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Balika Vadhu:
Subhadra asks Anandi to drop her to temple. Anandi tells her that she is going to NGO. Subhadra comes to NGO and asks about her. Worker tells her that she will not come today. Subhadra thinks Anandi is a liar.

Rocket and Aaliya meet Surayya before leaving for honeymoon. Surayya asks Zain/Rocket if he kept tickets with him. He says it is with Aaliya. She says he booked tickets. He goes to his room to get tickets. Surayya says Aaliya that she was unnecessarily doubting him, he is our Zain. Aaliya suprisingly looks at door. Surayya also looks at door and is shocked to see original injured Zain with blood flowing down his head. He calls them and forwards his hand to hug. Zain says Rocket that he is real Zain.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:
RV stands up, and deliberately steps on her saree. It unwraps, he asks for help. She asks him to turn around, Parul calls from out. RV asks she doesn’t have another option. She agrees, he turns to her, sits and calls Parul that it will take five more minutes. Parul smiles and says he must take his time. RV smiles and helps her wear saree. The phone bell rings, he points at her to pick it as he held the saree. They get closer and look at each other. The designer tells Ishaani she brought ready to wear sarees. RV says that till he counts three, her anger will be spit out.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Sid says we have to go in different directions. Sid and Roli go together and Prem in other direction. He finds a necklace that Simar was wearing. He says this means they have gone from this way. He calls Roli and Sid and shows them the necklace. Sid says I am bringing the car. We have to go from this way. Roli is in tears. She says we are coming to you Didi. Sid, Roli and Prem are looking for Simar. Sid stops a man and shows him the picture and asks if he has seen this woman. He says no. Roli asks different people. A man says to Roli, yes I saw her.

Shastri Sisters:
Rajat and Anushka have a talk. She says if Devyaani comes to know this, it will be bad, promise me you won’t tell her anything. He says I promise and holds her hand. Nikki and Devyaani looks on and Nikki fills Devyaani’s ears.

Chakor looks for her family and asks Abha where are they. Bhuvan tells Tejaswini to make him talk to Ishwar and Chakor. Tejaswini and Bhaiya ji smile as she says Chakor will surely come to save her dad.

Akash hugs Nandini as he thinks that it’s Meethi wearing the pink sari. He says that loved to see her wearing the pink sari and is her and will always be hers no matter what. When he looks at Nandini he is shocked to see her while Nandini is glad to hear it.


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