Chirag slams Ishani and Ranvir's blooming love in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi


ranvir and ishani in matsh

Falguni is glad seeing the pillow fight between Ishani and Ranvir. She tells Ishani that she is happy to see Ishani give a chance to her marriage and Ranvir. She asks her to accept Ranvir. Ranvir and Ishani’s fight is going towards love. Ishani tells Ranvir that she wants to give him whatever he asks in return for all he has done for her and her family till now. Ranvir gets surprised. She realizes she was mistaken about him, and wants to rectify her mistake. Ishani is falling in love with Ranvir, as their sweet romantic moments are making her recall their strong friendship and Ranvir’s goodness.

Ranvir takes a step ahead and confesses his love to Ishani, which makes her feel the same for him. Before Ishani could express her love for Ranvir, the cunning Chirag fills her ears against Ranvir, saying he is the one who is responsible for her dad’s death. Ishani breaks down by this truth and distances herself apart from Ranvir. Chirag tells her that he loves her unconditionally and tries influencing her once again, thinking Ishani is a fool to fall for him again. Whom will Ishani choose this time? Keep reading.


  1. Argh what’s wrong with Ekta!! Why does she come with all these twists. Why does the problems come so quick and the good times don’t last in Ekta’s shows.

  2. Just when you start liking a show. . You start hating it instantly with such kind of content. Can we see some better content? When everything was going alright there is something as absurd as something going on since last one week. We don’t want such differences between Ishani & Rv. That’s the main reason why people are glued on to the show. Just lost an loyal viewer.. Totally disappointed !

  3. hi.. fantvstars..i totally agree with you…. y does there have to be such a story in every show?? cant it be different???? they might be feeling that we react the way they want us to react but that doesnt make us happy and creates in us a feeling not to watch the shows at alll…..


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