Ishita turns sexy to spice up Raman’s eyes, Ruhi gets them engaged yet again in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


ishita and raman in yeh hai mohabbatein

Lots of Drama unfolding in YHM…………………(Exclusive bits)!!

Raman is happy after the reporters compliment Ishita in her Kanjivaram saree, looking elegant and simple. Mani too compliments her for standing out among everyone. Ishita thanks him. While Raman is glad and enjoys seeing Shagun getting jealous, he still wanted to see Ishita in a western outfit, and is surprised as she gives him a surprise by wearing a western outfit when no one is at home, and its just Raman and Ishita being alone. Such a romantic time and Raman can’t believe his eyes, as she looks stunning. He then believes in her stunning beauty and she can carry any outfit well. Raman and Ishita have sweet romance between them, don’t expect much from this scene, as its like always non fishy. The family comes home and Ishita runs to hide in her western clothes. Raman covers it up for her. Raman admits that Ishita is indeed sexy and she gets glad having achieved a golden medal from him.


Later on, Mihir and Raman decide to make the Iyer and Bhalla family perform in Shagun’s Sangeet ceremony as they can’t arrange good dancers. But they think Mrs. Bhalla won’t agree as she hates Shagun. Raman suggests him to provoke Mrs. Iyer (Amma)for dance, and Mrs. Bhalla will agree to dance to compete with Amma. Mihir goes to take Mihika’s help for this. There will be grand dance party in Shagun’s Sangeet and even her Mahendi function will bring new twists, as Ashok wants to ditch Shagun and eyeing Mihika constantly.

Moving on to Raman and Ishita’s love track…… Shagun requests them to bring Ruhi in her marriage functions and Ruhi refuses to go. They go to spend time with her. Ruhi unites Ishita and Raman and it’s a moment of happiness. Ruhi makes friendship with her parents and spending quality time with them. Raman and Ishita have an eyelock. Ruhi has a great time being loved by them. Ishita and Raman craft some diyas and spend time with Ruhi. Ruhi does not want to go in Shagun’s marriage being upset by her school kids bullying her. Ishita plans this activity time to make her mood well and then talk about Shagun’s marriage. Raman and Ishita want to convince Ruhi to attend Shagun’s marriage. Ruhi takes Ishita’s side and Raman starts taunting, thus leading to a new argument again. Ishita talks in defense and Ruhi asks them not to fight, and becomes the little judge between them. Their main motive is to keep Ruhi happy.

Raman and Ishita exchange rings infront of Ruhi as a post marriage engagement, we hope this starts their love. Ishita smiles feeling Raman’s love in her heart and stares at him till he signs her ‘what’. The two mature people are going too slow in their love story, but its sweet ‘Jalebi rounds’ dragging that we love to enjoy watching. Ruhi is happy seeing her parents with love blinking in their eyes, and eventually agrees to attend Shagun’s marriage. Ishita tells Raman that she has convinced even the little Punjabi tigress, and Raman says even he helped her in this challenge. Their nok jhok never ends….!! Keep reading.


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