Yeh Hai Aashiqui 2nd November 2014 Episode 74 Starring Chhavi Pandey & Nakul Sahdev on Bindass – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 74 2nd November 2014

The story starts with Armaan – young guy dressing up and is blind and wears black glasses. He goes on to attend a press interview and the media asked him why has he opened a music classes centre in Mumbai. Armaan’s mother steps in and informs that he is God-gifted in music and speaks more on his talent.


Armaan informs the media that his music talent is gifted from his father. Music was life for his father and he has left for him. He shows guitar to media which belongs to his father and the media makes fun of the frets to be old but he corrects them and says its new. Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) starts the show and speaks that we many times think that love is blind but also beautiful and then informs that today’s story is about Armaan and Drishti. Armaan who only hears streams and on other end is Dhristi who can hear even in complete silence and she can see it as well. The point is that both are different but still close. Drishti connects with Armaan in his music via his guitar’s frets. How their love story started ? Armaan-Drishti love story started some 5 yrs ago in Bangalore. Rithvik (the host) welcomes all to the show.

The story continues with Armaan taking music class at his new centre and informs that professional music career is not easy. He speaks that music doesn’t mean romantic songs and he will say the truth either you have talent or not. He speaks that academy will give them the opportunity to flourish their talent. Just then, Drishti makes entry in the class and creates some noise. He becomes annoyed on her entry and doesn’t want to listen to her and asks about her name. She introduces herself as Drishti and he thinks she is making fun since he doesn’t have Drishti (normal eyesight).  He speaks of not liking her and then starts playing guitar and wants the students to give feedback/reviews after his music session. He completes his session and is about to leave and Drishti finds him going and smiles. Drishti at her home speaks to her friend Alia that music teacher recognized her as a girl when she entered the classroom. Drishti goes on to speak on how tidy and well dressed her music teacher is. Alia asks Drishti whether she got a crush on music teacher. Drishti ignores Alia’s suggestion.

At Armaan’s end, his mother speaks of a proposal for him. He starts speaking that the girl – educated, beautiful, understandable who is interested in him as per his mother will be looking for a rich guy with whom she can have normal kids with eyesight. Armaan’s mother stops him and suggests that he is not blind from birth and reminds that he lost his eyesight in an accident. He speaks that his mother carries pain of that loss too. Soon, his mother learns that the girl’s father rejected Armaan. Armaan hears it and asks why a normal girl would desire to marry a blind guy like him ? Armaan goes on to remember asking his father when the tune will be completed. The flashback scene shows him as a child with his father preparing to complete the tune. He comes back to present and wishes to complete the tune which remained incomplete since his father left him. Armaan’s academy name is Tuning Keys. Next day, Drishti comes to Armaan’s academy and learns that it is still closed. She came early so as to practice music. She then goes to nearby place which turns out to be Armaan’s office. She finds Armaan playing guitar in the room and she enters there without making any noise and listens to the tune. Armaan stops playing the guitar and finds a girl – Drishti murmuring her own tune. He asks what she is doing there in cabin ? She replies on seeing him and calls herself as his student. He recognizes her as Drishti whom he doesn’t like. She asked how he came to know her presence. He replies that she made sure to remove her leg bracelet and shoes but perfume was still there. She quickly changes the topic and wants to give some ideas. She starts playing like drum on the table and he becomes annoyed. He asks why she came early ? She then  asks why he come early ? He replies on his own academy and can come anytime. She speaks of feeling much satisfied specially when there is no one. She helps him in collecting notes which flew because of air. She continues to ask him about the tune.

He then wants her to sing. She speaks of singing since 5 yrs and thinks singing to be simple. He asks for his hand and touches her fingers. He finds her hands to be soft and delicate and thus she can’t play guitar and can do other things. She agrees that playing guitar is difficult and wants his help. She asks him whether someone has not told him that playing guitar is difficult when you are blind. He becomes annoyed on that note and asks whether she knows him and wants her to leave from his office. Drishti says sorry but still joyous. He asks her to forget the dream of guitar expert and also if possible change her name. She asks how Naina suits on her instead of Drishti ? He says that she cannot speak with him in such a manner. She speaks on talking in similar manner with others. He asks whether people forcibly tries to speak good with him. She informs on speaking in the same manner as he does with her. If he speaks in good way the she will also speak in same way. She then leaves while saying Go to Hell.. He tries to call her but in vain. Armaan smiles on that note. Armaan gives music lessons – guitar to Drishti [Naina song Neend Urgaye..Ishq di Fakiri..Ae Mann…song plays by Sona Mohapatra]. She struggles when she learns it. Later, Drishti plays guitar with her friend during their meeting at a cafeteria near swimming pool. Armaan comes there and the waiter asks him whether he will give a performance. Armaan speaks of not giving live performance. Drishti sees him and begins to play guitar with a good tunes but falters. Armaan becomes angry with her and says she is just showing off and on top of it playing someone’s else tune. She replies on practising and haven’t completed the tune because he never tried to complete it. She thinks for him it is much easy to complete the tune. She says that he inspires all with his music and suggests that someone there can get inspired with his music – the one who has given up or having low motivation.

