Shagun raises hand to slap Ruhi in her Mehendi Function, annoying Raman and Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mohabbatein

Ruhi comes in the Mehendi function as Ishita and Raman have convinced her. Ishita looks really beautiful in the red saree with elegant jewelry. Mani compliments her as she looks the best in sarees. Raman is glad and keeps his smile intact. Ashok eyes Ishita, as she looks really pretty. Shagun is really happy having Ashok’s name in her Mehendi. The function goes on really well. Shagun goes to show her Mehendi to Ashok. He acts sweet and praises her. Ruhi runs down the stairs and bumps into Shagun. Shagun falls on Ashok and her Mehendi spoils Ashok’s clothes. Ashok gets annoyed and scolds Shagun as his mood gets spoiled. Shagun brings her frustration on little Ruhi, saying she has brought a bag sign in her Mehendi function by ruining her mehendi.

Ruhi being innocent and not knowing anything much about the rituals, starts crying. Shagun raises hand on Ruhi, and Ishita stops her hand holding it. Ishita scolds her for raising hand on a little child, which is not right. She asks how dare she raises her hand on her daughter. Ishita feels she took the wrong decision to bring Ruhi in the function. Raman wipes Ruhi’s tears. Raman and Ishita could not bear Ruhi crying, and scolds Shagun. Raman asks Ishita not to explain Shagun further, who never loved Ruhi, and from now on, his daughter Ruhi will never come in any of the functions. Shagun does not realize that Ruhi did it unintentionally.

Ashok’s truth will be coming out very soon. Ashok dances with Mihika in the function, and also passes some taunts to Raman, to come in his ex wife’s Mehendi function. Shagun is worried by the mehendi spoiling which she regards a big Abshagun. Anyways, nothing can change Ashok’s mind, as he wants to marry Mihika. Ashok dances shamelessly with Mihika and also lifts her in his arms. Shagun looks on not knowing Ashok’s real intentions. Mihika fails to expose Ashok and fails in his clever trap. Ashok plans to blackmail Mihika and marry her. Shagun will be soon out of his life, and she will be taking shelter in Bhalla house with Raman and Ishita being her backup. This twist will bring more bang-on spices in the show. Keep reading!!


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