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Balika Vadhu:
Dadisaa says today I came to know that even boys are victims to the devils. Jagya says he will talk to his parents. Dadisaa tells Jagya that she was thinking to tell Gehna about Niranjan’s proposal. Gehna overhears it and gets shocked.

Rocket realizes that hotel staff were thinking him as Zain. Zarina says he has to enter Zain’s house and get some papers from his wife. Rocket says he needs 2 lakhs. She says she will get. He gets greedy and says he needs 10 lakhs. He gets more greedy and says 10 lakhs is less. She says she will give him 50 lakhs. Rocket looks at Aaliya’s pic, thinks to get closer to her, and says Zarina that their deal is done.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:
RV asks Chiraag how he can do this. Chiraag says he always knew that RV will make her win the case and he will get the property worth millions. But now, not a driver will marry her. RV holds his collar, but Chiraag says he can do nothing about him. RV can go to her now, wipe her tear, call her his friend or lover; she is all yours. He throws his head-cover and leaves. Ritika listens to this all.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Mata ji says Simar this is such a good news. Now go and bring him. Mata ji says a shopkeeper has seen Prem and Khushi, Roli and Simar are going to meet that guy. He is relative of Khushi.

Shastri Sisters:
Anushka says she will be happy seeing Devyaani and Rajat together. She hugs Alka and cries. Nikki says Shastri ji said yes, when Rajat tells everyone that he loves Anushka, not Devyaani, then Devyaani will know whats the pain of rejection, as she has rejected Neil. Minty says yes, Shastri sisters relation will end with this. They turn and are shocked seeing someone.

Lakhan says they were trying to run from here, they forgot that they are born here by Lord’s wish, but get death by Bhaiya ji, if anyone runs leaving work, he will be responsible for his death. Kasturi and Bhuvan are shocked and cry being afraid. Lakhan says Aazaadgunj is a cage, and Bhaiya ji’s fear is the bars. Bhuvan asks everyone to go to Lucknow and he will sacrifice himself, he will die to free them, he did not do anything till now, he will do something big now. Kasturi is shocked.

Akash is outside but wants to go inside to meet Chameli too as Meethi is there. Inspector says you should have gone inside with your wife only. How can we let you go now? Let her come. We will ask the prisoner if she wants to meet you then only you will be sent inside. Akash reasons that its been just five minutes that Meethi has gone inside. Inspector stays put. Akash loudly calls out for Meethi which both Meethi and Chameli hear. Chameli looks in his direction.


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