Monday Fun Shockers on Life Ok


life ok

Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh:
Jia asks Shobha to sign right in her report. Shobha says she signed it. Jia says you signed on father’s name place, not on mother’s name field. Shobha sees the book and is unable to see it right by Vikram’s specs. Mummy ji hears this and sees the report. She scolds her for signing on Samarth’s place and she would tell this to Samarth now. She gets angry.

Gustakh Dil:
Barkha comes home and is shocked seeing Inder’s daughter at the door with the bag. She says what are you doing here. The girl asks is daddy at home. Inder comes and is shocked seeing her. She cries and hugs him. He asks her to come inside, and Barkha gets angry. Inder takes her bag and consoles her. He asks what happened. She says dad, hostel caught fire. He says are you fine. She says I m fine, I can’t stay in hostel, everyone went to relatives, I came here. He says you stay here tonight. He sees Barkha angry. Nikhil and Gunjan question the girl who is she and what is she doing here. Inder and Barkha looks on.

Laut Aao Trisha:
Pratik says he is not telling lie as Vivan himself confessed in front of Amrita and say if Vivan tries tarnish Trisha’s image, he will not spare all three of you. Amrita asks Vivan why did he fight with Gaurav. Kabeer says officers that they have to raid kidnapper’s place as he is sure Trisha will be found there.

Tumhari Pakhi:
Pakhi says to Veer that what drama is this, you are showing to all that because of heart break, you are on verge of taking your life, you are trying blackmail me. Veer says to Pakhi that come here otherwise I will shoot myself, Pakhi says do you think that I will come in this drama, Veer puts gun on his head.


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