Mahakumbh – Rudra's Introduction Sketch, Guardian of Secrets or ordinary man..


Mahakumbh on Life Ok with Gautam Rode

Rudra’s introduction sketch is revealed. It shows two sides of his personality. Rudra was atop a temple holding a man with one hand. He didn’t show mercy and threw him in the river causing possible death [Rudra didn’t listen though he was shouting on not doing any wrong]. Rudra is such that though there might be many questions but he doesn’t want to ask or get into them.


However, Rudra also has a helping nature which was proved when he saved a bus from falling down from a cliff with dozens of passengers. Until now, he have saved the lives of thousands of people. He is one of us but nobody identifies him well. He is called Rudra Bhaiya (brother) by children. Who is Rudra, an ordinary person or the guardian of secrets ? Rudra is fierce, powerful but at the same time compassionate. We will know more about Mahakumbh – fusion of many secrets from the past, Rudra, and the unraveling of mystery with the show’s commencement. Gautam Rode as Rudra looks very effortless and amazing in his portrayal. Mahakumbh, a finite TV series starts on 15th December @ 8 PM. Stay tuned for it on Life OK.

Additional Note:
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* Twitter page of Mahakumbh show for more updates.

Rudra’s Introduction Promo:
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