Rohit Mafatlal to meddle in brewing romance between Aakash and Ananya in Airlines ?


Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash, Star Plus

Ananya escaped unhurt from the hostage crisis situation at Jaipur Airport thanks to Aakash’s courageous effort who risked his own life for her. There is some thin romance brewing between Aakash and Ananya which is unspoken in nature but have the right set of feelings which is evident from Aakash’s going all out to take care of Ananya. Ananya at her end starts to worry and think about Aakash and also feels jealous sometimes. Natasha feels aloof and getting farther from Aakash and wants to live on her own now away from Aakash.


At this point, Rohit Mafatlal marks an entry in the show. Rohit is a rich businessman owning the Airlines. He gets first introduced in a party attended by Inde Airlines crew where Natasha, Ananya, Aakash would be present. Rohit is a flamboyant guy who has the ability to woo and attract girls. Natasha and other girls will find him very charming. Rohit would also seen to meddle in Aakash and Ananaya’s brewing romance and acting like Kebab Mein Haddi. Now, it has to be seen whether Ananya gets impressed by him like other girls. Will Rohit’s entry bring a new twist in just brewing romance between Aakash and Ananya ? Can Aakash convert his inert feelings for Ananya into something concrete after Rohit’s arrival ? How Aakash’s additional role in intelligence will be sketched out next ?

Actor Himmanshoo Ashok Malhotra is portraying the role of Rohit Mafatlal. Himanshoo was recently seen in Yeh Hai Aashiqui (YHA) Episode 52 aired on 20th July 2014. Keep Reading..

* Himanshoo’s recent work:
– Played the role of Officer Mayur in YHA Ep 52 who helps a girl Bhumi and falls in love with her. Follow the tag -> Himmanshoo Ashok Malhotra to know articles written about him on our site.
– Himanshoo’s Twitter page

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