Anjali clears Everest first hurdle with Abhiyankar's backing; Abhiyankar's wife Tara to mark her entry..


Anjali's Everest is to win father's love

The N.I.M training is completed and Aakash, Anjali along with Mountain Rockers and Black Horses’ members became mountaineers. Anjali shared the best student award with Siraj and won 5 lakh INR as scholarship. She later meets Col. Abhiyankar to talk on Everest expedition and shares about his father’s thinking, dream, having less time since wants to summit Everest for her father as his daughter and not someone’s wife. She aspires to win his love and will make him happy once summiting Everest. After hearing Anjali, though he was initially reluctant but later decides to go ahead with Everest expedition and informs Roongta. Anjali gets Roongta’s sponsorship for expedition after Abhiyankar agreed to lead it upon the condition of Anjali being another mountaineer and regards that she was born to be a mountaineer. Roongta agrees and Anjali’s Mission Everest first hurdle is passed and gave her unmeasurable amount of happiness. Arjun and Roongta are also happy at their end since now Mission Everest will be successful as they know Abhiyankar has summitted Everest 6 times.


Abhiyankar’s believe on expedition is however different and thinks that each Everest expedition brings something new and unseen before – new challenges, overcoming new fears, teaches us how to live, and cites Luck is the most important factor while weather, natural disaster and medical emergency are also there. Earlier, Aakash was going home since he couldn’t overcome his vertigo and acrophobia problem and even informed Roongta of not going to Everest expedition. However, he came back to N.I.M after learning about Shikha Maa’s deteriorating health situation and expenses needed to cover it. He meets Roongta and speaks of re-joining the everest expedition since he needs money to cover Shikha Maa’s health expense (heart operation). The total cost is 12 lakhs INR for Shikha Maa’s health expense. Arjun asks Roongta to take back Aakash for the expedition since Abhiyankar is ready to lead them, very less time (around 1 week left) to leave for the expedition, and Aakash’s financial need. But, Roongta is very calculated person though he needs Aakash’s services, but still not take Aakash back easily in his fold. Will Aakash reveal to Roongta the core reason clearly (vertigo, acrophobia, not saving Kabir) behind his earlier decision of leaving the expedition after NIM training ? [Aakash only revealed to Anjali in depth about it before]; Does Aakash need to prove that he can overcome his health problems to Roongta, Will Abhiyankar help ?

Coming to Anjali and Aakash’s bonding and blossoming love, she is happy to see him back and will be part of her Everest expedition. Aakash opens up about Shikha Maa’s health issue and how she took care of him for 8 years after his parents death. He is determined to go against all odds to save her life. Aakash and Anjali continue with their unspoken feelings of love and could only share sincere eyelocks but carries deep emotions for each other. It has to been how Anjali’s support/bonding/love will help Aakash in overcoming his health issues. Thus, Aakash, Anjali and Arjun are all set to begin their Everest expedition soon and the track is going on that front.

However, there will be interesting development with the arrival of Colonel Abhiyankar’s wife Tara on the show. Abhiyankar currently misses his wife and some years ago she spoke about her wish to summit Everest with him since she knows that he is most happy there. Though the reason why Tara and Abhiyankar are separate is still unknown but its very likely that she will join the Everest expedition with him. Keep Reading

Some other details:
When Aakash signed the Mission Everest contract with Roongta, he was told to get paid 10 lakh INR upfront. Aakash also needs to repay the 10 lakh bank loan amount within 6 months. Thus, Aakash has many financial overheads.

Additional Note:
* Tara is portrayed by actress/model – Surabhi Prabhu
– Twitter page of Surabhi

Image credit: Twitter page of Shamata Anchan (Anjali) and Star Plus


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