comes in nick of the time and switches the mains off, thus saving Veer. Riya and Jiji come there and make Veer realize how his mistake could have led him to death. Veer gets into thinking about his forgetting things state. Jiji asks Pakhi to take care of Veer, and if anything goes wrong with him, she will not spare Pakhi. Later on, Veer keeps his licensed gun in cupboard, and its not loaded. Someone keeps it in the puja plate, by loading it. It gets lost and Veer finds it with bullets. He is stunned and is worried as someone is planning a big game against him. Who is troubling Veer?

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon EK Baar Phir:
Niranjan is very sad missing out Shlok every moment, and realizing that Shlok was his life, and he can’t stay without him. Varad has been hiding it from Niranjan that he spotted Shlok going in Mumbai’s bus and wants to give a chance to Shlok to make his identity. Sojal is puzzled by Varad’s decision. Varad asks Niranjan to trust him and he will get Shlok back, making a false promise to him. Varad wants Niranjan to find Shlok in him and feels selfish, as he is getting Niranjan’s love after many years and can’t let it go off his hands. Shlok and Astha has left for Mumbai, even when they missed the bus, the duo still got another way to reach there, and they board a truck. Shlok and Astha’s romance starts on the long way. Some sweet romantic moments will be shared between them, and once they reach the city, the show will focus on Shlok’s struggle to make his own identity without his surname.

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai:
Arjun has started liking Poorvi, but is unable to express his feelings to her. There was a time when he went to college to meet Gauri, and now he wants Gauri out of his way and wants to just meet Poorvi, Gauri really loves Arjun, as she states to be madly bitten by his love and even left her city to take admission in his college and be with him. Arjun tells her how he had a bet with Poorvi, and he just got her back to win the bet, and he does not value her love. Gauri is shattered and tells him that Poorvi always warned her against him. Arjun says whatever Poorvi told you was right about me and he does not know what is true love. Arjun says they don’t have love between them and breaks up, as he does not wish to hurt Gauri more. Poorvi comes to know about this, but does not care much, as she is happy spending time with Mrigank. Poorvi too feels something for Arjun, which she realized when he was closer to her. With the love triangle beginning, let’s see who wins Poorvi’s love…. Mrigank or Arjun?

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:
Menka has been cheating Suhani, as she is still teamed up with Rags. She has been acting like Suhani’s best friend, and told her the truth about Yuvraaj and Soumya. Luckily, Suhani does not hear anything and her plan flops. Menka wants Suhani to leave the house, and Rags wants to take revenge of her hair gone cut by Suhani’s mistake. Suhani is living between everyone who don’t like her, as even Dadi finds some reasons to scold Suhani. Dadi is upset after the Gowardhan puja, and Suhani wishes to talk to her. Yuvraaj stops Suhani, asking her not to talk to Dadi at this time, and he will make things fine. Sharad is happy that Yuvraaj is standing for Suhani these days and things are changing in their relation. He thinks it’s a start of love in Yuvraaj’s heart and he will make Yuvraaj realize it. Will Yuvraaj really love Suhani?



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