Gopi slaps Radha; Paridhi calls police to send Radha jail in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


radha in saathiya

Radha treats the kids badly seeking revenge from them and beating them with her sandal. Gopi comes there on right time and slaps Radha saying she is still alive. Paridhi calls the police in the Modi Bhavan. Paridhi is sidelined now as her plan has flopped, but she decides to give a good answer to Radha. Radha falls into more trouble as Paridhi records the proof against Radha beating the kids. Radha refuses saying she did not beat the kids. Paridhi tackles her and shows the recording to the inspector. Kokila is glad and Paridhi has stopped her bad activities against Modis and is busy to kick out Radha from Jigar’s wife. Radha says she was beating the kids to give them a good upbringing, and values as the kids were misbehaving. She says she was being a good mum for them. The inspector gets convinced by Radha and says he can’t arrest Radha for this simple matter. Paridhi gets angry and thinks to find some permanent solution to kick out Radha. Keep reading.


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