Love By Chance 22nd November 2014 26th Episode starring Karishma Sharma on Bindass TV – Promo Snapshot


Love By Chance Bindass 26th Episode, 22nd November 2014- Kunal and Prachi's love story

The story is about Kunal and Prachi. Kunal is a student studying human behaviors while Prachi works at a magazine as a designer. It happens that she has rejected a grant proposal and Kunal gets approved for it instead. He decides to know about the girl who has rejected it and manages to go on a meeting with at her at the cafeteria. Kunal learns how she dealt with her ex-boyfriends and thinks that she rejects things which come easy to her. To prove his point, he asks how come she is single though being hot. She becomes annoyed  and asks him to leave from there.


Later, she realizes what Kunal wanted to convey and seeks his help in finding the Mr. Right for her. Both begins to spend some time together while having some petty fights. Sooner then, she understands about her earlier attitude of not getting satisfied and starts to accept things now and is sure what she wants. She chooses Kunal as her Mr. Right by considering well what he has taught about her own self. Kunal and Prachi will find their mutual love and become lovestruck. Some of the questions, What made Kunal so much curious to know about Prachi ? How did Prachi realized initially that Kunal will only help her in finding her Mr. Right ? How about Kunal, whether he had develop feelings for Prachi during their first meet-up ? Stay tuned to Love by Chance on Bindass this Saturday @ 7 PM. Keep Reading.

Info On Cast:
* Prachi is played by an upcoming actress Karishma Sharma
– She recently worked in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 2, 5th Episode aired on 26th September 2014 and portrayed the role of Suheena. Read that episode WU here if interested.

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