Aaliya blames Pragya for Raj’s arrest; Abhi still confused!! in KumKum Bhagya


kumkum bhagya

Pragya does the aarti at home, being the good bahu. The guests taunt Tanu for not knowing the traditions on the Diwali function. Tanu acts oversmart and starts singing the bhajan. She could not get ahead and halts. Pagya continues from there and impresses everyone by her sweet melodious voice. Pragya gives aarti to everyone after the Diwali puja. Abhi does not attend it as he does not believe in Lord. Pragya is very happy. After a while, the police comes to Abhi’s house with a search warrant. Abhi welcomes the inspector asking about his visit. Everyone is worried as they don’t know why did the police come. Pragya doubts that police investigation is for the marriage hall demolition case.

They come to arrest Raj, and stuns everyone as Raj is very honest and does not accept bribe. Raj defends himself. Abhi and Pragya will be seen in police station again. Aaliya blames Pragya for everything and tells Dadi that Abhi was in jail to save Pragya’s marriage hall. Raj is blamed for taking bribe for the demolition as the inspector recovers the papers from them with Raj’s sign. Raj and his wife are adamant that they are innocent. Let’s see how Pragya manages this situation to balance her inlaws and her Maayka.


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