Love By Chance 27th Episode starring Priya Chauhan, 29th November 2014 on Bindass TV – Promo Snapshot


Love By Chance Bindass 27th Episode, 29th November 2014- Shivangi and Sunder's love storyPriya Chauhan in Love by Chance on Bindass

The story is about Shivangi and Sunder. Sunder works as fixing things of people at a price and believes in the philosophy that there is nothing impossible and doesn’t want to back out once committed. He works along with another friend. He meets Shivangi who wants his help in getting a break-up from her boyfriend Ajit. He decides to find more on Ajit and starts spying. They find that Ajit might not be cheating on her and is echoed by his friend. However, he thinks on believing Shivangi’s words. Later, he asks Shivani about it and she retracts on saying such thing of Ajit cheating on her. Ajit is the son of a gangster with four men giving him cover.

Ajit comes with hockey stick and few men after getting fixed by Sunder and his friend. Shivangi steps in and makes effort to calm him down which actually works and Ajit forgives Sunder for his mischief. Sunder didn’t backed out initially even after finding Ajit’s background since he had developed feelings for Shivangi by then. In the end, Sunder would come close to Shivangi with Ajit not coming in between, thereby realizing their mutual love and become lovestruck. Some of the questions are, How Sunder had developed feelings for Shivangi in first place ? Why sunder had the never backing out policy and how did he convinced himself in Shivangi’s case ? How did Shivangi found her Mr. Right in Sunder ? What made her accept and realize their mutual love ? Stay tuned to Love by Chance on Bindass.

* Shivangi is portrayed by actress Priya Chauhan
– Priya is originally from Shimla and now lives and work in Mumbai.
– Role of Alina Khurana in Star One’s show Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani (2010-2011).
– Worked in Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai movie (2010)
– Role of Taani in Sony TV’s Kya Hua Tera Vaada (2012-2013)
– Worked in Yeh Hai Aashiqui’s Episode 31 in the role of Priya as party escort and also worked in MTV Webbed (2013)
– Recently worked in Bindass’s Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 53 aired on 27th July 2014 in the role of Priyanka opposite a young boy who is a writer who wrote Promises and Lies novel depicting their love story. If interested, read that episode’s WU on our site here.
– She has also been roped in Star Plus’ upcoming show Private Investigator opposite actor Mrinal Dutt portraying Raffe.
– Priya’s Twitter page

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