Armaan decides to play guitar there bringing much joy on Drishti’s face. Drishti sings the Choti Choti Khushiyon Pe Dil Maare Chalaang (from Bindass TV Play Official song) and everyone there comes to see Armaan’s performance and applauds him. Drishti gets compliment from Alia on her singing and she sends Alia to her home so as to spend more time with Armaan. Armaan asks Drishti for how long she will stare at him. He starts speaking of his music talent thanks to his mother who first identified it. He asks about her more. She informs of coming from Delhi and couldn’t spend time with her parents since they passed away. She then stayed with her maternal uncle (Mama) in her grown-up days. She speaks of singing for some agencies but didn’t got much interest. He thinks that she thought those things to be easy. He starts to speak that people wants new challenges and also wants to make them easy. When she takes his coffee cup, he takes her coffee and drinks. He speaks on liking sea and not mountains and she speaks the opposite of liking mountains since she gets lot of satisfaction and all the confusion in the mind gets cleared up. Armaan gets smile on that note.

Rithvik speaks that Drishti thinks of Armaan like her and she didn’t made him feel like he is different from others or weak in things. For Drishti, Armaan was much ahead of others given that she was an orphan. For Armaan, Drishti was a friend in need. Can there be more things between them  ?

Drishti and Armaan are walking together in the night and it happens that he touched her hands. She holds it for a while and informs on reading somewhere that one who cannot see by birth or their eyesight have lost in accident can see many visuals in their mind. She wants to show how his eyes, lips, face looks. She then holds his hand and tries to touch his eyes and face with his hands. She says that his forehead is wide and asks whether he thinks a lot. She then removes his glasses and wants him to look at her. He doesn’t want to do it but then agrees and looks at Drishti. She says that his eyes are big, black and having the innocence of a child but the one who is mature. She wants him to close the eyes and speaks on his eyes, forehead and asks whether he can see the depth of them. Armaan speaks of not seeing himself but he can feel her definitely. She asks what more ? He holds her cheeks and she asks for how long he will continue to see her ? He smiles while holding her cheeks and tears come in his eyes. [You’re my waking dream, you are all real to me.. song..]. She shares eyelock at him and showers a warm hug followed by a kiss. Drishti also gets tears in her eyes and follows with smile. He holds her hand and with a smile says that she doesn’t know on how to play the guitar still. He gives her the guitar’s frets and informs that it was from his father but now wants to give her and hopes that it will bring a lot of good luck in her life. [Mere Har Panna Pe..Aye Khuda… song plays]. On that note, she showers him another hug and they also reached his home. Armaan’s mother finds him with Drishti and suggests that its late and doesn’t give him chance to introduce Drishti. Drishti leaves from there after greeting.

Next morning, Armaan’s mother wants him to not mingle with Drishti. She informs on knowing all details about Drishti who is an orphan and thinks that Drishti is cooking some Khichdi in her mind. She says that he is a rich and famous guy and also reminds him that she is always right. He replies that she is thinking in wrong way and suggests her to meet Drishti once. Armaan’s mother speaks of meeting Drishti already and suggests that Drishti is fond of his money and is only acting in expressing her love for him. Armaan tries to suggest that Drishti cannot do such thing and then his mother gives an ultimatum that he can either choose Drishti or his mother. Armaan decides to leave with his support stick and reaches Drishti’s place. He asks whether his mom came to meet her and asks whether she can live without him. She is quiet and he removes her tears and then suggests of not able to see her but can feel her. He says that her tears are clearly indicating that she cannot stay without him. He doesn’t want to listen her and says that she doesn’t know playing guitar but wants to give her support with a smile. Whenever she misses some tune, he will complete her tune and she will do the same to him. He asks whether she will support him? He says that though he doesn’t like her name even now and then confesses his love – I love you message [Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song plays]. He removes his glasses and says that he loves her madly and thus has left everything and now will remain with her. She asks what is that thing ? He informs about her mother’s choice either he has to choose his mother or her. He informs on choosing her. Drishti then takes Armaan to his home. After reaching there, she informs his mother of loving him but her love is not selfish that will take away a son from a mother. She says to Armaan’s mother that she has the first right on him and then decides to leave. Armaan tries to stop Drishti and he shouts at her [Rabba..Dilbar Pe Ho No Koi Asar song plays].

After a while (gap of 5 yrs), Armaan’s mother in present Mumbai finds Drishti in an Auto with guitar.Armaan is seen sitting and Drishti comes with her guitar and he senses her. She comes forward and showers a hug to him. He speaks of missing her a lot and Armaan’s mother speaks of searching for Drishti at many places where there are mountains – Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh but she was found on the sea front in Mumbai. Armaan’s mother apologizes to her and the story ends on Armaan and Drishti together again and have a happy ending.

Rithvik signs off by saying that Never give up on Love and Love will never give up on you. He asks people to keep falling in love !!

Dedication: We (TellyReviews) dedicate this Yeh Hai Aashiqui post to King of Romance and Hearts – Shah Rukh Khan who is celebrating his birthday today.

Additional Note:
* Chhavi and Nakul were amazing in their acting. This episode is one of the best of Yeh Hai Aashiqui series. Kudos to both actors, team and Bindass TV for this emotional and offbeat love story.

* Quote on love (image) – Interesting

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