Ruhi turns relieve for Raman and Ishita’s stressful life in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


ruhi in yhm

Ruhi cares for Ishita and gives a kiss to Raman and Ishita. She scolds Raman angrily and commands him, to make Ishita smile. Ruhi wipes Ishita’s tears in this bad time of Mihika’s matter. Ruhi does not know the whole story, but understands Ishita is in pain, who calls her tigress who can scold even Raavan Kumar. Ishita is worried as she has no way to save Mihika’s dignity and the media has ruined the Iyers’ name and even blames Mrs. Iyer for using Mihika to get her married to rich guy.

The media targets the Iyers and defames Mihika. While the Bhallas are very supportive with Iyers, they are super worried about Mihika who is critical and is fighting with her death. Ishita and Raman are much tensed. Mihir is raging in anger, seeing Mihika’s life in risk. Mihir trusts Mihika and is just angry on Ashok for using her. He is depressed as Mihika did not trust him, and went to take such a drastic step. Mihir says he will kill Ashok for ruining Mihika’s life. Ishita asks Raman to stop Mihir, as he can make another mistake in anger. How will Raman and Ishita solve this problem? Keep reading.



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