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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke:
Rachna has entered Om’s house to find out the truth of her lookalike Divya. She takes care of theDivya’s son Lucky. She tries finding out the past and the secret hidden in Divya’s house. Lucky asks Rachna not to go back, and takes her promises. Divya’s entry has brought many twists and turns. Rachna has come to Om’s house to find out the history. Om’s brother tells her that Om loved Divya a lot and Divya has never respected his love and left this house not even being worried for Lucky. He asks Rachna not to raise such questions again.

Piya Basanti Re:
Kabeer has married Piya without the consent of his family. Kabeer hits the Kalash instead of Piya and makes the Grah Pravesh unique. Shah family does not accept Piya as their bahu. Kabeer’s dad scolds him for taking such a big step by going against them.

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh:
Vikram has become Khadoos as ever. He gets angry as Shobha has blamed him for hitting on her. He says he will gift her a mirror on her birthday to see her face that she is not beautiful and mistaken that he likes her. Shobha lashes out on him, and this is his way of telling her off that she was thinking wrong about him. Shobha realizes her mistake. He is annoyed and asks him to move far else she will accuse that he tried to touch her. She gets nervous and wants to say sorry. He goes for some work, and he starts scolding her. He acts rude to her and describes her looks badly, having wrinkles on her face and being mother of two kids. Shobha gets angry and hopes to find out Vikram’s past that bothers him so much. She has to be careful else Vikram will not spare her for interfering in his personal life. Samarth wants Shobha to give her statement that she was with him that night, when he was spotted with someone else. Tarun makes the fake video of Samarth and Shobha. Samarth asks Tarun to give his message to Shobha to sign on the affidavit else he will send her divorce papers. Shobha is tensed as its not only about her life, but her kids’ life is also affected, as they are waiting for Samarth and facing trouble at their schools. Samarth thinks Shobha does not have any identity without his name. Will Shobha agree to help Samarth, who cheated her and still using her to get out of jail?

Qubool Hai:
Aahil and Tanveer try to find Sunehri. The twist comes as Sanam got free from the goon’s clutches and sees Aahil passing in the car. Sanam shouts his name and tries to make herself heard. Aahiil does not see her, and Sanam fails to reach Aahil. Sanam comes across Seher and is shocked seeing her lookalike. Will she find out about Seher/Sunehri being her sister? Sanam gets caught by Razia. Seher’s car will be blasted, but luckily she will be safe and fine, as Dilshad’s blessings are with her.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Raman smiles seeing Ishita while she prepares to sleep on the couch. The eye signs and smiles have started their Mohabbatein….. Raman signs naughty expressions and tries impressing her. He combs his hair and applies perfume before she comes back after changing. Raman gets confused as he finds some wrong signal by her sweet gestures. He practices to share his bed with her. He tells her that the couch is broken and shaking, and she can fall off it, so he was making place for her on the bed. Raman takes the blanket from her couch and puts on the bed, showing her acceptance in his life. Though he does not tell her directly, she understands this and smiles. She refuses and he asks is she scared. She says nothing like that. He says then, come. A first step towards their union has been taken by Raman. Raman convinces Mrs. Bhalla to dance in Shagun’s function by praising Mrs. Iyer, and she agrees. More confusion arises as Ishita orders a stomach pain tablet and she gets something else. She calls the pharmacist and scolds him for sending such thing which could have created more mystification in her life.

KumKum Bhagya:
Abhi has sung his best in his rock concert and thinks about Pragya all the time. It is his dream concert and he gets successful. Pragya did not come with him, as she felt he regards her unlucky and sent his Dadi along. Tanu is happy seeing Abhi’s good performance. Post concert, there will be a new twist when Abhi comes back home. The MMS drama will be played by Aaliya and Tanu, to kick out Pragya from Abhi’s life and make her fall in Dadi’s eyes. Abhi misunderstands Pragya, thinking Suresh was the reason that did not make her accompany him to the concert.

Ek Hasina Thi:
Durga occupied the hospital bed instead of Raima and gave a chance to the nurse to attack her. She catches the nurse red handed. Dayal saves Durga and informs everyone. The Goenkas arrive there. Durga tells Rajnath about Raima being harmed again by someone’s super plan. Rajnath is shocked and asks her who is the one who wanted to kill Raima, as Dev is in jail. Durga points to the nurse. Sakshi gets tensed knowing Raima is out of coma and can speak up any moment, but it was a drama plot by Durga to expose Sakshi. The nurse creates a big scene in the hospital as she aims the gun at Inspector Mukherjee, as he gives her a chance to do so and not name Sakshi for Raima’s murder attempt in her ward. Sakshi gave this idea to the nurse to run away by blackmailing them. Rajnath is worried that Raima is not safe and he wants to keep her fine as he loves her a lot. Rajnath does not know Sakshi is trying to kill Raima. Durga wants to keep Sakshi’s truth infront of Rajnath, but Sakshi acts clever and does her drama again to fool Rajnath.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:
Ishani comes to the room after changing her bridal dress. Ranvir sees her and is mesmerized by her beauty as she walks in the room and keeps staring at her. He acts rude to her and plays TV to disturb her sleep. He asks her to sleep on the sofa and start adjusting with the sorrows. She falls asleep and he switches off the TV. He covers her with the blanket as she feels cold. Ranvir talks to her saying how much he loves her and cries. He conceals his feelings when she wakes up. She gets angry seeing him sit closer to her and misunderstands his intentions. Ranvir gets arrogant and asks her to stay in her limits as she is in his house now.

Chakor has won the race competition and got admission in the school. Aditya teaches her few things and they design the race track and new flags for her family. Chakor hopes to see her family soon, Lakhan finds out about Kasturi and Bhuvan going to meet Chakor. He threatens them and Kasturi boldly replies him to do anything, and she will expose his affair. Will Chakor be able to meet her family?

Bansuri and Simran have been successful in stopping Veera from meeting Baldev, and did not even let her talk to him on phone. They lied to Baldev that Veera does not care for him. Baldev still waits for Veera to come. He spots her with Rajveer again, and gets angry. He talks to Veera and frees her from his love and relation. He asks her to forget that she met any Baldev in her life and even he will forget her. Veera gets late to apologize to him for her mistake of not trusting him, and Baldev gives his nod to marry Simran. Veera gets a major shock knowing this and this is when Rajveer approaches her with marriage proposal. Will Veera also agree to marry Rajveer? Who will unite Baldev and Veera now?



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