Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3 Episode 2 starring Neha Bagga and Kanan Malhotra, 28th November 2014 on Zing TV – Written Update


Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3, Episode 2, Neha Bagga Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3, Episode 2, Kanan Malhotra

Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess) starts the show and speaks about different names of love and suggests that we get smile on our face when we hear it and it is a feeling which has been there for ages. We have lived those feelings at some time and she says love is everywhere and we just need to feel it. Today’s story is of Myra and Siddharth from Pune.


The story starts with Myra at her convent home. The convent’s sister asks her to not worry since she is just leaving the convent and not the city. Myra speaks of staying for so many years at the convent and haven’t remembered her parents absence. The Sister asks her to always follow the truth and take care of the big people where she is going to work. She wishes Myra and next day Myra comes to the rich household where she will work as a housekeeper. She is being dropped by a girl who gives her details. She does some cleaning and didn’t recognize the owner Siddharth Kapoor and asks him to clean the dirt which came from his shoes. After learning it, she becomes worried and leaves and he also learns that she is a housekeeper Myra. Next morning, she apologizes to Siddharth with hesitation and wants to offer tea. But he speaks of drinking coffee and doesn’t listen more and leaves. Myra finds his place and room to be full with many things and unorganized. She starts to organize and arranges things. Siddharth comes later in the night and becomes annoyed at the home staff for decoration and things being arranged without his permission. He also scolds Myra to not do such thing since it is his room. She brings coffee for him next morning and he speaks nicely to her and says that he haven’t seen the home so clean and arranged until now. He apologizes to Myra and asks where she learnt her work ? She replies on staying in the convent where she undergone training as well and she stayed there after her parent’s death. She got the job in his home from her convent. She asks with whom he plays chess. He is impressed with her nice move and replies on playing it because of his loneliness. She speaks about a good cook entry for homemade food and from now on doesn’t need to eat Pizza.

She is serving food to him and he learns that she didn’t ate the food. He wants her to sit and eat the food and asks how is the taste ? She takes a bite and he breaks the suspense and compliments the food. The cook comes and informs that the food was actually prepared by Myra. She gets another compliment note from him next morning for the dinner. She writes down a thank you message in return. Later, Siddharth receives a call from sister Gloria from the convent for Myra and he calls her. It turns out that Myra’s hands are covered with wheat flour. He helps her in handling the phone while she speaks with sister Gloria. She feels bit uncomfortable in his presence and leaves just after speaking [Thumsa Gaya Sama song plays]. Before he goes out for the office, she wants to play chess with him. He suggests on getting late and she says he could go after the game. He agrees and she changes the game to Ludo instead of chess so as to be relaxed and chill while playing. They exchange compliment notes specially he is liking her food a lot. They begin to come closer and he shows care for her.

Surbhi (the hostess) says that looks can be deceitful but its important how you are from inside. Myra was learning about Siddharth’s inner personality and was changing him.

Some other time, Myra wants a door to be opened and asks the home staff Mr. De Mello to open it and he was reluctant in doing so. She finally convinces him to open the door and finds some pretty dresses and is awe of them. She starts to check the dresses and Siddharth comes and asks how come she has opened the door and becomes annoyed. He asks whether she knows whose dress she was holding and scolds her. She leaves and begins to cry and he goes to her and says that he was smiling because of her presence. He admits his mistake and speaks of not trusting people and then apologizes to her. Myra in teary voice speaks of staying in convent and have got many taunts from people. She starts to cry and suggests that she doesn’t deserve a smile. He supports her and also showers a kiss on her forehead and consolidates her [Tere Bina song plays]. Next morning, Myra finds a woman in Siddharth’s room who turns out to be his wife. She makes a taunt at Myra and calls her fancy servant and calls the coffee as nonsense and wants Myra to arrange the breakfast table. At the breakfast table, she throws the Aloo Ka Parata (Potato’s Roti, breakfast food) and shows her anger at the cook. She asks her husband Siddharth that just in 2 days things have changed. Myra sees them and cries at her end while he is listening to his wife and keeping quiet. Later, he comes to Myra and speaks of lying to her earlier and suggests that he has married Sonia because of a deal to overcome his financial problems. He says on being just a property for her and thus cannot leave Sonia. He adds that Sonia stays with her family in the city and comes to his home whenever she prefers and also shows his helplessness and speaks about being stressed with his life.

