Anjali's EVEREST dream begins with competitive N.I.M training; Arjun, Aakash and Anjali's Life interplay to uncover more


Anjali's Everest is to win father's love

Anjali got admission in NIM (Nehru Institute of mountaineering) course thanks to Colonel Abhiyankar. He measured the trade-off between Arjun’s behavior (he tried to buy Colonel with money for leading his expedition) and Anjali’s aspirations/attitude from heart.


He chose to listen to his heart and conscience rather than the rules and gave the courageous Anjali the admission to built her Identity. She finds a roommate Ruth from Norway and gels well with her via banter, girls’ talk and also try to teach her some lines of Hindi. All other students learns about Anjali’s courageous act in climbing the Colonel’s building. Anjali finds Aakash as a good boy and had a nice talk and did few blushes as well. He reminded her that she stands out there and looks like lost in her own world. Their bonding started off well. At his end, Aakash got a boost in his self-confidence as he became awe of the photos he took there in Uttarkashi. Will Aakash open up more with Anjali ?, and informing why he is present there, losing Gaurav, his own medical problems – Acrophobia and Vertigo health issues.

Arjun grows jealousy to see Anjali getting praise and attention. He tried to boast of his stories of courage (avalanche situation handling, summitting Kangchenjunga peak) to other students but himself knows what he spoke wasn’t entirely true. Coming to his background, he has grown-up in an orphanage and earlier lied to media about his parents coming from London. Moreover, he carries an ugly truth of not helping a friend Sadbir causing his death at the Kangchenjunga (3rd highest mountain) expedition and carries guilt about it. That truth doesn’t give him good sleep but has the believe – Everyone is alone at great heights. Arjun carries many shades to his persona – dark to normal which will be unraveling more as the story progresses. One question hangs on him, How will he convince and give reasons to Mr. Roongta about his parents and upbringing which is needed for marketing purpose ?

The N.I.M training commences with the arrival of more students who shows signs of much aggression instead of healthy competitive spirit. Colonel Abhiyankar informs that the best student of that batch will get 1 million INR as a scholarship from his side. The training starts with a race and Anjali is defiant to win it thereby defeating the new students who seems to have bullying nature. Anjali’s quest to Mission Everest has just begun with training stage and she continues to carry zeal – Sipahi Taiyaar (soldier is ready) vibrancy. She is determined to put best forward in shining during her training routines and new challenges. The new students entry & other obstacles will not deter Anjali’s courage as she is focused on her dreams and the training phase being the first major step. How Colonel Abhiyankar guide and mentor Anjali ? What more training challenges he will come up with ? Keep Reading..

Additional Note:
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