Mihika's suicide attempt and Shagun's stir drama ahead in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


mihika in yeh hai mohabbatein

Ishita is again shedding tears, as something very bad as happened. Mihika has cut her nerve to commit suicide, which brings Ishita in her crying avatar. Mihika has passed out her pain to Ishita and Mihir. Mihir breaks down seeing Mihika losing her life. Mihika regrets that her mistake made her hide face from everyone, as she does not have courage to meet Mihir’s eyes. Mihika takes the extreme step after losing Mihir’s trust. Ishita explained her a lot and made her realize her mistake what she did with herself and now taken another wrong step to commit suicide. Ishita backs Mihika and even Mihir’s love is on high seeing Mihika in ICU. Raman is still holding himself responsible for Ishita’s tears and wants to just end the sobbing story.

Meanwhile, Shagun uses Adi again to get back to Bhalla house and acquire a place in Raman’s life by bonding well with Ruhi. Ishita will turn up waiting for Raman’s confession, but Raman will be deciding something else for her. Shagun uses her tears to get a soft corner in Raman’s heart once again, as he believes this time, it was not Shagun’s mistake as Ashok has cheated her. Will Adi and Ruhi bring Raman close to Shagun and make Ishita leave? Looks like Iyers sisters are in trouble, with even Vandu unaware of Bala’s mystery woman….. Keep reading.


  1. all the serial in starplus some kind of stupid only everest the best. please stop this two serial one yeh mohbttien and suhani ek ladiki. both a bakwass. i use to love the serial and ishita and raman. shagun and adi should going to ashok ‘s house find out what happen. adi know about ashok and his brother. why acting stupid. even shagun got pregnet from ashok how the director bring shagun to bhalla house.

  2. cannot expect better from ekta kapoor……. such poverted mind…… that’s why she is still single coz i am sure no sensible man will mingle with such unsensitive mind women

  3. Yes ekta kapoor started the serial on a great note and again she accomplishes her goal and shows disrespecting woman puuting them down etc., Bullshit stop watching her nonsense

  4. In India where they are showing Rape is a crime and here Mihika is shown killing herself due to someone else’s mistake where is Satyamev Jayate????????????????? Wow Ekta Kapoor

  5. Earlier this is a superb serial…. now its lost its sheen. Testing the patience of viewers. How can the writer thinks viewers are just dumb a**es. Every episode hundreds of loop holes…………the serial will endup with least viewer rating one day.


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