In the evening, Myra asks for holidays to Sonia. Sonia makes a big taunt and asks whether she is pregnant and then throws a money bundle at her. Siddharth tries to support Myra and in return get more taunts from Sonia who throws money bundle at him. She tries to instigate him but he doesn’t listen and leaves. Later, Myra meets Sister Gloria who asks why she interfered in her employer’s personal lives. She suggests that Myra needs to fix their married life. Myra replies that Siddharth is not happy with his wife in teary voice. She starts to speak about her childhood and her parents have left early and she couldn’t find anything wrong with him. She wants the sister to understand and speaks about her love for Siddharth and reminds what she learnt that no love is wrong. Myra comes to the mansion and finds Sonia burning all the books of Siddharth and calls the fire as bonfire. She speaks of burning it since her husband was not listening to her while she was talking to him. Myra tries to save some books but in the process she gets her hands burnt a bit. Siddharth was seeing all as a silent spectator. Later, he goes to meet Myra and puts some balm (ointment). He speaks of feeling happy to see her back. She speaks of coming for a purpose and wants him to give a chance to his relationship. He speaks of giving many chances to his relationship and tomorrow will be the 5th anniversary of his so called married life. She then thinks of doing many preparations for his marriage anniversary and leaves.

Next day, Siddharth at the 5th anniversary celebration asks his wife Sonia to give a new start since the last 4 years were not well. She thinks he has lost it completely and calls his actions as middle class melodrama and speaks of just handling him. He asks then why not to take a divorce ? She replies there was no marriage so how can a divorce be given. She cuts the cake in random ways and calls him as a gift from her father and asks him to be quiet and just stay in the home. He is just taking it in his stride. Myra sees how he has been insulted by Sonia. Myra comes to him and wants to leave and also speaks of sister Gloria’s suggestion that she should mediate and fixed married life of her employers. In a teary voice, she speaks of not able to see him insulted since she loves him a lot, thus she needs to go. He asks her to not leave him and suggests that they can’t do anything and calls his marriage as business deal and in the last 5 years he has felt love for Myra. He also confesses his love for her and she replies it is not possible. He holds her and confesses his love again and wants her to not leave him and then hugs her. Sonia comes and sees them together and becomes angry. She speaks of understanding why Siddharth was speaking about marriage and divorce.

Sonia confronts Myra and asks how can she touch Siddharth who is her property. Sonia pushes Myra which makes her fall after hitting her head with sofa. She also pushes Siddharth in the same way and he gets hit on his head as well and falls. She then wants to harm him with a broken bottle but Myra comes and stops her by hitting her from behind. In this way, Sonia falls down and become unconscious and Siddharth and Myra run from there. Myra is seen at the convent praying and also Siddharth comes there. [PTKK title song plays]. While she was praying, they exchanged notes and he writes down divorce (from Sonia). She replies with a smiley and both are together with sister Gloria wishing them as well. The story ends on that note with both Siddharth and Myra together.

Surbhi speaks that Myra found Siddharth finally. But, Myra didn’t thought initially when she went to work. She has seen many up and downs in that phase and also saw hate. She changed Siddharth who was worried with his wife and needed some vibrancy. Myra brought colors in his life. Surbhi asks viewers to share their opinion using the hashtag #PTKK on Zing TV’s facebook and Twitter pages.

Additional Note: (30th November 2014)
* We (TellyReviews) believe that Actors have given a good performance to a layered and emotional love story. Congrats to Actors and their team.

Some Info on Cast:
* Myra is portrayed by actress Neha Bagga
– Neha portrayed the role of Rajji in Colors’ show Bani Ishq Da Kalma (March 2013 – June 2014).

* Siddharth Kapoor is portrayed by actor Kanan Malhotra
– Kanan was born on 8 January 1987 in New Delhi, and works as model and television actor.
– Debut with Star Plus’show Chaand Chhupa Badal Mein in 2010.
– Portrayed the role of Dhruv Ahluwalia in Imagine TV’s Sawaare Sabke Sapne – Preeto in 2011.
– Role of Daljeet in Zee TV’s Rab Se Sohna Isshq (2012-2013).

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