Comedy Nights With Kapil 2nd November 2014, The Shaukeens Team – Promo Snapshot


Comedy Nights with Kapil - The Shaukeens team, 2nd november 2014

Guests on the show: Anupam Kher – Actor, Producer, Director and Host; Annu Kapoor – Film actor, Anchor, Radio Presenter, Piyush Mehra – Indian film and theatre actor, music director, lyricist, singer, scriptwriter; and Lisa Haydon – Actress, model and fashion designer — The Shaukeens movie Team.   Additional Guest/Peformer: Sunil Paul – Stand-up Comedian, performer


Kapil welcomes all and speaks that everyone likes something very much. Some people are fond of food and suggests that Paani Poori can be eaten much fast but when it goes inside the stomach it doesn’t wait. People puts their demand to Chat Bhandar and wants him to put Dhania, Masalas. He fulfills the customer’s demand of putting extra by thinking that his extra ingredients will take revenge on the customer next day invoking laughter.

Bua comes in an orange top and asks how does she look in a slim suit ? Bittu makes a taunt on her walking style like that of a snake. She speaks of joining a slimming course and thinks that she has slimmed a bit. Bittu replies that she cannot be slim in a day and even the gas cannot be lessened in a day. He thinks that by lying she can reduce her age but cannot become thin. She speaks of hiring a personal trainer and he wants her to fast for few years instead. She speaks more on the trainer who has given his word that he will fulfill all her dreams. Bua is very happy and then calls the trainer. A young man (thin) comes there on the stage as Bua’s trainer and Bittu makes a taunt on his physique by calling that he looks like a 5 INR coin crushed inside a train. The trainer becomes angry after getting that insult from Bittu and leaves. Sunil Paul comes next on the stage and Kapil recognizes him as Sunil Paul. Both greet each other and Kapil informs that Sunil have much liking to observe and mimic people. He then wants Sunil to show some of his stand-up comedy lines to the audience and people applauds him. Sunil starts stand-up comedy with his favorite character which he created Ratan Nura. Ratan Nura is the character who has drinking habit. Sunil gets into the mode of Ratan Nura. Sunil speaks what Ratan Nura said to him. Ratan in his drunk style said that since Kapil is his friend thus he got an entry on his set otherwise even the watchman wouldn’t have allowed his entry. Sunil thanks Kapil and goes on to do some stand-up comedy.

Kapil speaks of people liking (Shauk) and then welcomes Lisa Haydon – from France, very hot and beautiful who is part of the movie The Shaukeens. Lisa Haydon, Anupam Kher, Annu Kapoor, and Piyush Mehra comes on stage. Kapil asks Piyush that he had worked in Maqbool, Gangs of Wasseypur but in the movie Shaukeens he is trying to flirt and chase a girl. Kapil asks about his experience ? Piyush ji replies on liking the movie a lot much more than his previous movies. Kapil asks Lisa who is the one who has entertained her the most during the film’s shooting in Mauritius ? Lisa replies Anupam Kher saab and she speaks that they played a game called Donkey. Anupam ji wants Kapil to think of a celebrity name and he chooses one name of a woman. Anupam ji asks Kapil whether he chose that celebrity under 50 yrs. Kapil hesitantly replies that Anupam ji knowing the answer and then Anupam ji is sure that Kapil thought about his wife Kirron Kher. Kapil asks Anupam ji what was the reaction of his wife Kirron Kher (who is currently a Member of Parliament) when she learnt that he will work in the movie The Shaukeens? Anupam ji speaks of informing Kirron on his work for Shaukeens. She replied that he is doing same kind of work since 25 years bringing laughter.

Daadi and Pankhuri comes on the stage on the Mausam Mastana song from the 1982 movie Satta pe Satta in a small van replica and dressed in 80’s movie costumes. Pankhuri welcomes Lisa Haydon and suggests that she came from France and speaks of knowing it. Pankhuri introduces herself in French as ‘Je m’appelle Pankhuri‘ (My Name is Pankhuri). Pankhuri aunty is wearing a rounded cap and then turns to Annu Kapoor and speaks of being a fan of him as well of his songs. She speaks that Annu ji has lot of knowlege and all the new songs which are created now first asks him whether they should be developed or not. On this note, all guests and audience get laughter. Daadi doesn’t want to waste the time there and speaks that Anupam haven’t come during the Karva chauth time. She then invites Anupam ji for a dance (Thumkas) for the sake of old times. Anupam ji wants Daadi to dance with Piyush ji and Daadi goes on to dance with him. They all dance in turns on the Meri Umar Ke Naujawano.. Om Shanti Om.. song from 1973 movie Karz. The show ends on that happy note.

Additional Notes:

* The Shaukeens movie is a remake of 1982 movie Shaukeen [The story of 3 lecherous old men (played by Ashok Kumar, Utpal Dutt and A.K. Hangal) who decide to go away for a while for some enjoyment late in their lives.

* Lisa Haydon (born as Elisabeth Marie Haydon) was born on 17 June 1986 in Chennai, India to a Malayali father and an Australian mother. Mallika Haydon, a model is her sister. Lisa lived in Australia and United States before moving back to India in 2007 to pursue modelling. Lisa’s best performance was in the movie Queen for the role of Vijayalakshmi, a single mother who supports a child that came out of a wedlock. She supported Kangana Ranaut who played the role of Rani in the movie. Lisa is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and also trained with Shiamak Davar for five years. Lisa’s Wikipedia page to know more about her.

* The Shaukeens is expected to release on 7th November 2014.

Sneak Peek: The Shaukeens team on Comedy Nights


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